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  1. Well, Axl cared plenty in 2008 and that was 15 years on from 1993. 
  2. Anyone else notice this board is a lot more quiet since the new look? Mods need to change it back asap.


    1. alfierose


      It was slowing back down anyway from the initial reunion influx. It will pick up again as we approach April or if something else occurs.

    2. ZoSoRose


      I really like the new board, improves it in every way for me

  3. I suspect Dizzy probably won't even meet Slash until the night of the first show, when he crawls out from Axl's ass for three hours to play the piano. He will then crawl back up after the encore. Isn't that where Dizzy lives now?
  4. Axl had some pretty strong words to say about this back in the 2008 chats, and if he truly believes his own version of events, do you think he's discussed this with Slash and Duff? I always found it very telling that when Axl came to the forum to answer questions a month or so after his new album with the new band dropped, all he wanted to discuss - at painstaking length - was Slash and the old band. I'm very curious to know whether Axl finally just decided to let go of all that baggage from back then or whether these issues have been addressed privately between Axl/Slash/Duff.
  5. I'm far from a Slipknot fan, but in their defense, at least they put out regular music for their fans. It's very easy not to "become shite" when you just never put anything out.
  6. Reunion Setlist?

    Don't believe you.
  7. Reunion Setlist?

    I have a hard believing all the fans bitching about the inclusion of CD-era songs won't be at least mildly curious to hear what Slash sounds like on that shit.
  8. The MJ comment pissed me off and not just because I'm a huge MJ fangirl. Axl has never publically taken umbridge with Slash for collaborating with MJ, that is pure conjecture on the part of Axl-apologists desperately trying to find a reason to paint Axl as the good guy and Slash as the bad guy. Remember Axl Rose is the same guy who has been accused of rape more than once, it's not like he hasn't engaged in his fair share of questionable behaviour in the past.
  9. When you hear Chinese, it is lacking in almost everything that defines the signature GNR sound. Obviously a big reason for the change in sound is down to the fact that it's made by an entirely different group of musicians. But you'd have thought Axl would've at least attempted to recreate some kind of essence of the old bands sound. There's only really two proper guitar riffs on the entire record (Riad and title track). The bass may as well be non-existant and there's probably only two or three bluesy solos on the whole thing. I actually really enjoy Chinese Democracy, but there's no denying that it sounds nothing like Guns N Roses. So was it a lack of understanding on Axl's part about what defined the GNR sound or was it a purposeful decision to distance himself from the sound of AFD/Illusions?
  10. Maurice White RIP

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yKr8Q8PNuc ^^ This is one of the first songs I ever learnt on the guitar. While all my mates were learning fucking Kaiser Chiefs, I was learning stuff by EWF, James Brown, Niles Rodgers, Average White Band, Funkadelic and Prince. I felt so fucking cool compared to them, even if I was the only one who knew it. Also worth noting that Prince owes a lot to this song, and Maurice White in general. Practically every Prince ballad has jacked Maurice's vocal stylings.
  11. Maurice White RIP

    I do like a bit of EW&F. Shining Star, September, Fantasy, I'll Write A Song For You. All classics. RIP Maurice.
  12. Shacklers is great. I don't really think it's nu-metal, except for the intro. It's just a solid rock song. I think it'd be a lot more popular around here if it had slightly different production, but I personally love it as it is. I know it'd never happen, but I'd love to hear a 2016-era version with Slash and Duff. Would be interesting to see how Slash would interpret Ron's guitar work.
  13. No way, that award goes to Scraped everytime.
  14. Well, they had all last year to work on a new album. It's been two years since Axl dissolved NuGNR in Vegas and I'm guessing he's done sod all since then, but it would be nice to be proven wrong for a change.
  15. Rank: Top 5 GNR Songs?

    That's an interesting list. I like it when people don't always pick the obvious choices. Since I Don't Have You is brilliant, I agree.