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  1. He's the owner of the pic, Brooks Paxton, my friend about the pic, Brooks said: Probably 95 or 96. Hard to tell, spent many Halloweens/holidays/super bowls there the best Axl's costume was when he dressed up as a bunny on Easter and helped his friends kids search for eggs. Didn't dress up for Halloween that I remember. It was always about his friends/guests having fun.
  2. the other pic you're saying http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/206321-are-there-any-pics-of-axl-not-on-stage-during-the-sa-tour/?p=3712070 more pics ‎Rodolfo Sarudiansky
  3. the other guy is Sante D'Orazio and they're at Coney Island NY, Sante posted this pic on his own account at tumblr
  4. Happy Birthday Axl!!!!! wish you all the best.. thanks for being you
  5. 5 Years of Chinese Democracy