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  1. There is no comparison whatsoever. The UYI was a GNR tour. All the others after it were not. They just want you to think that they are, so everybody can be happy and make money ...
  2. They recorded more than that at Pasha : - All the stuff that was officially released (with added fake crowd noise) : 'Reckless Life', 'Nice Boys', 'Move To The City', 'Mama Kin', 'Shadow Of Your Love' - The Proffer tracks : 'SCOM', 'Nightrain', 'Mr. Brownstone' - Extra stuff: 'Welcome To The Jungle', 'You're Crazy', 'Heartbreak Hotel', 'Jumping Jack Flash', 'Don't Cry'
  3. Yes. I meant there are photos/scans of the tape boxes circulating online, where you can clearly see the full track listing of the Sound City sessions of June 4th 1986. The full tracklist is also in Marc Canter's book. They were only two other sessions, the 5-track Mystic demo session in August '85 and the LLAS sessions at Pasha Studios with Spencer Proffer in September 1986.
  4. Yes. Same session. They are on the tracksheets.
  5. Nice try. Too bad 'November Rain' was written before 'Out Ta Get Me'
  6. He should have stopped writing after 'Back Off Bitch'. He never scaled those kinda heights again ...
  7. I feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience when I read your post, as if I'm listening to myself talking ... This is a strong contender for post of the year ! The only thing I don't agree on is early '92, up until the European tour, which I enjoy very much. It all went downhill from there ...
  8. He's singing live ... and that's about the only good thing you can say about his voice since '93 ...
  9. I can make whatever statement I want. GNR hasn't put a gag order on me (yet) like they do with some of their founding members.
  10. What else can you call a bunch of clowns, if not 'a bunch of clowns' ? I find it interesting how you can apparently call the '96-'15 circus 'GNR', like it's nothing.
  11. Ok then !
  12. They didn't choose anything. Axl let them back in. Frank plays exactly like he's been playing for the last 10 years, maybe even worse. I have yet to see the 'band' discuss the issue of rejoining the 'band' and who else gets to play and how they play. Please show me where they discussed this ?
  13. If those two had any say in this 'band', Frank wouldn't even be there We all know which clown runs this circus...
  14. Maybe if Frank was on heroin, he wouldn't fuck up or play the songs too fast ...
  15. Steven Adler, among others, started GNR. The guy you're giving shit didn't start Starbucks, or whatever place he works at. Steven Adler can say whatever he wants. You, however, cannot.