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  1. I think the fact that no-one in the band has denied it speaks volumes. Seriously, there have been reunion rumors before, and Axl has shut them down. No, nothing. Nothing from Slash, Duff, Steven, Matt, Izzy is missing as usual, Richard is being cryptic. Seriously, I think it's safe to say this is happening. The old GN'R logo on the webpage, the teasers before Star Wars, it's all to increase interest, build excitement. And believe me, people are getting exited, including me. Would it be cool to have a new album by new GN'R, yeah. But, Axl and Slash on the same stage again is something none of us thought would see ever again. The only thing I hope is Axl get's in great shapes for this and belts out "you know where your are!" like 2010. Also Slash playing CD songs or Axl playing VR or even Slash solo songs would be cool too.
  2. GN'R are the kind of band to hide surprises. Remember the VMA's 2002?
  3. If he's out, good for him. He's out of that hell-hole and can be creative and enjoy being a musical artist. Release his music when he wants and have fun touring it, without having to walk on egg-shells about what he says or about any new music from Guns N' Roses. He always seemed like a good guy and I wish him the best. It's going to be sad though to see people turn on him because he left GN'R.
  4. It's already February, and no new album in sight. All we have is a rumor which, we all know, are usually false. Remember "2 or 3 new songs at the next Vegas Residency"?
  5. Well, Slash did wish Axl a Happy Birthday by name.
  6. Where's Axl ?

    He's at home, eating his hamburgers!
  7. Happy birthday AXL!

    Well, as harsh as it sounds, their not wrong. Unfortunately.
  8. Police Kill Unarmed Black Guy, Again

  9. Police Kill Unarmed Black Guy, Again

    Yeah, MLK was killed. Just like JFK, Ghandi, Lennon, Malcolm X, Lincoln. It's obvious there is someone who doesn't want us to have peace, but that's an entirely different subject.
  10. Police Kill Unarmed Black Guy, Again

    Oh, and: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/buster/ferguson/burn-this-bitch-down-879056 I guess we know where the "gentle giant" get his tricks from.
  11. Police Kill Unarmed Black Guy, Again

    http://blogs.mprnews.org/newscut/2014/11/in-ferguson-riots-social-media-corrupts-mlks-message/ But obviously, something like this is going to go completely over the rioters heads and they still won't care. MLK Jr. used his words and knowledge to try and bring peace between blacks and whites. It sad that still, after all these years, we still have people screaming "racism" for anything that they don't find right.
  12. Police Kill Unarmed Black Guy, Again

    Protesting in itself isn't the problem. The looting and burning down of THEIR OWN COMMUNITY is. What purpose does it serve, to burn and loot innocent stores and houses of people who didn't have anything to do with the circumstances that happened. Seriously, what's going to come out of looting and burning down your own stores and business that will make your city money and jobs. It make no sense at all. It just going to make Ferguson look like a even worse place to live and less money for the community when all the business they looted and burned down get the hell out of there. Burning and looting wont be the kid back, or put the cop in jail, it won't accomplish anything but make you and your fellow community bad. Burning and looting stores and houses who have served you for years doesn't "stick it to man," it makes you look like savages and thugs. And in a year you'll be moving out to somewhere else because there be nothing left of Ferguson when you done scaring everyone out of it. Assholes.
  13. Axl needs to fire his stylist.

    I hate this bullshit notion that just because Axl's 52 that means he's allowed to be out of shape. Age doesn't mean anything, the guy is a multi-million dollar rockstar. He could easily afford a personal trainer and a vocal coach. He has neither because he simply doesn't give a shit anymore. Instead of practicing and rehearsing, he's sitting around eating cheeseburgers. There's no denying he's out of shape and it is having effect on his vocals. There's no reason to compare Axl Rose to ordinary people because we don't have the money, fame, and luxury to afford easy access for getting in shape. He has a mansion of a home, why not a gym? There's a difference between getting out of shape because of age and getting out of shape because of laziness. Axl's the second. Jon Bon Jovi the same age as Axl Rose, and he's in better shape than I am. Hell, Bruce Springsteen in 62 and he's in better shape than most people half his age. Age in not an excuse. Sure, Jons voice may be shot, but unlike Axl Rose, he's been touring the past 30 years with very few breaks. As for the clothes he wears on stage, I think that's him trying to hide behind something. I used to be out of shape and insecure about how I looked, and I remember wearing a jacket everywhere to hide myself. Axl could be the same way, instead of getting in better shape to feel better and perform better, he's just hiding behind all the oversized jackets and hats.
  14. Yeah, it's weird that they have it on Comcast's On-Demand as well.