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  1. They'd have to be pretty stupid to leave now. All they'd have to do is stick around for the next decade, play an average of 20 shows a year, and they'd be shitting money for the rest of their lives.
  2. Has Nirvana Aged Poorly?

    They're alright. Bit overrated. But some of their stuff was really great, like Scentless Apprentice or Milk It (I'm more of a In Utero kind of a guy, can't ya tell?).
  3. Doubtful if it'll ever materialise. Do remix albums still come out after an album has been out 8 years and all the band members who made it left??
  4. 1. Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy (2008) At the throne of UG this week, it's the GN'R gang and "Chinese Democracy." Dewitt pointed out: "It's a great album, but it's probably the best (or worst?) example of what a negative effect overproduction can have on the final product. It would be a better album if it was a little more reserved."
  5. Bands that make you change radio stations

    I hate all the bands I don't like andhate most the bands I do.
  6. I prefer his overdub just before that one. Good call though, Diesel, good call. I want Axl to bust out Shacklers Revenge and dedicate it to you as I know how you love it so.
  7. Knew you were gonna say that. Surprise me Diesel. Say something complimentary about CD and I might spit my cornflakes out over my laptop.
  8. This, I can understand. I don't agree with your opinion, I thought CD was pretty great, but at least your consistent in your opinion. It's these clowns who think Slash playing some out-of-time blues licks over Bucket's Sorry solo all of a sudden transform the entire song that get me....
  9. This is one of only two message boards I haven't been banned from (and I only have one warning left). Am I that much of an asshole?

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    2. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Well i couldn't do without you around here Towelie, young fella-me-lad.  Bit shite on the old musical taste in certain aspects but more than make up for it in others.  Are you a cunt?  Hmmm, never really thought about it, i don't think so, can't think of any cunty things you've done, all in all a bit of a darlin' really. 

      Also, liking Morrissey in effect absolves all human sin.

    3. Towelie


      I figured out that I seem to be more of a wanker online when I'm happier in my personal life. I think I must be a cunt deep down inside and it has to find a way to get out. I can't live a lie.

    4. ZoSoRose


      You da man towelie

  10. And the fact that it's leading world news. I mean, go on Daily Mail website and practically every other article is about this story. It's so important I wet the bed last night worrying about what will become of us all.
  11. Alter Bridge - The Last Hero 2016

    I've tried liking them, but they really aren't that good, are they?
  12. It strikes me that this new trend of fans "discovering" how great the CD songs are now that Slash has layed down a few sloppy, half-arsed licks on them, just goes to prove they never actually listened tothemusicproperly in the first place and just decided they hated it because Slash wasn't there.Now Slash has graced these songs with his magic fingers all of a sudden they are a completely different song! Not only that, Slash actually plays most of the CD parts pretty bad. He completely rapes Catcher and TWAT and his take on the TIL solo is bordering on passive aggressive, almost as if he's saying "okay Axl, I'll play the songs you've spent 2 decades masquerading as GNR, but I'm not going to show one ounce of reverence for the original versions."
  13. Other Artist attempting ACDC

    Never heard a good ACDC song.
  14. Who's hoping for a Axl/DC album? Not many people is my guess.The only people excited about Axl singing for AC/DC are a small number of Axl Rosefans who also happen to love AC/DC, and that can't be a hugeamountof people. I'm suremost AC/DC fans wantthe old guyback and most GNR fans would rather Axl work on new Guns material. So I'm sure Axl will prioritise a new AC/DC album, as we all know he loves going against what's expected of him and will literally do anything to procrastinate from being productive in releasing new material with his own band.
  15. Never heard of this band. Any recommendations?