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  1. Centrum! Looks like it's easy to get to the venue by metro, and Uber is super easy/cheap in Prague as well.
  2. Thanks for the tip! Did anyone else buy early entrance for this show and have you got any information yet on when you should arrive? Edit: Might be a little bit early yet to send out that kind of information.
  3. I didn't have EE for Slane (have for Prague), but I was first in to golden circle with regular ticket. I got front row, so everyone with EE should be able to get IT if they want. A few people were standing behind each other in the middle instead of a little bit on the side at front. That said, in my opinion Slane was absolutely horrible organized and they certanly don't have respect for the fans. First, they let everyone with EE only into the left area of Golden circle. Second, everyone with A or nothing specified had to get into A (left side). It looked like they wanted to fill one before opening the other half. In my opinion this is very unfair to the fans at front in the queue, forcing into one side, while people coming much later could just walk up to thw front on the right side. As I didn't have EE for this show I wanted to be sure I got in early. Therefore I got there 9 in the morning, just to be told the police had ordered NO queuing before 2pm. The guards sent us away and said we couldn't queue. Walked around, hang at a place for a while, and got back before 1pm just to se a huuuuge crowd queuing. It's so unfair! I was walking to the front to tell the guards what they told me earlier in the morning, and suddenly everybody moved as they prepared to let in. I managed somehow to get in the front of the queue (feeling bad about it, but honestly I was there early). Just letting you know. Terrible arrangment, I'm almost about to send MCD a complaint about it. I was lucky, but other fans that were early might not have been. i always queue from the morning, but now I'm happy I have the EE dor Prague! 😄 I've Norwegian auto correct if you Wonder why some words might look weird😛
  4. I have Duff´s side! How huge do you think the Golden Circle was as ACDC? Like how many people? Are Livenation (they're the organizers I guess?) sending information about how to get there, maps, entranced and other information before the show? Was as Slane on Saturday (it was great!), and certainly hope we are more lucky with the weather for this outdoor concert in Prague
  5. "Queuing strictly forbidden before 2pm" Anyone else planning on being there before anyway? What can they do, tell you to go further down the street and wait and the queue will be there instead?
  6. Did anyone else read this information posted by Slane Castle? I find it odd that you're not allowed to queue and should time the arrival to 2pm. Someone have to get in first and someone last, so there will be a queue somehow anyway. Or did I misunderstand it? I'm planning on queuing, so will be there before 2pm anyway for sure.