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  1. Where's your proof? I've heard Bucket play it all. Slash is only good at blues lets be honest. Plus, his ability to create music is below par. Bucket exceeds in all categories. Please prove to me he is exceptional. I'll post SS from BH and it surpasses anything Slash ever wrote.
  2. . I never understood that either. Slash was constantly drunk and making mistakes live. He's amazing but not exceptional. Now Bucket, oh my goodness. I always thought if the two were to go head to head on stage Bucket would ruin Slash's image. People wouldn't look at Slash the same. Bucket is truly exceptional both in guitar and creating music.Back to Fortus. I think he's under utilized as a rhythm guitarist. But as a guitarist I'd say he's solid. I haven't really invested in him outside Guns but I will say his James Bond jam was amazing.
  3. GnR the ms paint comic

    . Ignored.
  4. GnR the ms paint comic

    Mods can we please lock this thread?
  5. Apparently it's ok to walk all over Ashba. It's really disgusting.
  6. YCBM should not be played by this group.
  7. cupcake thread but mods allow it yet talking about evidence of a good Slash song (there are none) gets shut down. Nicely done mods. I know why they do it too.
  8. Good Bumblefoot songs.

    Yes but I don't call them guitar players. I call them musicians. I recognize Izzy as a musician before I would a guitar player and I love his guitar playing.
  9. Good Bumblefoot songs.

    I've honestly listened to these songs for arguments sake and have to say they're not good at all. They're practically everything about a guitar player you don't want. You don't want your guitar player to write songs. You want him to play the guitar.
  10. Halestorm performs GNR classic at recent concert

    Oh god no.
  11. Aerosmith. I'm not even going to touch this. Pathetic.
  12. The fact that she would utter the words "The day I'm working for someone different" tells me something's up.