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  1. My letter to axl

    I echo most of what you say Vin, I do have some respect for Ashba for his Sixx AM work, but I too will not be purchasing any G&R items, going to any shows, or buying new albums which I don't expect will be coming out anyway. Slash was obviously the major creative force behind the band, you can see this by how many albums he's come out with and how many performances he's done since he left the band, Axle came out with one shitty album (my opinion so suck it) and has been touring to suck the last $$'s out of the old G&R tunes. There will be no reunion, so get over that one, Slash is still kicking ass so enjoy his new music, I just saw him 2 weeks ago and he put on an amazing show, and even hit the stage on time!! Now that is respect for your fans, unlike what others continue to do. The RRHOF induction fiasco was my last straw, in fact I came to this forum to unsubscribe to it, as I have from Axl's twitter and FB accounts. But a good discussion is always interesting, so I might hang around for a bit longer...
  2. Moncton Motherfuckers!!!

    Thanks for all the updates Jackie, you've got me jazzed up for tonight big time! You going to Bubbles after?
  3. Moncton Motherfuckers!!!

    Have a great time dude! I'm seeing them tomorrow night here in Halifax, pretty excited already!! I agree with the little to no booze thing, I want to remember all of it, the liquor sometimes fucks that up on me. (Like Saturday night seeing April Wine)
  4. Gnr Merchandise at Canada Shows

    Looks good, I might have to get me one of them when they come here next week!! (Halifax)