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  1. Terrorist attack thread

    Thank you. Everyone is safe though I'm more worried about my dad's colleagues ( he has two hundreds of them to worry about ).
  2. Terrorist attack thread

    Thank you. Still checking on my parents colleagues...Nice just woke up and the atmosphere here is so eerie... Come on man...
  3. Terrorist attack thread

    My hometown and I'm there in vacation for a month. I simply have no words. I was supposed to go see the fireworks tonight but finally opted not to...
  4. I'm not talking about guest appearances. I'm talking about embarking on a tour with two drummers who would switch seats before or after AFD songs... If you are the GnR drummer, you should be able to play all GnR songs ( as I'm sure Steven is ) and not have to switch as soon as this or that song comes up in the setlist. It's just absurd. Imagine Slash walking backstage and Bumblefoot coming back as soon as a Chinese Democracy song pops up...
  5. Having two drummers is trying way too hard. If they want Steven in, then have him learn all the songs. I mean he wants back in so playing all the GnR catalogue should not be a problem for him.
  6. 25 years of nonsense and the chemistry is still intact. As much as I love Frank and the more modern / agressive take on songs, Steven effortlessly makes them sound like AFD all over again.
  7. Axl Uninspired without Izzy + Adler/Sorum

    Dude sounded amazing with fucking Dj Ashba in the band back in 2010 so...
  8. Mass Shooting in Orlando Gay Club, 50 killed

    I'm not arguing that gun control wouldn't prevent other murders from happening : it probably would. I'm simply saying that using this particular massacre as an argument in the debate on gun control is missing the point of what just happened.
  9. Mass Shooting in Orlando Gay Club, 50 killed

    I'm not pro-guns at all but reforming gun control wouldn't prevent these attacks : there is gun control in France, it didn't prevent six guys from getting AK47s. They have the support of an international network.
  10. Will Axl ever get it? Why does he love Bloat so much?

    He ditched one guitarist, ain't that a step in the right direction ?
  11. Loved the original for its warm and uncanny atmosphere. We'll see if this still works in this day and age.
  12. *Not So* Dark Side of GN'R?

    That's pretty much nothing compared to the stories from the early Marilyn Manson / Nine Inch Nails tours. Those guys were completely nuts for a while. You should read "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell", Manson's autobiography up til the Antichrist Superstar release.
  13. DOOM - Campaign Trailer 4th Feb 2016

    It's true : the solo is amazing, fast-paced, viceral and challenging wheras the multiplayer is slow, boring, messy and disposable.
  14. Battlefield 1

    Pretty cool. Was getting a bit sick of contemporary and futuristic shooters. Probably the only WWI shooter in existence other than Iron Storm ( which wasn't really WWI ). Will get it unless the beta is terrible.
  15. Favorite GN'R drummer

    Steven : perfect for GnR. My favourite drummer in the list, for his entire discography, skills and feel... is Brain. I mean, listen to this :