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  1. Have Ashba and Axl talked about Slash?

    Dj clearly idolized Slash and Nikki growing up, that's why his style is clearly a breed of the two.
  2. I loved the post from p1ock or whoever that if he got axls strep throat he'd be nervous he'd forget his girlfriends name. :rofl-lol: Yup, strep throat makes me sound like mickey mouse as well as forget the lyrics to welcome to the jungle, and mix them up with a different song.
  3. Strep throat caused Axl to sound like Mickey Mouse that long? Over that many shows? For the last two years?No. It's an excuse. His voice has gone to shit. So again, you've been owned. He sounds like shit here too, he forgot his own lyrics, and doesn't rehearse with his ''band'' of cover artists. Yep, point proven bro.
  4. Are There People Here Who Prefer CD Over the UYI Albums?

    Current GNR hasn't released anything.Hell, we don't even have the chinese democracy leftovers, which Axl promised at one point. I feel like this would be a hell of a debate had those leaked or been released.
  5. Are There People Here Who Prefer CD Over the UYI Albums?

    I love Chinese Democracy. It absolutely competes with the Illusion albums, IMO, but I think it's an incredible record that will never get the full credit. It bums me they never released videos and put effort into it that I hoped and thought they would. I don't know if I like it more than appeitite, but I think you're in denial if you don't think it competes with the quality of the ilusions records. Is it better? I'm not sure.
  6. Yeah, hope so too. Personally, I think Axl clearly starts half the 'suits Slash did. Pity jealousy on the parts of both, shame they'll never be able to talk things out.But Axl lost the lawsuit, just like he lost his voice. And marbles.
  7. That wouldn't make him a sellout, but I could never see that happening. Kanye knows Axl has a bigger and blacker Boat than he does hahaha I'm kidding. But seriously I'd be fine with it, and I think GNR should play this fest.
  8. What do you honestly think would happen if....

    It'd be cool. But chances are team Brazil would tackle Slash and yell "RUN AXL, RUUUN!!!"
  9. anyone want to see dizzy tomorrow in Detroit?

    Well, he's used to going on even later
  10. have you ever cried or fought someone becaue they made fun of gnr?

    No one thought he had good taste.
  11. They'll get their shots of this incredible cover band, don't you worry
  12. Bumblefoot hot sauces released

    Agreed. He should work out a deal with Tower Records, or some junkie heroin dealer that'll sell his stuff for cheapHe's got hot sauces!!!
  13. Can you come back with something productive rather than just putting LMAO and ROFL in??I mean, I get that you feel embarressed for being owned, but trying to make it appear as if you're just simply laughing everything off instead is just straight retarded. The last thing it proves is that you handle situations well, when actually, you're just a pathetic, tiny, little cupcake. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.