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  1. Really? He coughs, splutters and wheezes his way through GNR hits from twentyfive years ago and is a stand-in for a shitty dad-rock band. It's abundantly clear by now that the man doesn't have an ounce of artistic creativity left. If you ain't got anything new to offer, hang up the mic, that's what I say.
  2. Pay this guy $120 and he'll do full sheet music for you.
  3. They all suck, unless you're a beer-swigging, mullet-sporting, redneck.
  4. Indeed a memorable scene. He also put her in a girlband with two other tarts, called Apollonia 6, so named after the number of nipples of its band members.
  5. Its cute that you pretend not to know the answer to that from first-hand experience.
  6. Meh, sarcasm aside, there's a whole wealth of fantastic music out there that you're closing your mind to, because you mistakenly think that you can sum up an artist who was prolific enough to have vaulted material to last for an album a year for the next century, based on having listened to a handful of songs once or twice. I know you Len, you're so readthrough. "Prince? Ain't he that fucking ponce who sings like a woman and did that cheesy ballad bout the most beautiful girl in the world? Fuck that shit." You know I love you Len. If I was forced at gunpoint to catch gay anal herpes from a fella, you'd be my first choice. But sometimes you do come across a bit closed minded to things that don't t fit the mould of Len's pre-approved list of what's cool and what's not.
  7. Yeah but sometimes you are just wrong. Its like someone who says that The Beatles are just a boyband... they may not be your cuppa Charlie, but for a serious music fan to completely dismiss them out of hand, well, it just comes across like you're a bit of an ignoramus to be honest. I ain't heard jack shit when it comes to 2 Pac, cept for a couple tracks, but I'm not arrogant enough to completely dismiss respected artists as "pants" just because it ain't my bag. I don't need Miles Davis to tell me that Prince is a fucking genius, I instinctively knew he was one from about the age of 8 when I was jamming to Pussy Control and turning down the volume when I heard my mum coming up the stairs. If you don't get it, thats your loss.
  8. So Prince is shit huh? And yet he was lauded by everyone from Paul McCartney to GNR, Springsteen, Kate Bush, Chuck D, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton and even President fuckin Obama whe he died. Miles Davis fucking begged to work with him. But Len B'Stard thinks he's shit. I know whose musical opinion I hold in higher regard.
  9. Prince can sing, rap, play guitar and piano to a virtuosic level, plays the drums and bass and is one of the most acclaimed songwriters of the last 50 years. 2 Pac can rap.
  10. 2 Pac over Prince? Really??? Nah, not in a month of Sundays!! It's not even close.
  11. Whaaaatt???? That post-bebop jazzy piano line MAKES the song!!!
  12. I love the way fans like to quote Perla, as if she's some kind of authority on quality rock music. I personally think VR had Slash's best post-GNR material.
  13. That's easily remedied. If GNR put out two new songs tacked onto a new GH package, we could have two brand new GNR tunes added to the setlist. And then they could rotate Coma with Locomotive on alternate nights, swap The Seeker for Move To The City and rotate Estranged with Breakdown, then the setlist would be so much more interesting. Why don't they do these things? Because they can't be arsed.