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  1. A large part of the people who elected Obama twice now decided to vote for Trump. Instead of calling people names and beating effigies with a bat, his opponents should probably wonder why that happened if they don't want to end up with eight years of Trump in a row...
  2. TRUMP Thread

    My thoughts on the situation :
  3. I'd be totally fine with an instrumental album from these two. I think I like instrumental Bumble ( from AOBF or the few tracks on 9.11 ) better than singing Bumble.
  4. Would SO love to hear that. Bucket contacted him before the Buckethead and friends sessions if I recall correctly. He also wanted Ron to sing on some songs.
  5. Crazy how someone like Axl, out of everybody, one of the biggest rockstars on the planet would have trouble with women. Crazy how your childhood experiences shape you and fuck you up...
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    While racism / sexism / ism sucks, there is a better way than fighting it : teaching people to be responsible for the way they feel. Why ? Because it's faster to build boundaries for yourself and be responsible for your own life than it is to wait for other people to change and stop being offensive. Also : when you stop caring, they usually stop trying too. Morgan Freeman explains it nicely in this : I suppose it's easier, when you've never tried, to ask for legislation on what can be said and what can't. It's also completely disempowering.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The problem is that SJWs are not for the progression of humanity. They are not equalitarians. They are for creating a giant safe space where nothing wrong can ever happen and where nobody is responsible for anything, especially the way they feel. There is an obvious difference between genuine benevolence and what they are doing. Trump sucks but answering his insanity / trolling by reclaiming legislation on free speech and being constantly offended is probably the worst answer he could have been given...
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I do notdoubt that he is going to be a terribad president but...I can't help but love the thought of how triggered social justice warriors are going to be That shit was getting out of control...
  9. the steven appreciation thread

    Unfortunately, as much as it's cool for the fans to see him, I don't think Steven will get the full time gig he hopes for by accepting breadcrumbs like he does.... One rarely gets a promotion by accepting a demotion... Maybe he, out of all the alumnis, is the one who needs to tell them to fuck off for once.
  10. Haha, read the OP as " Interesting story about a woman who knew Dizzy when he used to be known as "The Wild." "
  11. Member picture thread

    Heading back to Paris from my hometown, Nice.
  12. If I recall correctly, he mentions it in this interview :
  13. Even that is not true. The band, overall, hasn't sounded better in 23 years but that isn't necessarily true of Axl... I mean, would you really say it would suck to get 2006-2010 Axl back with THIS band ?
  14. That's cool of him and I respect it if he really feels that this is the best Axl has ever been but...come one, really ?
  15. I'm not even sure he is... He has been posting the same type of messages for, at least, the last ten years on a french guitar forum. He was known as Nesquick back then.