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  1. Right. I do that on Sundays after my yoga lesson. Makes me feel more grounded.
  2. For some reason, I'd love to hear Dj Ashba's thoughts on the subject...
  3. First system I've ever had was a Commodore 64. After that, it was a SEGA Master System 2. Then an Atari ST, a Super NES, my first gaming PC, Xbox, Xbox 360 and then switched to PC games only.
  4. There are plenty of similar testimonies coming from Sweden.... Maybe it would be worth listening to what these people are saying instead of simply shutting them off because "racism" ? Signed : an immigrant / refugee
  5. If there was to be a VR cover on the tour, I'd hope for it to be "Sucker Train Blues". That hi-octane bass line reminds me of It's so Easy, same spirit...
  6. I really, desperately, want to like this but so far it really looks uninspired as fuck. At least Alien 3 had a strong visual identity. This simply looks like a remake of Prometheus with them trying to correct what people didn't like about it...
  7. I don't think she meant to say it...but I do believe the medias have a more or less conscious agenda and try to influence how people think, yes. I mean, isn't it obvious ? If it weren't the case, you wouldn't have TV channels on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum, such as CNN vs Fox News, spinning the news one way or the other either to favor or to ridicule the government
  8. shameless...
  9. Not to be mean or anything but anybody who has ever picked a guitar and played some random power chords played the Chinese Democracy riff at some point, before or after it was released without even realizing it. It's pretty much the most basic chord progression there is...
  10. Aliens, Predator and Terminator...Sad... RIP badass.
  11. The guy has way too much momentum. This is not how he is going to get stopped. All that will come out of his "downfall" is that after some time away to collect himself, he will probably be less of a direct Trump supporter and more of an alt-right freelance speaker that will most likely gather even more troops at his meetings. That and he will end up getting an even better book deal because he suddenly turned into a martyr. Exactly what happened after the Real Social Dynamis media scandal : they went low-profile for a few months and they are now a bigger company than they ever were, despite a shit-ton of "sexual assault" and "promoting rape" accusations. Picking apart what people say to try to silence them doesn't work. They best you get out of them is a forced apology and some time off screen. If it worked that easy, far-right leaders wouldn't exist anymore...
  12. -Rent a boat -Sail to the edge of the world -Climb the Antarctic wall / send a drone over it -Come back and post footage on the internet -Profit !!!!!!!
  13. I don't get flat earthers to be honest... If the Earth is flat, surely, it should be pretty easy to prove it yeah ? -Rent a boat -Sail to the edge of the world -Shoot some footage of what you find there -Come back and post footage on the internet -Profit !!!!!!!
  14. The Democratic candidate for President lost by less than 80k fucking Donald Trump, a fucking reality TV clown. It is a slim victory but it should have been a staggering defeat. How does an experienced political figure lose to an internet troll ? Surely something went horribly wrong ? Once again, never once did I suggest that the Democrats should be "more tolerant" of far right ideas. I suggested that they should actually listen to the fears of the electorate that cost it the election and come up with sound answers of their own ? Examples : -Yes, maybe black people are structurally disadvantaged => build better schools / neighbourhoods but also do something about the disproportionate black on black crime instead of simply suggesting systemic racism from the Police ? -Yes, there is climate change but since people are more concerned about jobs, massively invest in renewable energy on your own territory, favor 100% american companies like Tesla which are actively working towards both goals ? -No, deporting 11 million undocumented workers isn't feasible => admit however that this number is fucking ridiculous and start working on reducing it on a yearly basis instead of massively welcoming refugees from Syria while, in the process, completely disregarding the lessons from Europe... I mean, do you consider that there is absolutely no middle ground to be found between Obama's inertia and Trump's antics ?
  15. I know that the whining takes place on both sides but how does this make what I said any less true ? The only question is "do Democrats want to recover from this or not ?" . Why did the Republicans / the alt-right benefit from the support of its fringe elements while the Democrats were mostly ridiculed on Youtube ? Because there is a major difference between the two and it was used as a weapon in this election : one was speaking freely, thus representing and gaining the trust of its fringe elements, while the other was too concerned with virtue signaling to provide any sort of alternative. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. After 8 years of Obama, of identity politics plaguing the debate, of millenial SJWs being taught by the entire educational system that preserving the feelings of others is more important than taking responsibility for your own life, and the BLM incidents : how is Trump not that equal and opposite reaction ? What I'm trying to say is : the equal and opposite reaction to Trump should not be MORE OF WHAT CREATED HIM in the first place....