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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    Oh shit.
  2. Top Gear

  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    My homemade magic baseball bat assured to get me into the hall of fame? That? That's my magic baseball bat; I pulled it out of the ground /ripped it of a bigger tree in Thornton Heath one day.
  4. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    I wonder if I could open up a company in Gibraltar from here? And not go to Gibraltar. So if GBBrexit, doing this now could allow me to retain having anEU company and as far as my lack of studying this option shows me, they're basically us/British anyway.
  5. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    And also, what about Gibraltar? GBZ... If GB Brexitdoes that automatically mean Gibraltar does too? Would Gibraltar go to Spain? Would Gibraltar still be the UK in the EU?
  6. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    Srsly though, what if Obama was right and any trade deals the UK seeks wouldn't be on the table as our partners know what they want and themselves seek a trade deal with the EU (preferablyonecontaining UK and London).
  7. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    I want in because I am a company owner/director in the EU whohas ambitions to enter the US market one day; and also I'm a patriot who doesn't want to see France or Ireland (our neighbours) get the upper hand and I want a United Kingdom, not one that sees Scotland exiting the UK and France and Ireland being all rich advanced and powerful on the back of some EU trade deals.
  8. How do you kill a cricket?

    "With a cricket bat."
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    My good friends Jibril (originally a refugee from Somalia) and Mujdat (originally from Turkey; proud Galatasaray supporter) were muslims in my click/group of friends; there was me, Kittiphong(originally from Thailand), Shaun Hosang (mixed race white/black of Jamaican ancestry, mother remarried a half black half Chinese guy from Jamaica with the name Hosangso was renamed Shaun Hosang from I think Shaun Roy?, Kav (originally from Sri Lanka, years laterplayed street cricket with him and his crew 'all from Sri Lanka')and Jibril and Mujdat who were muslim.Come to think of it;meand myfriend Shaun were the only ones from this country, but evenwith Jibril and Mujdat in my click and countless other muslimsin my year and in my school (therewasn't a muslim majorityo anything like that at my school, it was just mixed);I remember the race wars between the black kidsand the Kosovan refugees who flooded into my school in 1999; Islam was just another religion, easily confused with Hinduism j/k, but.;9/11 sortof changed that -much to the dismay to those angry young muslim boys in English class going off on one in their report to the class about Bin Laden being bad and anti Muslim (or something along those lines hating on Bin Laden and loving being Muslim, or something, I was 14, long time to remember it word for word, but that was their speech, 2 of them, random boys in my English class in year 10 just after 9/11). Fat man D' shut up.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    I just came in and saw my neighbour, told me I was playing guitar yesterday and a school boy in his uniform was outside; they asked him what he was doing and the boy replied 'I'm listening to that music playing'... That was cool. To hear that just now.
  11. Favourite/Favorite Adverts/Commercials

    omg... I just saw this on my facebook
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    I heard Nostradamus talk about an Islamic invasion of Europe, and I remember a time pre 9/11 when Islam was just another religion. Even Nostradamus people wondered what on Earth he was on about, but not anymore they're not. In fact, I also remember muslims give speeches and reports in English class just after 9/11 hating on Bin Laden and the 9/11 terror attacks; Young angry kids talking passion, in my class. According to The Nostradamus Effect, many episodes indicate a distinct transition occurring 9/11, but that's History Channel for you. Maybe it's the End of Days?