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  1. Life is good. I love you guys. Crooooooooos!
  2. Just depends on the quality of the blow. But in all seriousness, I saw him kick off the Canadian 2010 tour in Winnepeg, and he was stellar. Of course, he just released an album, so perhaps he was amped up.
  3. Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd and Chris Collinsworth all despise the Packers, and I think it's funny how the season's turned around and they have that look of sour disgust while talking about the team. It's beautiful, really, because they're all punk personalities. Cowheard even put the Packers as his top team this week, but I'm no fool, he's obviously trying to jinx shit up. Fuck your jinx, and fuck you, slick.
  4. Fuck Eli's ghost. This season's become about grinding up the monkeys that have been lingering too long on the backs of the team and fanbase.
  5. Money, egotism, selfishness. This is why I have zero respect for a band who once stood for things that are in an entirely different category than those things. My soul is way more rock and roll than Axl or the rest of the castaways on How Much Fucking Money Do You Need Island at this point in time. Sad and surprising.
  6. Food poisoning and bacterial bugs that make you vomit and shit aren't technically the flu, I'm pretty sure. The flu makes you feel like your body's shutting a good percentage of the factory down to do battle. It's a surreal experience, for sure.
  8. Does seem a bit tweaky. Oliva Munn, Hollywood, cocaine... Dude needs to grow his hair back, fire up a bowl and rekindle his Cali Chill.
  9. He hasn't played well since this article dropped. It's time, Aaron.
  10. Sad. It's money. Selfish, greedy egotistical shit heads. Big Three? Three big dicks is more like it. Karma's real, so we'll see where the train goes, indeed.
  11. Hop on up there, buddy. I know you want to.
  12. I hear "I love you" along with "Slash". And I've always heard "Slash" there. Both sort of backmasky.
  13. I've got a feeling this will be a good one.
  14. I didn't know Pttman was in the band then. Crazy! :-)