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  1. To be fair, would you be cheering that performance on? Or praying to every God under the sun for it to end??
  2. That was not a good vocal performance from Axl. Jesus Christ, listen to verse 2, Mickey is everywhere. I don't think they should include TWAT in the sets, because Axl's never been able to pull it off.
  3. GILBY CLARKE On GUNS N' ROSES' 'Not In This Lifetime' Tour: 'I Don't Know If You Can Really Call It A Reunion' August 22, 2016 64 Comments Share7 Tweet1 Share1 Reddit2 Share49 image: During a brand new interview conducted this past Saturday (August 20) at the first annual Pistons & Pin-Ups Car Show N' Concert in Chatsworth, California, former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Gilby Clarke was once again asked for his thoughts on the reunion of long-estranged GN'R singer Axl Rose and guitarist Slash for the "Not In This Lifetime" tour, which kicked off in April and is scheduled to last at least through next year. Clarke, who was not an original member of the group, said (see video below): "The reunion that happened is really just Axl, Slash and Duff [McKagan, bass]. Basically, Slash and Duff have joined Axl's band. So I don't know if you can really call it a reunion. So, myself, Matt [Sorum, former GUNS N' ROSES drummer], Izzy [Stradlin, former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist]… it didn't happen as a reunion for all of us to join. So I think if the time was right and the situation was right, I think everybody would come back and do it." He continued: "Look, first of all, everybody gets along great and stuff; it's great music; GUNS N' ROSES is a great band and has a great legacy. I think everybody just wants to see it done right. And when it's time, we'll do it." Clarke replaced founding guitarist Izzy Stradlin in the GUNS lineup in 1991, during the "Use Your Illusion" tour, and stayed with the band for three years. He has continued as a producer and solo artist since then, while also playing in ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA, HEART and other acts. Clarke reunited with GUNS members Slash, Steven Adler, Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan at the band's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction in April 14, 2012, although he himself was not inducted as part of the band. Gilby is currently recording a new solo album that will feature guest appearances by drummers Stephen Perkins (JANE'S ADDICTION) and Matt Starr (ACE FREHLEY) along with members of Clarke's solo band, EJ Curse (bass/vocals) and Troy Patrick Farrell (drums/vocals). "It has been a long time since I've put out a Gilby Clarke solo record," Gilby said on Saturday. "So I just thought it was time. It had nothing to do with GUNS N' ROSES. It was just... I noticed when I've been talking to people out on the road that I haven't made a record in a long time. So it's time. And I finally have a good collection of songs that I really like, and I think they should be out. So I'm working on that. Hopefully the end of the year is my goal to get it out, by around Christmas time. So let's see what we can do. I hope it works out." Read more at
  4. Bumblefoot Live

  5. Bumblefoot Live

    Love Ron. Can't wait for the new Art of Anarchy record. Hope it's as good as the first.
  6. Your Top 5 Must Listen To Albums

    Love OTW but tried to stick to one album per artist.
  7. Your Top 5 Must Listen To Albums

    Can't do five, ten albums I will judge other people for not loving as much as I do: 1. Prince - Dream Factory or Lovesexy or Parade or any album from 84-88. 2. The Family - The Family 3. Michael Jackson - HIStory 4. The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead 5. Tori Amos - From The Choirgirl Hotel 6. Neil Young - Harvest 7. GNR - Appetite 8. Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors 9. The Beatles - The White Album 10. Parliament -Mothership Connection 11. David Bowie's entire back catalogue minus Tonight and Never Let Me Down (I can forgive people for not loving those two).
  8. Just because a bunch of greasy haired mullet-sporting wankers got their knickers in a twist about Metallica using anacoustIc guitar on Fade To Black, it says more about thedemographic that listens tothe bandthan it does aboutMetallica's versitality.
  9. It's alright.Metallica were never the most versatile band, they deliver what they know and what they're good at. I'll check out the album.
  10. Fairly rigid setlists, but he would often add new additions to his sets mid-way through a tour. On the Bad tour he used to rotate Things I Do For You andAnother Part Of Me from night to night andreplaced a lotof TheJacksons-era songs with songs from the then-new albumas the tour progressed and more singles were released from the album.He added Dangerous to the Dangerous tour setlistsa year in to the tour, with full choreography and the works. On the HIStory tour he swapped the Off The Wall medley for Come Together and D.S. and then switched that with Blood On The Dancefloor when that came out, so he wasn't adverse to switching things up. But it's apples and oranges. GNR are a hard rock band, it's not like they have to work out new choreographyor anything.And whilst they don't exactly have the largest of catalogues to choose from, it wouldn't exactly take a huge amount of effort toswitch Estranged with Breakdown or Coma with Locomotive every once in a while.
  11. Don't know what you're all bitching about, I would say this is a prettyaccurate list. All of the songs on itsuck to varying degrees, with the exception of Dead Horse and Human Being, which I would replace on the list with Get In The Ring and If The World (now THAT song is a turd).
  12. I think it's pretty obvious by now that Axl expects his bandmates to perform all songs released under the name GNR, but he does not consider songs released by his current bandmates outside of the GNR umbrella to be fair game. That's Axl for you.
  13. You see, I don't get this. The only difference between TIL on CD and and TILon the current tour is two things: 1. Slash's solo 2. Axl's vocals Now, maybe you dig Slash's solo, but it doesn't change the bulk of the song, the verses, the choruses, the lyrics, the piano, the melody. The main bulk of the song isindentical, so how can you hate it on the album but all of a sudden rate the song when Slash adds some improvised licks? And Axl's live vocals on TIL are horrid compared to his studio vocals.
  14. Hmmm, it's an interesting one for sure. I mean, November Rain exists intact outside of the solo parts, but undoubtedly Slash's contributions elevate the song to a whole new level, especially at the end, much in the same way Estranged does. I think the best thing is when a band just splits songwriting credits four ways. Axl, Slash and Izzy getting a higher chunk and Duff and the drummer getting a bit less, and usually everyones happy in that scenario and it eliminates the need for these debates.