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  1. Yep . ..was awesome . here my wttj
  2. 11/01/16 Rosario, AR - Estadio Rosario

    near stage there will be a place called "campo vip", behind this area, will be "campo".. so it will be more confortable to stay near the satage, even if you're at the back of campo vip
  3. 11/01/16 Rosario, AR - Estadio Rosario

    yes!! I did, in a small size...but I could see so good!! this is my only video, because I was mad shouting and dancing, there wasn´t campo vip at Rosario show, I will be near stage in River stadium!!
  4. 11/01/16 Rosario, AR - Estadio Rosario

    my video! sorry for my voice, couldn't stop shouting! was an awesome show!
  5. AXL ROSE Easter Island

    do you know which year was this pic taken?
  6. Prostitute is a wonderful song

    Axl/Tobias the best of chinese
  7. GNR Women's discussion

    those nights...
  8. GNR Women's discussion

    Music Machine '86 is one of my fav shows ever ... look Axl min 0:16...
  9. GNR Women's discussion

    "Think about you" Music Machine 1986 min 2:38
  10. will be there ... of course!!
  11. GNR Women's discussion

    oops he did it again!!
  12. GNR Women's discussion
  13. GNR Women's discussion

    found this one... don't know if it was already posted