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  1. Where did you find this? Is the whole lineup confirmed for Northside festival or still names to announce?
  2. Haven't been in here for over a year I think. Don' know why I checked in here today. Nice to see many of the same people are still around. 1. What's your real (first) name? Karoline 2. Where are you from? Norway 3. How do you bring home the bacon? Still a student. Hope to work with something including application designing and/or interaction design 4. Are you married, dating or single? Dating 5. What's your excuse for spending too much time on here? I don't do that anymore. Used to spend everyday here. 6. Justin Bieber. Pity or punch? Pity 7. Do you play a musical instrument? No! I don't have that patience 8. What would your closest friend or partner say is your best/worst trait? Caring/too stressed 9. Tell us an embarrassing pastime.... That I'm spending this Saturday night reading through threads in here for the first time in a year 10. Do you actually like Guns N Roses? Yes. I admit I don't listen to them as much as I used to, but still love the music and will be the first to purchase new music.
  3. Guns N' Roses Live at the O2 in London Discussion Thread

    I can't believe this show finally is out. Looking forward to experience it all over again
  4. Guns N Roses (VEGAS) Tattoo Contest

    Nice to see more people from the forum entering the contest. Had to vote for this one though..!
  5. How Many Shows Have You Attended?

    11 times through 2010-2012. Pluss Duff and Loaded 3 times, and Slash 2 times.
  6. The Killers

    As for now I don't think it's their best album, but I've only heard through it a couple of times. Still a very solid album, and I'm sure I'll like it more when I get to listen to it a few times. I never thought we'd hear Brandon sing a song like 'Here With Me' though, it's a very 'Maria Carey song' if you ask me. But I like it! I love 'A Matter Of Time' for some reason. Might be because of the intro, it's awesome. I also love 'Carry Me Home' (can't understand why it's just a bonus track, it's great) and 'Battle Born'. The end of it is something Queen could've done, I'm loving it. Also I must say 'Miss Atomic Bomb' sounded as fantastic on the album as I thought it would. Electric! I was lucky enough to see The Killers last week in Oslo, and they played some of the new songs. I really like the album so far!
  7. GNR Discography - rank the songs from best to worst

    1. You Could Be Mine 2. Civil War 3. Estranged 4. So Fine 5. Locomotive 6. Dont Cry (Alt.Lyrics) 7. 14 Years 8. Breakdown 9. Pretty Tied Up 10. Yesterdays 11. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 12. Get In The Ring 13. Shotgun Blues 14. My World
  8. Your concerts in 2012

    I fucking WON tickets to see The Killers on Thuesday!! It's a special show in Oslo (only one in Europe) for 1200 people only. You couldn't buy tickets, you had to win through the radio. And I won!!! It's my best friend's favorite band, so this is as great as if it was a Guns N' Roses show. Can't believe it!!!!!
  9. What was the worst song on Chinese Democracy?

    It's hard to pick one as I love all of them and as a whole there are no song i consider as the worst. If I have to name one it would be If The World though. But again, the rhythm in this song is my fave on the whole album. The ending with the rhythm guitar is awesome...!
  10. I MET AXL and AGAIN!

    woah, those videos are awesome! Congrats!
  11. Enough is enough

    Ah, I couldn't agree more! This place have become crazy lately. I always check in because for some reason it's become one of my regular daily sites to check... But it's always the same boring board now, with lots of silly threads. Oh well, the band are playing tonight right?
  12. Will Dj write a hit for GNR?

    Yes, he will!
  13. I met Roger Waters of Pink Floyd (pics)

    That's awesome, congrats!
  14. Knowing your limits on how much to drink if you're driving.

    Yes it is, and it is fucking stupid! Yeah, stupid! Even after two beers only (which some days is not only, if you are very little and have not eaten much, it would be a lot more than "just" two) it is stupid to drive. All you drivers out there know how fast you have to react if it really comes to a case where you need to. If you then have had two beers, it will make you react a little bit slower, just a little bit. But that could be enough. It is exactly the same as that you should not drive if you are tired, then you will react slower. Only for this reason (and there are many more) I think, no I know, because it is fact, it is fucking stupid to do it.
  15. Duff, Ron and Chris. And Richard, I'd like to go running with him!