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  1. .

    About 9pm.. I would get in there about 8:30 and get yourself a drink. You DO NOT want to miss a note.
  2. .

    sick videos.. That show as so damn good, cannot wait for Hampton.
  3. Slash & Alice Cooper

    Huge fan of both but no.... Maybe with the Alice of 30 years ago...
  4. Post-Snakepit, what are Slash's bluesiest songs?

    What bluesy songs are on UYI's? Back From Cali I guess. Anastasia isn't bluesy but the main riff is very Gn'Resque.. I am a blues fan and a huge Slash fan and I don't think Slash has ever released a real blues song.
  5. Saw Myles and Slash last week and Myles blew everyone away.. Axl sounds liek ass 90% of the time these days live and in the studio. All set....
  6. Axls BRUTAL 2006 vma scream

    Axl doesn't have a cool bone left in his body.
  7. .

    That show was one for the ages.. So damn good... Just watch that Rcocket Queen video, it is just phenominal. So glad to get to watch that because that was easily one of the highlights of the night. I will take this band over Velvet Revolver anyday and I liked them alot. With this band Slash gets to be Slash. I was another bald guy smoking weed, I was at the back of the floor though.
  8. Extra Boston ticket

    I have an extra GA Floor ticket for tomorrow night's show if anyone is interested.
  9. "Good to Be Alive"--Best song on It's Five O'Clock Somewhere?

    I love the ending jam of "Good to Be Alive". It is oneof my favorite moments on that album.. Actually heard it the other day.
  10. Anything goes

    I love every song on Appetite. It might be my least favorite of the 12 songs but I still like it.
  11. Skin n' Bones

    St Patrick's Day 1993 at the old Boston Garden. One of the top shows I have ever seen.
  12. What's the truly biggest obstacle to a reunion?

    Axl is the reason. He needs to get over himself.
  13. "By The Sword" appreciation thread

    Awesome song. I still think Stockdale would have been a better choice than Myles. There are some very Zeppelinesque moments in this song.
  14. "Anastasia" live

    I am sure he could have if he wasn't such a douchebag
  15. Out Ta Get Me (Todd on Vocals)

    That guy can sing his ass off.. Definately better than that chick.