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  1. ACDC and Axl say hello to fans (Video)

    The only one who looked semi comfortable was Axl to be honest. Cringy as fuck
  2. It's the same Axl who brought his childhood friend to record over Slash we're talking about
  3. Again, not just "a" drummer. Just "the" drummer.
  4. Did I ever say that ? Axl probably was the most inconsistent of all of them but can't be replaced, unlike Steven who was "just" the drummer.
  5. You have to remember that Duff and Slash took the risk to fire Scott Weiland, one of the most respected rock singers, out of their band because of his drug related problems. Do you think that after taking such a drastic decision and after the mess that was GnR for the last twenty years, they would bet on Steven Adler for an entire tour ? They didn't even bet on him for their personal side-projects during that time gap. It's sad but it is what it is. When you are a professional musician and you get to play at that level, you don't risk losing it all on someone that inconsistent.
  6. One thing is for sure, Axl is a loyal dude. And Dj did the right thing, as much as I like walls of sound, three guitarists would have been overkill with Slash back.
  7. I thought Richard Fortus was Izzy..

    You should sue.
  8. So to sum up : AFD Era : When Slash fucked up it was because he was drunk. UYI Era : When Slash fucked up it was because the production was too bloated. Snakepit Era : When Slash fucked up it was because he was depressed because of the GnR situation. Velvet Revolver : When Slash fucked up, it was because of how inconsistent Scott Weiland was. GnR 2016 : When Slash fucks up, it's because of Frank not being Steven and Fortus not knowing his place ( and because his amp is too loud ).
  9. What problems did Slash have during the second Snakepit tour ? He was regularly fucking up back then too, with a lineup he handpicked. Was it somebody else's fault too ? Also, the sped up tempos ? They rehearsed for the last three months together. No way those tempos are not deliberate and a complete surprise to him... What I see simply is someone who puts a lot of pressure on himself to do this tour justice, just like Axl. It's just that Axl is more comfortable because in his mind he was always in Guns n' Roses.
  10. I don't even know if Buckethead's fanbase is that small. He has that Primus connection and Primus has quite a few fans.
  11. I love Fortus, probably my favourite current member but to say he draws more people than Buckethead, who has a cult following...
  12. Fortus posted it on Facebook three years ago after someone posted that Slash thinks all NuGnR guys suck. He answered something like "Slash said that ? Funny because he asked me to join his band." You can choose not to believe me but I saw him posting that with my own eyes. Finally, Slash isn't interacting much with anyone on stage at the moment, not even Duff. If Fortus playing two solos a show is enough to throw a guitar god off balance, I don't know what to tell you.
  13. At this point, I hope they hire more people : a saxophone player, an actual DJ with an asymmetric haircut, a percussion player, any musician with a weird idiosyncrasie just to read the reactions
  14. You know what you guys should do ? You should go straight to Slash and Duff's faces and tell them " this isn't GnR ". Then you watch their non-reaction.
  15. lol how generous of you. I'm sure he'd be flattered if, you know, he wasn't already playing on all the songs on this tour.