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  1. Guns N' Roses Memorabilia found on Storage Hunters

    The front of the AFD cover is visible at 1:18, but not when they "discover" it at 4:02.
  2. Do you think Axl ever regrets keeping the name?

    It seems fairly obvious that the label were pretty adamant about how a "GNR" album should sound. It makes me sad to think about the great music we may very well never get to hear...
  3. Greenday to induct GNR

    Are you serious? This is turning into a complete farce. It's an insult to have the poseurs that are Green Day induct GNR. If the RNRHOF had actually gotten someone respectable to do the job, maybe even Axl would show up... Mind you, I find the whole concept of a RNRHOF ludicrous to begin with. However, adding Green Day on top of that just makes it so much worse!
  4. How much influence do we actually have on Axl?

    Well, some people drop out of school because they are too smart and productive. It's hard to classify those people as lazy. Back to the subject: I think we have negative influence on Axl. I would assume that the more we say we don't want another album, the more likely he is to put out one.
  5. Please PLAY COMA

    It would!
  6. Just one song?

    Yes, I also saw them live for the first time when I was 9. Ah, memories...
  7. Just one song?

    I got it when I was 7, it completely ruined me as a human being. I wish my parents were as responsible as you! -------- To the OP: I feel your pain. In the pre-internet era, I used to ask the local record shop for info regarding the next GNR album on a weekly basis. I liked OMG when it came out, I would love to hear the 99 version of the album. I used to check the message boards daily, but now I barely check in. I wonder what went wrong with Axl's original plan, I am sure he has plenty of music stashed away. I am less sure about the lyrics, however...
  8. Where is your location?

  9. Which GNR song(s) mean the most to you personally?

    Estranged, Coma and Breakdown
  10. Incredible New remixes from Chinese Democracy

    Nothing provokes me more!
  11. MYGNRFORUM *not* closing

    I agree completely!
  12. MYGNRFORUM *not* closing

    This is sad. I've spent over 10 years on this forum... I remember how stoked I was finding this place, after the alt-newsgroup died out. Thank you, Eric! (and others keeping this place alive)
  13. End of Days Instrumental?

    hehe, the good ole days! There were some seriously demented individuals on that board!
  14. Any leftovers from the Jeff Boerio list here?

    Aaah, the god ole days!
  15. No country truly has a free press. If you don't think the truth has been PREVENTED from being reported, you are delusional! You should also remove "sometimes" from your post!