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  1. Wow. Frank messed up Estanged last solo and also Double Talkin Jive. Thanks Frank.
  2. Are you from the US? I don't know the old European buildings are quite unique style and very very old. They rebuild the old town center part of the city. But it would be crazy to construct all of the city back to how it used to be, because nobody builds like that any longer... And as DieselDaisy said Stalin built those ugly communist blockhouses so..
  3. Well it was completely destroyed during WW2. Now they rebuild it, but it lost all it's awesome architecture and now its and odd city in so beautiful Poland. Full of soviet blockhouses etc. It's wierd. I visited there this May.
  4. I'm glad because Warsaw is the ugliest city in Poland. Krakow and Gdansk are much more nicer. If I go to concert I'd also like it to be in a nice place. Just my opinion.
  5. Gdansk is in the north of Poland. I could try to find live feeds from Facebook but quess what.. I have so old computer that it would cause it to overheat
  6. Any news of what they played in encore?
  7. No problem. 2 years ago I used to live next to Letnany Airport and I could see it from my window I could have seen Guns for free back then I rented an apartment from the centrum for 5 days. On the concert day it's easy to find good and cheap lunch there and after that take the metro to Letnany (last metro stop on line C) and lineup with other fans. Last year I saw Axl/Dc in the same venue. I learned that it can be painful hot to wait in the sunshine in Prague, because it can easily get over 40c+ in the summer.. so take a look in the weather forecast the day before and buy suncream or something like that so you won't get burned like I did. Last year there was separate entrance just next to the regular entrance for the golden ticket buyers. There were big signs over the gates (GOLDEN CIRCLE and GENERAL ADMISSION). What I really liked last year was the easiness to get cheap beer from the venue. There were beer tents basically in every corner of the area.. even in the middle there were two beer tents. And the beer was cheap and good.. 2euro's per 0,4l. Im planning to see Guns completely sober in Finland and then travel to Prague and take a little more relaxed experience with sipping some beers during the concert. TIPS TO GET TO THE VENUE: - Buy 24czk metro ticket (30min ticket) from the machines in the metro stations and hop in on metro line C (red line) and to the direction of Letnany. It's the last stop and when you walk out of the metro, there is the airfield with the huge stage waiting for you! TIPS FOR ACCOMODITATION: - AirBnb is cheap and good if you're traveling with a friend / wife. - There are great quality hostel's all over the city with big lockers where you can store your backpack.. my recommendation is Clown and Bard hostel. - You can stay in the city center because its so easy and fast to get to the venue with Metro line C. Merc was sold last year before the entrance so you could go and buy t-shirts and lithos and take them back to the hotel if you want and then come back.
  8. You dont need to stay close to the venue because Metro line C takes you straight to the concert area and it takes 30min from centrum. And there is only one communist era hotel/hostel close to the venue (3.5km).
  9. Yes yes exactly! Tickets went onsale 9th of December and I used Nightrain presale code and got 2 golden circle tickets to Finland and 2 golden circle tickets to Czech Republic. Ticketmaster/Live Nation was the dealer.
  10. Golden Circle was available in Europe.
  11. I think I need to take time off of this forum, the scopes and FB feeds. The comments here really kill my buzz of the upcoming shows that I am attending. For the ones who attended to the Madrid show.. what a great time you must have had! Looks amazing! So long fuckers!
  12. Exactly! I fully understand why they keep almost staple setlist. Because the setlist is fcking great! Compare the setlist we have today to UYI era days and be amazed how this one wipes the ass with 1992 and 1993 shows setlists Yes and I know there were few occasions where they played 3 hours and setlist was great but mostly the show lasted 2 hours. Axl seemed to have control of his voice on this one and its a great sign. Running around etc. Cant wait for the reviews from forum members who attended to the show!
  13. This show is going to be STRONG!
  14. There is periscope available at the moment. Look for Bilbao and there it is.
  15. Great that people who attended enjoyed the show! So did I via multiple Facebook streams which kept cutting in and out at times. Points I made - Much better vocals than Australian and Asian tour kickoffs. - Axl has lost weight. - Slash has once again improved his tone. - Killer setlist with awesome Patience acoustic action. Cant wait for my concerts in Finland and Czech Republic! Bring on Bilbao!