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  1. I'm not going to vote for either of them. A choice between a yuppie and a cunt ? No thanks, I'll pass.
  2. He sounds ok and looks great nowadays. I'd say he puts on a better show now ( Duff + Slash being by his side definitely help him be more charismatic ) but he doesn't sound anywhere near as good as 2006 / 2007 or 2010. I find it a bit laughable when people outside these boards who never really paid any attention to NuGnR outside the various trainwrecks claim that he sounds better than he ever did during the last twenty years. That being said, I'd cut him some slack. Yeah, he could sound better by training etc...but he sounded incredible and put on incredible shows for a good chunk of his career which is more than most rock singers can say. What I can't understand is the discography but hey...
  3. Exactly. We have no business being in Syria. Syria has allies. If its government needs help against rebels or ISIS it has Russia to ask ( which has been doing most of the job anyways ). I can't figure out a reason why ISIS or Assad have to go but Saudi Arabia is perfectly fine : it's the exact same thing. Beheadings, murders, sex slavery, you name it, it has it all. Yet you don't see the East meddling in its business. Let them sort out their own shit instead of making it stink worse. Djihadists are laughing their asses off when they see us wasting billions of dollars while it only takes them a hundred bucks to rent a truck and kill a hundred civilians.
  4. Food for thought : 'Rebels' in Syria aren't a homogenous group of syrian natives. A lot of them come from outside the country and have very different agendas that they are pushing for, including islamist ones. Remember the video of rebels beheading a kid after they promised him a fate harsher than what Isis would have for him ? I simply hope that Trump has evidence to back this attack up because back in 2013, investigators from the MIT doubted that the chemical attack was Assad's. It also wouldn't be the first time 'rebels' used chemical weapons either. Now is not the time to take dumb decisions. He should tread very carefully...
  5. Ghost in the Shell. I think it holds up rather well to the anime. It is faster paced and Johansson is not as cold as the original Major but it worked well for the movie. I also liked whoever played Batou. He worked well with Johansson. Pretty cool visuals even though the city isn't as believable as Blade Runner. Would watch again.
  6. Finck. If Slash actually took the time and wrote a solo instead of improvizing, he could easily top him imo. Props to Ashba for those two times when he played it in the wrong key. Lulz were had
  7. I don't think that was her primary intention, no. However, she'd have to be a bit dumb not to see how her sign could be seen as disrespectful, no matter how she feels about the situation. It's in poor taste and she'd be the first to cry if Axl acknowledged the sign and humiliated her with a mean comment in front of the audience... Yeah it's free speech. It's also band politics and stirring shit up...
  8. I think the stupid assumption is actually to believe it's absolutely ok to go to a show and blatantly disrespect whoever is on that stage in Izzy's spot...
  9. Not to be a downer but would you bet on us hearing a Slash / Duff penned GnR album anytime soon ? I know I wouldn't...
  10. Right. I do that on Sundays after my yoga lesson. Makes me feel more grounded.
  11. For some reason, I'd love to hear Dj Ashba's thoughts on the subject...
  12. First system I've ever had was a Commodore 64. After that, it was a SEGA Master System 2. Then an Atari ST, a Super NES, my first gaming PC, Xbox, Xbox 360 and then switched to PC games only.
  13. There are plenty of similar testimonies coming from Sweden.... Maybe it would be worth listening to what these people are saying instead of simply shutting them off because "racism" ? Signed : an immigrant / refugee
  14. If there was to be a VR cover on the tour, I'd hope for it to be "Sucker Train Blues". That hi-octane bass line reminds me of It's so Easy, same spirit...
  15. I really, desperately, want to like this but so far it really looks uninspired as fuck. At least Alien 3 had a strong visual identity. This simply looks like a remake of Prometheus with them trying to correct what people didn't like about it...