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  1. There is money to be made, can't interscope step in and make sure it is released?
  2. With shows coming up, do you think Axl will rant about the Vegas bluray / theater shows incident? Or will he just take in the ass again and stay silent about the whole thing?
  3. Have you been jerking off to pretty tied up again?
  4. So Slash always plays the "good guy" in the media and claims the fans come first. Bullshit, if that was the case he would not block GNR releases for the fans. I believe we would have 2 bluray's at the moment (O2 and Vegas) and a new album in 2010 if it wasn't for this dude.
  5. "disagreement between band members" Which band members? Current (highly doubt it) or former members (bingo)
  6. I will fuckin go crazy if this bluray is not out and I blame this on slash and all the former members. Fuck this
  7. GN'R starting rehearsals

    Groghan stop getting upset about my posts. I'll buy you a beer.
  8. GN'R starting rehearsals

    Poop (remind you of someone?)
  9. GN'R starting rehearsals

    Why are the mods scared of "complaining in public" if it is legitimate? Just a question, don't issue a warning or ban me. You guys are human it's normal to make bad judgments. The right thing to do is admit it and then move along. There is a bias when it comes to you guys' precious "Slash"...let's not beat around the bush here.
  10. Corey Taylor slams Axl

    Yay another shit thread!
  11. What will YOU do if they play The General?

    Atlas Poop? The forum has reached a new embarrassing juvenile low.