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  1. I think what we're experiencing now is the novelty having worn off the reunion and without new material being played, it just feels like more of the same ol same ol. You can't blame fans for losing interest at this stage.
  2. I think he eluded in interviews that he quit because he knew GNR were heading for a reunion, so writing new material with Axl was never going to happen. This is why DJ "quitting" or bowing out to make way for Slash was a crock of shit. It was jump or be pushedand he tried to make out like it was his decision to move on, when in reality, he didn't have a fucking choice.
  3. But Nov Rain, SCOM, Estranged, Civil War, Coma, Locomotive, Jungle, Nightrain, Rocket Queen >>>>>> TWAT and Better. The bulk of songs in GNR's catalogue were written with Slash onleadguitar. Buckethead has onereallymemorablesolo (TWAT), Finck has two (Better and TWAT). Even if you really love those songs, it's still only two tracks, compared to dozens from Slash-era GNR.
  4. This, totally this. I love Bumblefoot, I got a big kick out of him in GNR and really liked all his contributions on Chinese. I even like his solo albums and his band Art of Anarchy. He's also a top bloke, I can't speak highly enough of the man. But Slash is the best player Guns N Roses ever had. Slash wrote the fucking SCOM riff. Slash wrote that awesome shred solo at the end of Nightrain. SlashtookNovember Rain and Estrangedinto the stratosphere. It's easy to take Slash for granted, because in some ways, it feels like those songs have always existed and we've seen multiple guitarists play those parts. But Slash was the one who came up with them first. He is THE guitarist for Guns N Roses. Even if youprefer what Robin or Bucket or Ron did with some of the solos, everything they did came about because of Slash having put in the hard work in the beginning. There would be no "OMG Bucket's Nightrain solo" without Slash having done his first. Same for Robin's take on November Rain, it was Slash who provided the template in the first place.
  5. Well, I seem to be the only GNR fan who loves Ron on CD and is still butthurt that he's out of the band, so I get it.
  6. Robin??? I thought you were gonna at least say Bucket or Bumble. You really rate Finck over Slash??
  7. WTF??? And I thought I was high...
  8. Hit Me With Jazz

    Chaka Khan did some great jazz, there's a brilliant album called CK from the late eighties, which featured Prince and I believe was some of Miles Davis's final recordings. Check out Chaka's version of jazz-standardI'll Be Around. It's divine.
  9. Didn't Fortus fart on Better or something?
  10. I don't necessarily buy into the fan theory that the label sabotaged NuGuns in an attempt to stronghold Axl into a reunion. Would a GNR album with Slash really have sold any more copies than Chinese Democracy? I really don't think so. Now if we're talking in a live setting, then yes, clearly Slash's presence in the band is something that concert-goers will want to see. But in terms of a new record, I don't think Slash coming back to GNR is suddenly going to make all the difference in terms of hit singles and massive multi-platinum selling albums. 1991 ain't ever coming back.
  11. Art of Anarchy's debutis a great record and sounds nothing like the bands you listed.
  12. Stop making excuses for Axl. What effort did Axl really put in to make NuGuns a success or a credible rock band? Hewas woefully underprepared for both 2002 MTV Awards and Rock In Rio 2011. He never bothered doing soundchecks. He didn't put out one professional band photo in the whole duration of the groups existence. He repeatedly missed deadlines for CD's release, driving both BH and Finck to quit the band out of frustration. And when it eventually was forced out against his will, he went awol,did no interviews or telly performances in support of the album. All he did was whinge on a fanboard and then turn up two hours late to concerts. He thought he could just sit back on his ass, use the GNR name for all its perks and that people should either get on board or fuck off. Axl's tardiness and lack of work ethic is what buried NuGuns, not the label.
  13. Completely agree. Axl never gave Ron the chance to shine and lets face it, Ron was more than capable of stepping up to the mark. Ron could play things no other GNR guitarist could even attempt, and I'm including Bucket in that. Trouble is, I don't think it was personal to Ron, I just don't think Axl was all that invested in GNR as a whole back then (I'm not convinced much has changed in that regard even now Slash and Duff are back, Axl just don't give a fuck).
  14. Has Nirvana Aged Poorly?

    They were good for a while, but really weren't all that tbh.
  15. Does anybody care enough about Steven Adler to read a book that his mum wrote about him?