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  1. What are you listening to right now?

  2. Good Music Documentaries?

    Yeah, that was fantastic. I love the local places they play, a bowling alley, a boat, the native people's home I downloaded Dig! last night though I know nothing of either bands, cannot wait to watch. I also say I am trying to break your heart which was pretty damn good. Glad all these suggestions won't be lost forever now!
  3. Artists/Bands you love that you've discovered thanks to this section

    When I was like 16 I was just getting into GNR, they were literally the only music I knew. This section helped me discover many bands (Most of which I've grown out of). If it weren't for this section in my early years here (End of 05 start of 06) I wouldn't have found any music tbh.
  4. Who will have the last ever post on MYGNR?

    Just harmless speculation, something to think about. Didn't realize this would be such an offensive topic.
  5. Can't believe the forum hasnt ended yet. Whos the last poster ever?
  6. MYGNRFORUM *not* closing

    Dang, its been real
  7. The MyGnR Simpsons Thread

    Hi I'm Michael Jackson from the Jacksons. I'm Homer Simpson from the Simpsons? Why are you in here? Cuz I wore a pink shirt.
  8. New Arctic Monkeys Single

    Love their first album, every song is a gem, haven't been impressed with anything since then. Until this song, which is pretty solid, I like it This song has given me a veiled interest in the new album, but I'm afraid it'll be like their last two which I didn't care for
  9. Aliens

    Supersillyspacemonkey, educating mygnr about the dangers of drinking bottled water and the search for extra terrestrials.
  10. Aliens

    Why did I ever think the OP had credibility? Regardless, this thread is great and I have to read the whole thing some time.
  11. Good Music Documentaries?

    Name the bands associated with them too!
  12. Good Music Documentaries?

    Trying to find really good music documentaries. I haven't seen all of The Beatles Anthology but its fantastic. Tell me your favorites!
  13. Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters

    Sig'd I used to love them, then I grew up and realized they kind of suck. They make good singles but have never been able to make a good album, Echoes was okay but their new one is horrid. Good live show for sure. "Friend of a Friend" is their best non-single song, it's actually pretty fantastic, can't find any good youtube rips tho
  14. Ramones vs. Sex