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  • Interests I Love going to Kick Ass Concerts..having a good time,and Smoking weed ..Life's to short not to enjoy what you love the best.

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  1. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    hey everyone,well i made it to hamilton,there are signs all over the doors saying No camera's buti am sure you'll get in with them if they don;t have big detachable lens on them the security says but not positive.well i am pumped and ready to have a blast,I don;t l'll be back on as i am using internet in hotel lobby,Cheers to everyone going it's going to be awesome.incase anyone is staying at the sheraton also i am in room 1407..
  2. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    Hell Yeah !!! the day is here i am so pumped.Well i am heading out to head to Hamilton in about a 1/2 hr,got a 3hr ride from peterborough my brother and friends meeting there ,they are coming from Windsor,I am in sec 122 row 5 seat 9 and sec 122 row 8 seat 1-4..I'll check once more before i go to see if anyone is meeting up anywhere,oh ya anyone staying at the Sheraton,I got my battery;s charges and a full mem card so i'll recored what i can and get as many pic's as i can Cheers and cya at the show,oh ya I am hoping to hear Civil War tonight )
  3. Worcester, MA 11/25

    ok thanks for the update Cheers and hope you are having a blast.
  4. Worcester, MA 11/25

    what time did they hit the stage ? and hoping they play civil war on one of the dates hopefully hamilton.
  5. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    By the way have you seen the pole GnR is doing on face book about songs to play,Civil War is #1 voted for so far.go top Gnr and vote .that'd would be so awesome to see them play in Hamiltom Which of these songs (that GN'R didn't play for a long time) would you like to see?go to GnR page and vote your song Oh My God Riad N' The Bedouins Civil War Yesterdays Dead Horse Move to the City Silkworms Double Talkin' Jive Bad Obsession Perfect Crime
  6. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    ok thanks gunsguy.we;ll check it out,I'm really hoping the the band stays at the Sheraton,since it's right there,that'd be so cool to run into some of them there.But thanks for your respense ,Will you be there,I met Jarmo & MicEffecT at the lat T.O show so it'd be cool to meet a couple more forum gunners.I'll try to get as many good pic's as i can byt can't update as i don't got a iphone nut will work on posting something if i can,i am in sec 122 row 8 seat 1-4 and row 5 seat 9 so good seats anyhow,I am so pumped to see GnR again,I am old school even see Led Zep in the 77 to Ac'Dc and on and on and i gotta say GnR by far is my favorite concert of all well not counting Led zep sorry ) .well sorry for rambling on,feeling good pumped and just waiting for Monday to get here,Cheers guysgun.Jim form peterboro ont.
  7. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    does anyone know if there is a pre-party happening for this show? i've been looking but have not seen anything on one yet.we will be staying at The Sheraton by Copps and we do not know what's around that area,I'm coming from peterborough and my brother and friends are coming from Windsor,So any info on something to do before the show would be great Thanks alot .
  8. Albany cancelled

    I just went on Ticketmaster for the hell of it to see what sort of tickets were left.Well there are lots i could of gotten 8 floors and they got this sale on now 2 4 1 special and some holiday sale so it looks like there's lots of tixs left for Hamilton to ,So lets see how it all turns out in the next few days.
  9. Albany cancelled

    Yup same here,I've been feeling nervous for a few days now,Not sure why maybe the fact that i got about a$1000 tied up in this concert with non refundable rooms at the Sheraton,sure i'd get my money for the tickets but i loose over $300 in 2 rooms,but overall it's not the money,I just want to see GnR on Monday,I am coming from Peterborough and my Brother and friends are coming from Windsor,this will be the 1st concert i've been to with my family and friends and i am really looking forward to it,So over all I hope it's just the 1 show they have to cancel i guess we'll see in a few days.
  10. Bumblefoot pain and drugs

    I was just reading his messages on facebook also,I really hope things work out for him and he's able to last till the tour is done,I really do not know what he's referring to when he's talking about all the people etc.But if he cannot go on with the tour will that mean Axl will cancel or postpone it,? wishing Ron all the best ,
  11. Taylor Momsen/Pretty Reckless is opening some shows for GNR

    Well i guess Baz or BC won;t be opening for Hamilton,But i've been looking into this the-pretty-reckless, don;t no much about them so i've been checking them out and they sound and seem pretty good,I am pretty sure Axl is going to pic a kick ass group to open for him so just on the note alone and i am excited to see this band on the 28th.I'm there for GnR anyhow but i always love see some new talent especially if they are good,i guess we'll no soon enough.Cheers everyone and have a great wk end.
  12. Ron on live radio tonight

    I called the show and was waiting to talk to Ron,i waited 20 mins my battery died maybe mention the guy from canada lol,bummed me out,
  13. Happy birthday DJ Ashba

    Happy Birthday Dj,hope your days is full of happiness and good time,Cheers from Peterborough Ont,Canada.cya in Hamilton,P.S i met you a few yr;s ago in T.O at Cruefest whit 6 am you were fucking awesome to talk to
  14. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    Hey everyone,well i got messages sent to Baz's brothers and a few friends of ours who are very close to him,I even sent him a tweet,So i am hoping to hear something soon on if Baz will be the opener or not ,well post as soon as i hear anything,also any of you going staying in hamilton,i grabbed rooms at the sheraton which is close to copps i hear,and pre-or after party's going on for the show yet.,anyhow i'll keep you's imformed once i no cheers and cya in a few wks,
  15. Hamilton, ON November 28th 2011 @ copps Coliseum

    Hey i've been looking into it and no one forsure but i've gotten hints here and there that Baz.His last date on tour is about Nov 17 or 18th.So he will be open on that date i am trying to get hold of him and his brothers to see what i can find out but i would not doubt Baz coming back especially to Hamilton,all his family is in the area,So who knows,guess we'll find out soon enough.