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  1. Hmmm... I suppose either way I'll be hanging around waitingon a small, pudgyfella who takes forever to come out, and when he eventually does, he'll be wheezing, out of breath and screaming till my ears bleed. What a choice!
  2. Slash and Axl are so inconsiderate. Could they not have timed a stadium gig around my wifes due date? I mean, really, is that too much to ask? Do you think the missus will mind if I go to the show instead and just hedge my bets??
  3. Fuck me. GNR's only UK date is on the exact day my missus is due to go into labour. What are the fucking odds??

  4. Fuck me. GNR's only UK date is on the exact day my missus is due to go into labour. What are the fucking odds??
  5. Well, it's apples and oranges really. For every Scary Monsters or Aladdin Sane, there's a Tonight or a Black Tie White Noise. Same with Neil Young. They've done some absolute horseshit mixed in with works of genius. Guns, for better or worse, have never put out an album ofabsolute horseshit. Some fans may say Chinese isn't a great record (I strongly disagree), but it's nowhere near the levels of bad that many veteran artists reach at the nadir of their career. Sure, GNR may have a puny back catalogue for a band that's been around for 30 years, but I'd argue that every album is a worthy addition. And as for bona fide classics, meh. Couldn't give two tosses what Mojo or Rolling Stone have to say about whether the music I like is a "classic."I can think of countless examples of artists/bands who have a"classic" album which is actuallyinferiorin many respects compared to their lesser known works.
  6. I don't believe that. Certain artists I follow have consistently written outstanding material well past their supposed "prime". I mean, what do people really mean whenwetalk about an"artists prime"? It's youth primarily, because as a society, we celebrate youth and shy away from acknowledging age. I suppose we associate ageing with deterioration, complacency and a changing of priorities which aren't necessarily conducive to the output of great art. But it's all about the individual. Some artists lose it with age, others carry on just as good as they ever were. David Bowie put out one of his best albums when he was dying of cancer. Neil Young is still putting out great music. It can happen, with the right work ethic and attitude.
  7. Chest voice vs head voice

    I've studied vocal lessons for years, it's about resonance. You can sing with chest resonance, nasal resonance, mouth resonance and head resonance. The "Mickey" sound Axl produces on recent performances of November Rain, he isstill using chest voice but he is doing so with head resonance, which will drastically alter the sound. And I agree, it doesn't sound good.
  8. Chest voice vs head voice

    Yes, I know, I'm talking about the shows also.
  9. How can you be so sure? I gotta say, this really does seem like an odd name for a tour.
  10. Could it be an unexpected last minute victory for Russ???
  11. Chest voice vs head voice

    Those songs are not sung in falsetto. The only occasion I can think of where Axl uses his falsetto on record is the intro to Better. He's still singing in chest on PC, Nov Rain etc, he's just using ahead resonant quality.
  12. Translation taken from
  13. Metallica 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct'

    Heard a few songs, sounds alright, although a bit samey sounding. Some of the riffs sound identical to eachother.