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  1. Society must stay orderly !

    Just love the way her knocking her high heels together makes the whole crowd run away in terror
  2. Regardless of what is actually doable, having Slash and Brain in the same band would be so badass...
  3. Society must stay orderly !

    Here is a social experiment that took place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Mob mentality is a creepy thing...
  4. Steven has been "six months sober" for the last twenty years and that sucks because he should be the one up there, based on his performance on AFD. I think Frank is fine so keep him and have Steven guest on some shows where Izzy is there aswell.
  5. I'd wait to see how the first performances go before thanking them...
  6. Josh Homme should produce the next GN'R album.

    Him or Dan Hawkins :
  7. Who's going to be the 3rd guitarist?

    I would agree but remember who was chosen instead ?
  8. I think we have better chances of getting new music with this lineup but one thing's for sure : Slash won't stick around indefinitely if new music isn't getting done and GnR won't survive a second departure from either Slash or Duff.
  9. Who cares if they got "demoted"...they will get more exposure during this tour than they ever did before and frankly I'm glad for them.
  10. And worse than this is that this kind of attitude tends to also alienate band members who HAVE rehearsed, who HAVE showed up to soundcheck and who WERE ready to play one hour and a half ago... That's probably the last thing Axl wants to do with this lineup...
  11. Badly describe a movie!

    A young boy suffering from dwarfism gets the worst present ever from his uncle.
  12. Surprised at how good their singer ( and the whole band frankly ) sounds...
  13. My guess is that Slash will take most of the leads and Fortus will only play lead during the jams, like during KOHD, Nightrain or Paradise City. That is assuming they stick to the old material. If they burst new songs, then you never know.
  14. I don't doubt that this lineup could write tremendous music together, especially if Izzy is involved. I just hope Axl will want to try and sing on those songs...
  15. Pitman confirmed at Coachella

    It's like having a Juggalo, minus the meth and clown facepaint, on stage. He stays.