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  1. So basically if Axl couldn't bury AFD in terms of quality, he would do it with quantity instead? Not much of plan. Fast forward to 2017, and we have neither quality or quantity. Just live show after live show after tedious live show. What a waste.
  2. MJ fans are a tough bunch. Very hard to openly discuss various aspects of his personal life on MJ fan forums, without being ostracized by the vocal majority who constantly paint MJ as a martyr. Mozza fans are mostly a bunch of cunts. Prince fans are the coolest cats on the net.
  3. Whaaaaaat?????
  4. The film of The Mist is one of my all time favourite horror movies, with one of the greatest lines ever in any film: "if I wanted a friend like you, I'd take a squat and shit one out."
  5. Bet Tool comes first.
  6. Can't possibly be worse than Welcome 2 My Nightmare. Might check out new album, but not expecting much.
  7. Tori Amos - Native Invaders Judas Priest new album Might check out new Alice Cooper and Fozzy albums if I can be arsed.
  8. Guns N Roses The Smiths Black Sabbath Judas Priest The Beatles Rolling Stones The Time The Family The Jacksons RHCP
  9. 1. Michael Jackson 2. Prince 3. Tori Amos 4. Morrissey 5. David Bowie Honorary mentions: Kate Bush, Neil Young
  10. 15 writers on the last Ed Sheeran album? And how many writers were credited on Chinese Democracy?
  11. Okay, I listened to Headless Cross and Eternal Idol. I like some of the material on HC, but absolutely adore The Eternal Idol from beginning to end and consider The Shining and the title track to be up there with the best Ozzy/Dio-era songs. Quite excited about discovering the rest of the Tony Martin Sabbath albums now.... Will check out Tyr next....
  12. Nothing. Because you can't go back in time and recreate the excitement of 1986, no matter how hard they try. And also because I don't enjoy live concerts for the most part and it'd just be seeing the same songs I've already seen live numerous times before. "Repetition never made my world go round" - Prince.
  13. And therein lies the entire summation of GNR 1993-2017.
  14. I agree. Ron Thal was a beast. His playing and creativity were wasted, being stifled as he was by a lazy, unmotivated lead singer.
  15. This. Frank and Richard remain in the band to make Axl feel like NuGuns and Chinese Democracy wasn't a complete write-off. The only way for Axl's fragile ego to accept playing with Slash and Duff again is if everyone pretends this is just a natural progression of the band. Reuinion? What reunion? It must sting for Axl though, to look out into those stadiums night after night and see a mass exodus of piss breaks and beer top-ups whenever they perform Better or This I Love.