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  1. Red Dwarf

    Are back... Series 11. For the uninitiated, Red Dwarf is a sci-fi sitcom. This British show once even tried an American pilot;
  2. The pizza thread

    It's a 'pizza cake'
  3. Conspiracy theories

    History Channelsaid; When those who witnessed the birth of Israel pass, signals the coming of the Anti Christ. R.I.P Shimon Peres I'm not saying Donald Trump's the Anti Christ, but what if Donald Trump's the Anti Christ?
  4. Conspiracy theories

  5. The Self Employment Thread

    Ask no questions, hear no lies. 'The former'... My family used to have a business on Greek Street in the 1920s right, so 2016, I saw it, I know it etc... Perfect, like, done deal as far as I was concerned for F * * K
  6. The Mygnr Poetry Corner

    Roses with guns Tired of the hunt Coming to Get it done
  7. The Mygnr Poetry Corner

    Kay turned grey Or maybe she stopped Hiding it Trying it
  8. The Self Employment Thread,-0.1311144,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x3202cbc088e083f9!8m2!3d51.5139936!4d-0.1311144 This has occupied my time, sorting out the new office Am proud.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    I wonder if she knew Slash was behind her? I wonder if Slash has ever done that to me in Soho (London)?
  10. Post pictures of random stuff you've bought recently

    Ghostbusters (2016) pirate DVD random purchase today. It works, plays well... Playing it right now. £2. 00 for 1, could have got 3 for £5.00 going to maybe call tomorrow for Sausage Party (2016) if I still want that; sold out today.
  11. English (The Language)

    I thought that was Creole.