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  1. What's your favourite GN'R line-up?

    1. Hollywood Zombie

      Hollywood Zombie

      The lineup now, so much energy. 

      I'd like brain or Matt on drums though. 

    2. Sosso


      Yeah, Brain is a great drummer. His work on RQ was the best.

  2. The circle jerk of hate in this thread. #notmyband.
  3. I love these Melissa threads. I love seeing the 40+ year old People bitch about her being in the band. ewwwww a female. Girls are icky. Girls shouldn't be in Guns N Roses. Wtf guys I lost all respect for you guys for bringing a girl Into the band. How dare they. Melissa sucks. Melissa blows. She's ugly. Omfg she said lit and dope. Wtf shes stupid and has cooties.It's like you people who bitch hate women.
  4. My wife, she didn't want to go to the Philly show but by the end she was impressed that all the members besides axl stayed on stage the whole time. She loves slash now. Now whenever a GNR is on the radio as she flips through she leaves it on and when tickets went on sale for the latest tour she was more excited then me.
  5. Springsteen live 1984 Springsteen live 2016 Springsteen the river boxset.
  6. Devildriver Rings of saturn amorphis Iron maiden Queen Nickelback Luke Bryan Def leppard Guns n Roses Rammstein Chicago big air
  7. Springsteen and the e street band live 12\31\80 Springsteen and the e street band live Cleveland 78 Springsteen and the e street band live metlife stadium 2016
  8. How dare they have fun and smile. I'm losing all hope for GNR. Wtf. I can't take this damn band seriously anymore. Jk. Love this pic and love Melissa and love babymetal.
  9. Picked up Adele 25 for the wife. Boston's third stage, Melanie Martinez album, a couple abba albums too.
  10. Springsteen 9.7.16 live in philly.
  11. Meh. No one around me in Philly knew Sorry or TIL.
  12. Fye has a shit load of these pop figures. I was lucky enough to find Duff. Lemmy and the other babymetal ones I didn't have. They were on sale too. Looked through about 500 or so. The wife picked out a ton too.
  13. I was the only loser who was excited when they played Chinese, Better and sorry. Shoulda saw the look on People when I was holy fuck they are playing Sorry. Haha I would totally mosh if they played Shacklers revenge and slash changed that stupid fuckin solo.
  14. If the current lineup had Steven and buckethead. Godddam.