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  1. Im traveling to the show possibly with one friend from Finland. Bought ticket to golden circle and right side of the stage because theres slashs amps ;D i was wondering if any forum member would be interested in planning aftershow party? Ive been studying in Prague for 6months last year so I know the city quite well.
  2. Staropramen is way better ;D last year during Acdc gig they sold staropramen
  3. It even showed Tommy Stinson after "THE WHO" announcement
  4. Sorry to say this, but you guys are delusional. It's just jamming around WTTJ chords which are different than Chinese Democracy chords. Slash used to jam and still jams to these chords before WTTJ and almost everytime in different rhythm's. This time it happened to sound like Chinese Democracy rhythm but not even close actually. Chinese Democracy riff is very basic and anyone could have come up with that riff. That being said I don't think this snippet of Tokyo show has anything to do with the inspiration/writing of ChiDem riff.
  5. He sounds good! I agree
  6. I really like Wish you were here solo! Hopefully they also play Angie.. they sound epic.
  7. Yes!! Not the old goddamn godfather theme. Something more original and fresh!
  8. Well I think Axl is a bit rusty but overall really good. He seems little angry? What you guys think?
  9. It is a small plane airport. I saw ACDC with Axl this may in there. It's a great place for rock n' roll concert and has capacity up to 70 000 people. Sound quality was great and so are the metro connections to the airport.
  10. Bought Nightrain membership and 1 ticket to Finland golden circle and 1 ticket to Prague golden circle.. still trying to decide which one to go Vienna or Holland show. Which stadium is better in sound quality? Pumped!
  11. Anyone have presale code for nightrain? Please PM!
  12. GNR ads at Helsinki metro. Finland. I dont know how to add photo, so sorry guys! But amazing! Im happy