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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    She's so F****n' Sexy - The Compulsions
  2. Omaha 11/8/11

    The show was ACE!!! I was at Toronto, Hamilton and London in 2010 - and last night blew the doors off all three of them. Guess some folks don't have the endurance that Axl and the boys have?
  3. Tickets in hand for Miami and KC
  4. US tour happening in November?

    Joy!!!!!!! ..............no joy? oh no no no don't funk with my joy
  5. I went and saw Chris Cornell tonight

    Awesome! I saw the Austin show - he did a trippy version of Ticket to Ride....seems to still be threading in some Beatles! He also had a red phone on a stool the whole time. It never rang or was included in the show. I still wonder what that was about (maybe THAT was the point). Did you capture Mind Riot on video? What did you think of William Elliott Whitmore (assuming he's still the opener)?
  6. Your concerts in 2011

    Back from my Austin, TX adventure. Chris Cornell’s show was fantastic and well worth the trip. Was also introduced to the music of William Elliott Whitmore, who opened the show. If you’ve never heard of him (as was the case for me) check him out. My mascara was a complete loss by the time his part of the show was over. Powerful lyrics - passionately delivered. Also saw John Mellencamp's show at Austin City Limits!
  7. Your concerts in 2011


  9. CD II Speculation/Discussion/Hopes thread

    I frequently wonder how much music Axl has out there (meaning accessible to us somehow) - written under a pen name
  10. 2010 Tour No 28 of 50

    There were more than 60 shows in 2010, right? If the secret and surprise shows are factored in (very small venues) this would effect the "average" column stats....the ranking, based on Gross Millions works back to Average Ticket Price * Total Tickets. Looks like GNR's Average Ticket price given here (in $USD) fell right in the middle of the pack.
  11. Thanks a bunch, highvoltage!!!!! And for everyone else who posted about their experience - much appreciated!! Quick question.......were there "shooter girls" at any of the shows during this leg?
  12. When did you first become a GN'R fan?

    ^ I give you the award for specificity - awesome, do tell! For me, it was 1988. I cannot recall if it was MTV or radio where I first heard Sweet Child of Mine, but the year I'm sure of. It was the year/summer my aunt and cousin were killed in a tornado. The lyric "her hair reminds me of a warm safe place where I as a child would hide - and pray for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by" resonated strongly. I managed to get an Appetite for Destruction tape and was hooked. Those events could possibly be why I keep my hair long and have an irrational fear of space junk.....but it is DEFINITELY when I first became a fan. .....and this ends my self psycho evaluation of the day