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  1. Welcome to the Jungle rhythm for the solos?

    here's what he plays (just listen)   and remember to tune your guitar to Eb (E Flat) not standard E if using this recording.
  2. Hair Care

    picture me with a jerry curl.
  3. Limitations

    Well, what's yours? Name 1 of your limitations
  4. Metallica

    Gosh I want this...
  5. Limitations

    Limitations are relative... Right now, I am limited by 3 things; My budget My imagination The law  
  6. Metallica

    What is democracy? People'll still be playing Metallica in 300 years.   and then there's this song... and of course, everything's  
  7. WHY DOES our economy depend on China?

    We can't let over a billion Chinese people starve... We need to feed the Chinese machine. China can't afford civil rights or human rights or animal rights...   SOLUTION; WE END CHINA! BREAK IT UP, CHINA IS WAY TOO BIG FOR ANY 1 GOVERNMENT CONTROL... I mean they were on the brink of famine and starvation, so we let them eat dogs, limit their Children and deny civil rights, we understand why they call insects 'a source of protein'...
  8. General Chat / Random Musings

    They look like a bunch of protesters, but they're monged out 'This is what a pissed off stoner protest looks like.'   Stoner Civil Rights
  9. Shkreli, Drug Price Gouger, Denies Fraud and Posts Bail

    Normally, I'd agree with you Len - you're usually pretty smart when it comes to this type of thing; but this is clearly a case of time travel into the past, for some reason - I seem to be immune to some of the effects of this, but; I don't know if I can fix things to 'how it was'.. The bastard may just have gotten away with it.
  10. Shkreli, Drug Price Gouger, Denies Fraud and Posts Bail

    srsly though, who the Hell is this guy people are 'so readily to have heard of'? ...
  11. Shkreli, Drug Price Gouger, Denies Fraud and Posts Bail

    Still...   $13.00 a pill to $750 overnight?   Srsly, what happened? Did one of my enemies or friends discover time travel, go back in time, created this alternate timeline and did that... WHO IS THAT GUY? Worse thing I saw was him acting like typical ass hole just being. Damn... He's out of nowhere and acts... Like someone probably went back, from my social circles, and changed a bunch of a crap, and now we have him.
  12. Shkreli, Drug Price Gouger, Denies Fraud and Posts Bail

    Hmmmmm.... Never heard of this guy before...