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  1. I have to say, my interest in GNR has nose-dived since Ron left. Of course, my GNR fandom doesn't begin and end with Bumblefoot, but I grew to become a really big fan of his work during his tenure, and he was by far the most interesting thing in the band from 06-14. Even though he didn't have any writing credits on the album, his playing on songs like Shacklers and Catcher is one of the highlights of Chinese Democracy for me. My interest in GNR has waned considerably, because it's become abundantly clear that Axl Rose has no intentions of doing anything remotely new or interesting with this band. It's irrelevant whether Ron or Slash is playing lead guitar, all Axl is interested in is touring and milking the cash cow dry. Give it two more years when the AFD5 fans realise that a new GNR album from Axl/Slash/Duff isn't ever going to come out and I think a lot of the reunion fans will start to grow weary of this band, like I did. New Art of Anarchy album rocks. Folks who were a big fan of Chinese Democracy should check it out. Songs like Afterburn and Echo Of A Dream sound like a hybrid of Velvet Revolver and NuGNR to me. Alls worked out well for Ron in the end and I'm so glad he's no longer being held back by a lazy frontman with a colossal ego and no creativity.
  2. I think Ron was treated terribly during his tenure with the band. I mean, here you have one of the world's greatest guitar virtuosos in your band, and you make him share a stage with DJ fucking Ashba?? To be honest, I think Axl was spineless in the way he treated his band members back then. He had no respect for their own desire to be in a fully functioning, creative band, he just wanted bit players to play the part so he could do cheap ass Vegas residencies and whore the GNR brand for his retirement fund. Ron was too good for Axl's shitty faux GNR Vegas act and things aren't much rosier now, with the original band just doing more and more whoring of the brand, with not a creative lick in sight. At least Ron is a musician for the right reasons and has the motivation, talent and drive to create and release a constant stream of new material, be it solo or with Art of Anarchy (whose new album is one of the best rock albums of the last few years).
  3. I'm really loving Dancing With The Devil. Scott's best vocal delivery on the album and it reminds me of something VR would've done.
  4. I didn't realise Somber was a cover... who did the original? I rate them very differently to you.... 1. No Surrender 5 2. Afterburn 4.5 3. Echo Of A Scream 4 4. Dancing With The Devil 4 5. Changed Man 3.5 6. 1000 Degrees 3 7. A Light In Me 3 8. The Madness 3 9. Somber 2.5 10. Won't Let You Down 2.5 I agree that there is a big onus on sounding radio friendly and the album feels a bit too short in places. Overall, I prefer the debut, but then Weiland was one of my favourite rockstars of recent times and I really think he had something special. Transitioning to a new singer is always difficult for a band, but I think they've pulled off a decent effort with The Madness.
  5. LOL Guns N Roses. AOA have released two great albums in the last three years. GNR have made one clusterfuck hodge-podge album in the last 25 years. Again, LOL Guns N Roses.
  6. You do know that most people consider Axl Rose to be a far bigger asshole than Scott Stapp, don't you?
  7. My interest is based on the strength of the first album. I'm not expecting the one with Scott Stapp to live up to the Weiland album, but from what I've heard so far, it still sounds like Art Of Anarchy and not Creed, which is a good thing.
  8. Ron is the best guitarist GNR ever had. Not the best fit necessarily for GNR (obviously that'd be Slash), but in terms of a guitarist who can literally play anything and also contribute some great original ideas to the new material, and a guy who actually knows how to write a proper song, Ron is the man. Looking forward to the new Art of Anarchy album on Friday.
  9. You don't consider Ron Thal a high calibre guitarist?
  10. ^^ TBH, the original post wasn't meant to be disrespectful to Chuck. It was more a reactionary thing against all the fakes who come out in mourning pretending as if they're huge fans everytime we lose one of the musical greats. I saw it with MJ, I saw it with Bowie, I saw it with Prince, I saw it with Lemmy... and it just gets a bit nauseating when you know half of these people probably don't even listen to these artists or have the first fucking clue about them. I have no issue with genuine fans paying their respects, its the bandwagon jumpers who act heartbroken everytime an actual musical legend passes until a few weeks later when its no longer in the news and they've completely forgotten about them. And then you have insufferable people like @Sunset Gardner who act as if they've lost their mother and you've just pissed on her grave. It's the worst kind of social melodrama and hysteria.
  11. I never once said Chuck Berry's influence was overrated. Learn to read. And nah, I love me some Robert Johnson, you fucking idiot.
  12. Hahaha. Classic. I love it when I upset the snowflake hipsters. My opinion clearly is unpopular, as I clearly touched a nerve with you. And to suggest that all music derived from Chuck Berry is beyond ridiculous, revisionistic and pure hyperbole. I don't need lecturing on Chuck Berrys influence, I own a Chuck Berry collection, I hear who he inspired and the people who came after. I learned to play Johnny B Goode on the guitar just like everyone else. I'm just saying, he was one of a group of people, not the sole influence. And also, those who came after him took what he did and did something that translated and resonated with people on a much more profound level than what Chuck did. You could argue that there would've been no Beatles or Stones without Chuck Berry, but then you could also say there would be no Chuck Berry without Robert Johnson. It's pretty squabbling over semantics, when the reality is, no one person can be attributed for inventing rocknroll. We just love to deify people from the past and hold them up on some kind of unrealistic cosmic pedestal.
  13. ... and so the hyperbole begins. Don't get me wrong, I fully acknowledge the influence this guy had on popular music over the last 70 years. But having said that, some people are more influential than they are great themselves, and as unpopular and controversial to the hipsters as this may sound, I think Chuck Berry fits into this mould. The majority of the general public would only recognise one Chuck Berry song, and lets face it, once you know one Chuck Berry song, you know them all. They all sound the same. But it was that style that went on to influence so many others, who took what he did, and made something bigger and better out of it. Chuck may have been one of the early pioneers, and he indeed deserves his dues for that, but anybody who claims that he did it best is lying to themselves.
  14. The Black Album is a great rock record, from beginning to end. It's one of Metallica's most consistent albums, with nary a filler in sight. Only song I'm not too fussed on is Don't Treat On Me, but even that's passable, and doesn't reach Get In The Ring levels of badness. My Friend of Misery, Of Wolf & Man, Sandman, Unforgiven, The God That Failed, Wherever I May Roam, Sad But True... so many great songs. Between Load and Reload there is one great album. Fuel, King Nothing, Until It Sleeps, Outlaw Torn, Better Than You, Low Mans Lyric, Unforgiven II, Fixxxer, Bleeding Me... those songs would've made one hell of a single album. I really fucking despise The Memory Remains though, that song is utter dogshit... what the fuck were they thinking getting Marianne Faithful to wail over one of their songs like an inebriated, mentally unstable pensioner? St Anger was shit. DM had a couple of keepers, especially like the opening trio of That Was Just You Life, The End Of The Line and The Day That Never Comes. But the album becomes very samey after that point. Can't argue with MOP or RTL. Those records are something else. MOP title track is practically a religious experience. Fade To Black, Creeping Death, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Ride The Lightning.... you can't deny the greatness of these songs. New albums their best since Black imho.
  15. Yeah, I feel the same. Only songs on DM I still enjoy are The End Of The Line and That Was Just Your Life.