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  1. It is ! To make UYI one single album is the worst I idea I've ever read. I like GNR, I'm not looking to get rid of any of their songs. They only have 3 albums and an EP for fuck's sake. These songs shaped my youth. Wouldn't have missed any of them for the world !
  2. GNR doesn't have any filler on their albums. They hardly have any albums. Be glad they got out what they did when they did. It's not gonna happen again.
  3. I kinda liked certain aspects of it. 'Yesterdays', 'Don't Cry', 'Pretty Tied Up', ... all sounded awesome with the girls. The UYI tour was magic, but there were so many missed opportunities : 'Breakdown' and 'Bad Apples' were only played twice (that we know of), 'Locomotive' (esp. the outro section) sounded amazing with T&R, they should've played that a lot more. The Skin & Bones part of the UYI tour started out very promising, lotsa surprises on the first few nights, but it quickly deteriorated into the same old routine when they started dropping the newly added songs one by one ... when they came to Europe the setlist was shortened and became mind numbingly boring by the end. Imagine if they kept picking from the same pool of songs for the whole of the Skin & Bones tour, we would've had 'Garden Of Eden', 'The Garden', 'Nice Boys', 'Reckless Life', 'Yesterdays', 'So Fine', ... on a nightly basis ! Imagine the T&R part of the UYI if they kept up the hard work and didn't fall victim to routine : we could've had 'Pretty Tied Up', 'Breakdown', 'Locomotive', 'Bad Apples', 'Move To The City', 'Yesterdays', 'Coma' , ... all with that extended line-up ! They also never should've dropped the songs they played sporadically at the start of the UYI tour with Izzy, but never (or hardly) played again : 'Right Next Door To Hell', 'Perfect Crime', 'You're Crazy (fast version)', 'Back Off Bitch', 'Out Ta Get Me', ... What we did get was 'Civil War', 'Bad Obsession', 'KOHD', 'LALD', 'DTJM', ... night after night after night ... And if they didn't alienate Izzy the way they did we would've had '14 Years' and 'Dust N' Bones' as well ! GNR = one giant missed opportunity ...
  4. Legally, you are correct. Unfortunately...
  5. Definitely 'Yay'. Matt is one of the hightlights of the UYI albums/tour. Drums-wise 'Civil War' is the worst track on UYI. UYI is one of my all-time favourite albums in terms of drum- style, sounds and overall mixing. With Matt intead of Frank, at least the drums would have sounded like GNR, not like the cover-band with the same name that came after it.
  6. Legally, anything Axl does under that name is GNR. Only in name ...
  7. No it's not. I can like it. I can dislike it. Neither will make it GNR.
  8. Since he was talking about a 'leak', I don't think so ... 'Ain't Going Down' was officially released in 1994 on the GNR pinball machine.
  9. As was pointed out in other threads before this, the West Arkeen tracks were not intended as GNR songs. Here's more info if you're interested : 'Going Down' is not a GNR song either, and has nothing to do with this topic.
  10. It matters a whole lot to me. They ruined any chance of a legitimate reunion and/or restoration of the GNR legacy.
  11. Thank god he's not. It's bad enough as it is. I guess you didn't notice I put 'reunion' between brackets ? I know this is not a reunion ... but it should have been !
  12. Those god-awful setlists ... the boredom factor is going through the roof ! And I thought the European tours in '92 and '93 had boring setlists ... this is even worse. Enough with the cover songs already. 'LALD' and 'KOHD' were a drag on the UYI tour, and now they thought 'let's add some more random covers as setlist staples!' Is there ANYONE on this planet who spends his hard-earned money and goes to a GNR concert to hear 'The Seeker' or 'Black Hole Sun' or whatever the fuck they decide to play instead of their own amazing back-catalogue ??? We wait for 23 years, we endure 16 years of GNR as a cover act, only to have them play EVEN MORE COVERS ??? And play basically the exact same setlist as the last 16 years ??? It kinda makes me regret buying three tickets for this fraud of a 'reunion' ...
  13. Of all the problems concerning GNR, the fan club is about the LAST thing I'd complain about. The post above hits the nail on the head. If they solve the issues listed above, THEN, maybe, they can start thinking about the fan club ...
  14. Yes, there are bongo's being played, like I said. What's your point ?