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  1. to all twat lovers...

    That is very cool!
  2. CD Hits stores December 5th?

    That seems daft you could possibly get this information by just asking in a record store.. think they'd keep it hush hush for the time being.
  3. I played guitar with the band

    Wow that is so awsome
  4. Tommy Hilfiger throws punches at Axl last night

    LOL wtf? why'd he want a punch up with Axl?

    That's cool the music helped you Sorry about your loss.
  6. Another new Axl Pic

    How does he lift his hands up with those rings..
  7. Top 10 guitar solos (Total Guitar Magazine)

    I think this is based on how well known the songs are not how good their solos are.
  8. Top 10 guitar solos (Total Guitar Magazine)

    I don't think that list is up to much...
  9. Merck Says "No truth" to April 24 Release Date Rumor

    I didn't even know there was rumours about that date lol.
  10. 3rd Reference To GNR On Official NIN Site

    That's just be some drunk guy not realising he's got that on his head.
  11. Better, I.R.S (wttj) played in ice-hockey game

    That's awsome!
  12. Picture of Axl at Sopranos party

    Cool picture. Nice goatee.
  13. "Catcher In The Rye" Discussion Thread

    Lol when was this song leaked?
  14. Photographer Ross Halfin possibly shooting GNR?

    They're shooting for scrapheap challenge on channel 4.
  15. 13 track album out next month