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  1. I don't know. It's high treason isn't it ? When you are plotting against the best interest of your own nation. I know we're not that kind of people anymore but hey, we're dealing with people who decapitate children, sell women on slave markets etc so...
  2. Meanwhile, while we are busy burying our dead and finding excuses, ISIS takes control of its first city in the Philippines with the help of locals :
  3. Frankly I hate that I'm not even shocked by those attacks anymore... Wonder what it will take for the West to have an actual reaction. The last attack was twelve days ago. Twelve and it already seems ages ago and forgotten. If we get to a point when it happens every two days, maybe then people will accept that there is something fundamentally evil with this shitty cult and that more of the same ( sadness, candles, praying, then business as usual ) won't solve it ?
  4. There definitely is a problem with Islam though : that it can't be reformed as other religions were, before they could rightfully be called "religions of peace", because there are various currents of Islam and since the Quran is supposed to be the "actual word of God", it can't be modified, only interpreted. Don't think there is a problem with an entire branch of Islam ( and not only with a few radical nutbags ) ? Tell that to shiite muslims who have been enduring this kind of violence for centuries... For every westerner that gets killed, two hundred more shiite muslims get the same treatment. There IS a problem with Islam and our only hope is that followers of the biggest branch of Islam, Sunni muslims wake the fuck up and get tired of the bullshit that is done in their name and find a way to reform it. Wester leaders are more concerned with the feelings of sunni muslims ( who should open their eyes to what is done in their name ) than with the bodies of innocent citizens / kids dying in the name of a bullshit cult and because of their cowardice.
  5. Just saw it in IMAX. To my great surprise, I have to admit that I absolutely loved it, almost as much as I hated Prometheus. It even managed to redeem Prometheus a bit in my eyes. That being said, I predict that a lot of people will hate it. It is a sort of hybrid movie between Prometheus and the first alien movie. It's not perfect : it has some pacing issues, some characters aren't really congruent nor likeable...but it's a beautiful movie and I think it managed to achieve what Prometheus wanted to do ( the philosophical-horror movie approach ) better than it did. That being said, it is a rather cruel, brutal and mean-spirited movie and I think some people will be put off by the tone but I absolutely loved it. Fassbender is a God in this movie ( litterally ).
  6. I'm a teacher in the banlieue of Cergy, near Paris. What teaching in this area showed me is that France's idea of integrating people is actually encouraging communitarianism while also providing these places with lesser public utilities. This is the policy that was implemented for the last two or three decades. The result being that these areas are completely overrun by crime and religious integrism and forsaken by the State. This situation was ignored for years, despite regularly showing alarming signs, until recently, when young people from these areas decided it would be a good idea to join ISIS and depart or Syria or massacre people right here, in France. What does Macron have to say about this ? "Terrorism is a fact of daily life and people have to get used to it". What does Le Pen have to say about this ? "Deport everyone, forbid religious signs, close borders". None of them have any clue. You can't leave entire portions of your territory unchecked and hope for the best. You have to provide people with equal opportunities WHILE ALSO making sure the law of state applies to everyone. Of course this situation won't last forever and when it ends, it will end abruptly and that will be on the cowardly politics who chose to ignore the situation for decades. That's far from being the only problem France has ( it also has an almost 10% unempolyment rate ... ) , but it is the main reason why Le Pen might be elected and we're in this situation.
  7. Because I believe in education and self empowerment way more than I believe in politics in general so I'd still feel like a giant bitch after voting for a lesser evil. Voting felt like a giant compromise for the last twelve years, each and every time. After Hollande's mandate ( for whom I compromised and voted, also ), I simply can't bring myself to make that compromise again. I don't see the point. If electing Marine Le Pen can cause something akin to a civil war, isn't it proof enough that France is already rotten to its core and that it desperately needs a crisis ? Avoiding the problem indefinitely will simply make it worse in time...
  8. She has been doing that for years though. Her communication is very diferent from her father's. That being said, she isn't what frightens me the most about her potential election. Her team of skinhead nazis is way scarier. Every once in a while you hear about this FN member getting in trouble with the law for being a nazi cunt and immediately the party fires them but make no mistake the Front National is ridden with those guys. I still won't vote for Macron either. The last five years have been the worst for this country so far. So we have the choice between more of the same with an unbearable arrogant youngster or way worse with her. To be fair, I don't hope for it but I won't care if it gets way worse for a while. Throughout history, it always took a giant crisis before people said enough is enough, laid new foundations and it got better.
  9. I'm not going to vote for either of them. A choice between a yuppie and a cunt ? No thanks, I'll pass.
  10. He sounds ok and looks great nowadays. I'd say he puts on a better show now ( Duff + Slash being by his side definitely help him be more charismatic ) but he doesn't sound anywhere near as good as 2006 / 2007 or 2010. I find it a bit laughable when people outside these boards who never really paid any attention to NuGnR outside the various trainwrecks claim that he sounds better than he ever did during the last twenty years. That being said, I'd cut him some slack. Yeah, he could sound better by training etc...but he sounded incredible and put on incredible shows for a good chunk of his career which is more than most rock singers can say. What I can't understand is the discography but hey...
  11. Exactly. We have no business being in Syria. Syria has allies. If its government needs help against rebels or ISIS it has Russia to ask ( which has been doing most of the job anyways ). I can't figure out a reason why ISIS or Assad have to go but Saudi Arabia is perfectly fine : it's the exact same thing. Beheadings, murders, sex slavery, you name it, it has it all. Yet you don't see the East meddling in its business. Let them sort out their own shit instead of making it stink worse. Djihadists are laughing their asses off when they see us wasting billions of dollars while it only takes them a hundred bucks to rent a truck and kill a hundred civilians.
  12. Food for thought : 'Rebels' in Syria aren't a homogenous group of syrian natives. A lot of them come from outside the country and have very different agendas that they are pushing for, including islamist ones. Remember the video of rebels beheading a kid after they promised him a fate harsher than what Isis would have for him ? I simply hope that Trump has evidence to back this attack up because back in 2013, investigators from the MIT doubted that the chemical attack was Assad's. It also wouldn't be the first time 'rebels' used chemical weapons either. Now is not the time to take dumb decisions. He should tread very carefully...
  13. Ghost in the Shell. I think it holds up rather well to the anime. It is faster paced and Johansson is not as cold as the original Major but it worked well for the movie. I also liked whoever played Batou. He worked well with Johansson. Pretty cool visuals even though the city isn't as believable as Blade Runner. Would watch again.
  14. Finck. If Slash actually took the time and wrote a solo instead of improvizing, he could easily top him imo. Props to Ashba for those two times when he played it in the wrong key. Lulz were had
  15. I don't think that was her primary intention, no. However, she'd have to be a bit dumb not to see how her sign could be seen as disrespectful, no matter how she feels about the situation. It's in poor taste and she'd be the first to cry if Axl acknowledged the sign and humiliated her with a mean comment in front of the audience... Yeah it's free speech. It's also band politics and stirring shit up...