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  1. You wanna talk 'technicalities' ? Please apply your logic to the LA Guns situation, where there were in fact TWO bands out there proclaiming to be LA Guns ??? That was a preposterous situation, as preposterous as what Axl has been doing to the GNR name since about '96...
  2. As someone who obviously supports Axl solo band, do you really feel YOU are in a position to throw around the term 'coversongs' ???
  3. How so ? They were all hired as additional musicians for a tour. They have contributed exactly zero to the GNR legacy. They are utterly and completely replaceable. So were/are Dizzy and Gilby by the way. But at least THEY got to play with GNR, when it was still GNR. At least they got to appear on GNR albums, in GNR videos, etc ... Just because Axl decides to put their name on a tourprogram or in advertising, doesn't mean they are suddenly members of GNR. Axl was also the one who decided to call his solo band 'GNR' when he was the only original member, if you remember ? He has an extensive track record of stupid decisions. You don't HAVE to agree with everything Axl says and does you know ? As a fan you can have a mind of your own. He can do whatever he likes, and I can criticize him for it as much as I want ... The last GNR studio album was TSI. I have yet to find Fortus' name in the liner notes ...
  4. You know what would be really graceful ? If any of these guys were asked about GNR in interviews, they'd just say 'No, it's not right for me to comment on such a legendary band, you misunderstood, I was never in GNR, I only played in Axl's solo band, I would never dare pretend to be worthy of the GNR name' ...
  5. Far from being a hired hand, guitarist Richard Fortus has become an indispensable part of the Gun N’ Roses line-up. "I don’t think this band has ever sounded better than it does right now." "Axl has never sounded better." This is a joke right ?
  6. Do you really want to see that ? Maybe if it was released with Axl's mic turned off ...
  7. I have been in several bands with my friend. I must have a similar history to Slash/Duff ? Nobody cares ...
  8. Yeah, very successfull bands you named there. They really made a name for themselves ... Those 4 guys' history is nowhere near similar to Slash/Duff. Ok, they were in several bands together. But the only 'band' that was even remotely successfull ... was the one started by Slash/Duff !!!
  9. I whole-heartedly accept ALL eras of GNR !!! I do !!! -> era 1 : '85 -> '90 -> era 2 : '90 > '96-ish
  10. There it is. Straight from the horse's mouth. Frank didn't click with Slash and Duff. Yet they still went ahead with it. Conclusion ? Axl forced Frank (and Fortus) on them. A real reunion (+Izzy/Matt) was never considered. Axl let Slash and Duff join HIS band, only because he was a few members short... How did it ever come to this ?