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  1. Patience Lyrics - Said or Sad?

    It's "Sad". Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot, not a true GNR fan, and a Slash fan.
  2. New Bumble single preview

  3. Palestinians mourn "holy warrior" Bin Laden

    The US funds Israel, Israel rapes Palestine. Their hate for the US is understandable.
  4. New Slash Song Sounds Like You Could Be Mine

    That song was the biggest piece of shit I have listened to in a long while.
  5. Is 18 too early to get married?

    Yes. Too young. She's gonna regret it.
  6. If you were drinking and driving you are fucked. Enjoy getting car insurance in the future.
  7. Dizzy Reed announces shows in the U.S.!

    No one cares.
  8. Why do some praise RiR3?

  9. lol, typical slash fan boy, someone should tell him that slash wasn't in the original band
  10. Who was more important/more talented in GN'R?

    Top 5: 1. Axl 2. Izzy 3. Pitman 4. Slash 5. Fink
  11. Guns N' Roses to be introduced into Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

    All I see in that list is Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, and Rose. Pretty clear who was/is the soul of Guns N' Roses. The worst 3 songs from AFD (ITS, Mr. B, TAY) were not written by Rose. Coincidence? I don't think so. Also, Slash is pretty much mentioned last in all credits... which means he only provided some minor contributions.
  12. Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

    I can only say that I like his solo albums much more than Slash's.
  13. DJ Ashba vs. Slash

    DJ Ashba. Much much better. It resembles Hendrix's in a way. Slash just went through it in a normal way. Nothing special.