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  1. Even that is not true. The band, overall, hasn't sounded better in 23 years but that isn't necessarily true of Axl... I mean, would you really say it would suck to get 2006-2010 Axl back with THIS band ?
  2. That's cool of him and I respect it if he really feels that this is the best Axl has ever been but...come one, really ?
  3. I'm not even sure he is... He has been posting the same type of messages for, at least, the last ten years on a french guitar forum. He was known as Nesquick back then.
  4. The Wine Bottle Incident

    Axl should have called Dj Ashba. He totally would have "stomped her to a pulp, but all in good fun".
  5. Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint

    This. As much as I never cared for her ( and find her husband best ) I fail to see what's so funny about this. It's not about the jewelry, it's about the experience...
  6. Amazing work. Have been following you since the beginning so keep up the good work. That being said, that TWAT was simply atrocious : both Axl and Slash suck major dongs on this
  7. Member picture thread

    It came with the classroom...and I can't be arsed to get it off the wall
  8. Member picture thread

    Been a while so... Me being a teacher / dungeon keeper.
  9. There is no such thing. My favourite ( by far ) "rock" album of the 90s is The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails so there you go.
  10. What will Axl do if Slash and Duff leave GN'R again?

    I don't think either Slash or Axl have the ambition to push GnR forward in a creative manner ( Axl doesn't care to and Slash has his own band if Axl can't be arsed )... So as much as it sucks, I don't see Slash leaving over creative differences again. They will both suck it up and keep touring for a while, or at least that's my guess.
  11. We know for a fact that Izzy was offered to join GnR back by the big three. He declined because he didn't like not getting the same paycheck as them. Who do people blame ? Fortus for not leaving...
  12. Underrated NuGN'R Peformance

    As much as the current tour clearly puts things into perspective, for what it was, NuGnR was great at times... I mean, I have very fond memories of seeing them in 2010 even though I can't wait to see the current band in Paris, hopefully next year. I will simply refrain to compare too much, just like I did back when NuGnR were still around..
  13. When a guy friend falls in love with you.......

    Be honest with him and be ready to lose the "friendship", at least for a while. You can't "really" be friends with someone you want to be in a relationship with. The connection and appreciation are real but the intent isn't...
  14. Pitman suing Axl

    Looks like the designer bubble farts sounds are finally coming back to bite Axl in the ass.
  15. Should Izzy be in the current band?

    I think you have to remember Slash and Duff were the guys who said "no thanks" to Izzy when he offered to front Velvet Revolver so it's not like they seem to consider him a vital piece of the puzzle to begin with...