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  1. Probably some AFD anniversary celebration not necessairily even with the AFD 5. But there'll be an additional show with free tacos, free burgers and extra fireworks.
  2. I never said guest spots were for beginners. I only said Axl was a beginner then and yet that guestspot was much more prestigious than what he's doing now trying to get into someone else's shoes. And yes I am negative towards his AC/DC stunts and always will be because I simply believe Axl has proven himself as a genius enough composer, musician and author to actually stand up there as himself and for himself and take credits for his own achievements rather than take jobs. I mean, God, people of this caliber just don't take jobs. Can anyone imagine Mick Jagger taking job of a former singer of band X and then also take over that person's guestspots?
  3. No it isn't beacause he wasn't singing Salt of the Earth or Free Falling taking somone else's guestspot like he's taking Johnson's now. It was his own guestspot and he even chose a song that the Stones haven't played for years and they agreed to dig it up for him. And that when he was still just a beginner. That was a really cool thing. This, on the other hand, is a bit weird and creepy.
  4. Oh, where are those times when Axl would have his own guestspots and would sing on stage with anyone he wanted as Axl (and taking pride in it) and not as Brian Johnson's impersonator... Really it's weird. Love the idea of guestspotting but I'd rather see him (with whoever it might be) celebrating his own achievements that brought him to that place instead of taking over Johnson's guest spots and friends.
  5. Just to give you some hope - his daughter is adult so he does not need to stay with her while she's in LA. Yeah, I know, hardly convicing, but still...
  6. Let's hope Axl treats it as a sign. Supposedly he's very spiritual so maybe for once this spirituality could work in his favor...
  7. I doubt he is making any money off the book either...
  8. Point is I don't think Steven is capable of making rational decisions and his mother is using this vulnarability to milk him as much as possible, all of which, unfortunately, has nothing to do with conscious and well thought over decision to forgive her. I think his mind functions like that of a child - someone reminds him he should be mad at her, he's mad at her, then she treats him nicely, cause she needs his money, and all is fine. That's what I'm afraid is going on. Though some people here think he's perfectly intact intelelectually, that's not my impression, my impression is the drugs harmed him much more than just the speech. As for the wife I know nothing about her, have no idea what is the truth, just quoting what he himeself wrote.
  9. Whatever estate this is, didn't he buy it for his own money?
  10. Also in his book Steven says everyone other than him ( that is his friends and family) believes the only reason she married him was to be able to stay in America, i.e. to earn the citizenship or something.
  11. Yup, I am a bitch - to the point of actually seeing things as they are instead of as they should be in an all pink fairy-tale world with unicorns in the meadows.
  12. Yes, this exactly. Also, what kind of a **** you have to be to consider it normal and perfectly justifiable that if your kid (a real kid, we're not talking 17 or 18 years of age) has some kind of problems (that is if watching porn mags at this age could be considered a problem at all), the proper thing to do is to throw him out of the house and let him fall into the hands of all the wrong people and ruin his life or die because you don't want him to infect the other kid you like better with his evilness... Jesus, and that woman is not ashamed to say this, in fact she's not ashamed of it at all, she even feels a victim... That's enraging. Of course, the truth is obvious - she had another man and another child and the man did not want to raise a little bastard and didn't want his son to have anything to do with bad-behaving little bastard so he kicked him out of the house and the mother had nothing against that since she probably didn't give a shit about anything other than the guy's dick. She only got interested again when she began to smell some real money. That woman is truely pathethic and the fact that Steven is supporting her book now, even without reading it, only means his brain has deterioted much further even since his experience with dr Drew.
  13. Yeah, right, but the problem is you can't take just his hands and legs on tour...
  14. This! Also it's very funny when people say that his interviews were really nothing special, oh yeah, only just half of this message board got completely hysterical and began either selling their tickets or promising to never buy them again That's how respectful to the big three his comments were. And please don't idolize the guy whose brain is in such condition that he's going around and promoting a book about himself that he has no fucking idea what is written inside because his mother who fucked him over a million times before told him it's all good and that's what he should be doing Considering he has read three books in his life it is pretty obvious his brain was never a fully finctioning organ but now it's just a total ruin
  15. Lol, he read three books in his life, lol. And he hasn't read the book about him that he is so eagerly promoting. Lol. And people are insisting everything's right with his head and he acts very sensibly. Really there's plenty of things I can eagerly blame the big three for but not wanting this guy on tour on a permanent basis isn't one of them. It really can't be...