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  1. What would you invent?

    Atomic cremation; Inspired by atomic shadows by the blast of Hiroshima, I was looking at this photo of an 'Atomic Shadow' When it dawned on; Full all intents and purposes,this is somebody's grave!.. One flash and the body's a shadow, I propose, to be remembered against the piece of granite or marble of theirchoice. You have your funeral, everyone puts on protective eyewear, 'poof', the stonethen gets decontaminated and out comes the slab read for engraving, shadow/remains and all. That walking cane also makes me want to restage the funeral, have a scene staged with the remains and their possessions: In theory you could prop me up, put my favourite guitar around me, make it look like I'm playing it, put other choice guitars that I'd want in there with me and then; with conventional silhouette capturing equipment and my choice ofstone.. (Maybe a big expensive sheet of steel plated with platinum or gold)?.. get it right so on the day of my funeral/the funeral, it's all ready for 'the big one' - the service is held, mourners ever see the body, or the scene, the flash happens, and all they see is the shadow it leaves behind made up of loved one and cherished possessions.
  2. The Mygnr Poetry Corner

    My haiku about marijuana: The only danger With cannabis is getting Caught with it on you
  3. im drunk, ama

  4. What are you eating?

    Always say yes to safe sex erm.. .. Those cards came from the hotel lobby in Amsterdam, momentos I guess.
  5. Atomic Weapons

    A staged presentation of actual events that preceded the detonation of the atomic bomb overHiroshima;
  6. What are you eating?

    Dinner: Indian food 'not curry' - Chicken Saag, Indian style egg fried rice, 3 poppadoms and mango chutney. From: I've just had aplate, it says 1 person meal but... I could get a couple of decent sized plates from this tbh... Just picked it up tonight.
  7. GNR Couchsurfing for Fans

    If I'm not working. I've always wanted to see them though, so if they did, I'd seek tickets hard, IN FACT, just so they don't sell out on me if any London shows are annouced; where can I join/sign up to to pre buy Guns N' Roses tickets? TicketMaster?
  8. GNR Couchsurfing for Fans

    PM me and be prepared for £ sterling to be askedfor by reasons of gift to me or you askicking in with the budget, so how much you gift, we can PM if you're ever in town but.... be prepared to expect me to ask for allgifts made valued on GBP £... so... yeah man, sounds fun.
  9. GNR Couchsurfing for Fans

    I don't care as long you supply your own pot monies, you can't smoke me out of house and home. and it will be 1 or 2 nights, no moving in. SO wait, what? Is Guns N' Roses 'coming this way then?'
  10. Atomic Weapons

    I understand they wanted to negotiate an endto thewar seeking a deal with theSoviet Union to broker a deal for a 'Conditional Surrender' because they knew they weren't winning. This sort of went out the window because on the same day an atomic bomb was dropped over Nagasaki; The Soviet Union then, and only then.. Declared formal war on Imperial Japan, and for that, The Soviet Union benefitted tremendously; It was unconditional surrender and peace. (before the Cold War)..
  11. Corporate Tax

    I've got 2 weeks running a pawn shop' lol or a week of keyholding, I still had a manager to report to/sell dope to. - I liked it. Work Experience placement was casual. Lasted/was there a month given to meby the Job Centre forunpaid work experiencein 2012.
  12. Corporate Tax

    So it's not just me then.
  13. Corporate Tax

    Seeking partners is like chess in the best of times; seeking weed cafes in Amsterdam with a funny name is probably as bad as it comes. I need enough support getting to Amsterdam alone where I have nothing but potential partners andcompetition. But nm that, I want to not discuss me, but to do what I am doing and discuss corporate tax. Anyone anywhere, whatever loophole deals or tax havens you guys know or whatever about corporation tax.
  14. Corporate Tax

    Delaware is so lucrative though, I can only call it a blessing that I know DE and feel I have legitimate reasons to set up in America (for whatever, probably not pot). in Delaware and... Get that as my foot into America, I don't even HAVE TO HAVE AN OFFICE in the stateor pay that state any CORPORATE TAX making it America's Tax Haven with more companies than heads per capita in this densely populated US State that I would go to anyway for it's proximity to family outsidePhiladelphia and family towards the Jersey Shore in NJ and memories myself of New Castle, DE 19720 - so if I ever did get a US company... Yeah, I heard great things about Delaware for that even before I knew it was unique to Delaware when I was a minor, like 15 years old. Naturally I'd want to invest my money here. These banks have bank accounts in Delaware, I want to give them my money. I wantto save my money in ahigh interest savings/don't touch/givingthe bank my money/havingthem pay me interest; bank account, in DE, 'with Uncle Sam blessing every dollar'.. and I probably would if I could, have that based in New Castle, in that state; Delaware, for it'sproximity to the turnpikealone giving me access to family close by.
  15. Corporate Tax

    Yh, I know, I'm to formulate a winning business plan to attract financial backers so I can get credit from the bank. For that 'up and running' part you mentioned there.