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  1. The minor pentatonic alone is pretty useless for blues playing and will sound horrid against most blues backing tracks. You need tolearn your blues scales (similar to the minor pentatonic, but it has an added diminished 5th, which makes all the difference).
  2. Lookup on Juanita Broddrick on Google.
  3. I'm guessing you don't believe he's a rapist then?
  4. Who, Bill or the heckler?
  5. His reaction is seen better in this video:
  6. thoughts on avenged sevenfold's "the stage"..........

    Don't get why everyone slagged off HTTK. I think it's by far their strongest album to date. Acid Rain especially is an exceptional song.
  7. Ozzy Osbourne appreciation thread

    Sabbath are a fucking epic band. Those first five albums are some of the best hard rock albums of all time. Led Zeppelin? Fuck off. AC/DC? You're 'avin a laugh! Paranoid, Master of Reality, Sabotage and self-titled are where it's at and are quite simply everything that's good about rock and heavy metal music. Ozzy's solo stuff is less great, but he's made some good songs over the years, especially on his first two albums and No More Tears.
  8. New album this year rumour

    Starting to feel the heat there, Russ? Tick tock, tick tock... times running out. 2017 is fast approaching.....
  9. Only gone and got the old missus up the duff. Holy shit!!

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    2. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      A lot to live down more like!  Thats tantamount to child abuse :lol:

    3. Towelie


      I know someone who called their daughter Sunshine because of how the kid made the parents feel. By that logic, i shall be naming the child "Fuck" or "Howdidthishhappen".

    4. ZoSoRose


      I know someone whose name was sunshine merchant. No joke

  10. UKIP Politician gets knocked the fuck out

    It's shit like this that makes me proud to be British. Hahaha, that's genius!!!
  11. Izzys back in the studio

    Couldn't care less about Izzy's solo work. Why is this in the main GNR section?
  12. Solange

    I always think the name Solange sounds like a vagina.
  13. Which band/artist has the worst fanbase?

    You'd have thought the allure of fandom would've gotten pretty old by the time my childhood hero got accused of diddling for the millionth time. But damn it, I do like that moonwalk.
  14. Which band/artist has the worst fanbase?

    Damn you Len, you're much cooler than I. I am a self-confessed, shameless fanboy of loads of artists. Maybe it says something about my psyche that I can't seem to really connect with an artist's music without feeling the need to join the fan forum and give them a time-honored tribute in my MyGNR signature to help spread the gospel. Doesn't help that my missus was practically a celebrity stalker before she met me. She once called Ulrika Johnson an inspiration to her face. Even Ulrika Johnson laughed.
  15. Which band/artist has the worst fanbase?

    Well, I'm guessing you didn't join this forum to find recipes for home-baked walnut scones? You may spend 95% of your forum time discussing things like the virtues of Dot Cottons fanny, but that's by the by.