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  1. Any jazz fans in the house?

    Billie Holiday's Lady In Satin is one the finest jazz records ever put to wax in my humble opinion. Charles Mingus is another jazz musician I enjoy.
  2. Post Your Favorite Album Covers

    Yeah. At Paisley Park. Wasn't found till the next morning.
  3. Post Your Favorite Album Covers

    Oh definitely. Prince was the biggest dickhead of them all. Okay, I don't think he was on the diddle down the nursery, but there are so many stories from ex employees and bandmates about what a ruthless fucking tyrant and a bully he was. He publicly used to shame his bandmates for making mistakes on stage, half of them lived in fear. He also got his ex-wife to publicly refuse that his son had died just days after it had happened, he controlled everything she said, picked out the clothes she had to wear and everything. And the fact is, these artists pay the price for their douchebaggery. I mean, Prince died alone in an elevator at 57. It's easy to turn a blind eye to this sort of behaviour as a fan and it's also healthy. But for the people in their lives, well, it's no wonder so many of em end up broke, destitute, lonely and have premature deaths. Still, fucking amazing musicians and artists, which is more than most will ever be. If I had to pick between being a Christian aid worker dedicating my life to selflessly helping those in need or a legendary rockstar who gets to squander millions, make music for a living andbang anyone they want, I certainly know which one I'd pick. As you said, cunts, the lot of us.
  4. Post Your Favorite Album Covers

    I've wasted many an hour of my life defending his honour online. I'm kinda like "meh, don't even care if he was anymore. Did you see the way he did that sideways moonwalk on the Bad tour?"
  5. Post Your Favorite Album Covers

    I have the transcripts savedto my favourites on my laptop actually...
  6. Post Your Favorite Album Covers

    If that comment came from anyone other than you Len, I swear I'd get on my Jacko soapbox. But I'll let you off, cuz your my favourite!!!
  7. Mountjoyis aboutthe infamous jail that housed Brendan Behan and many a senior IRA figure.
  8. Mountjoy" The joy brings many things It cannot bring you joy Sons of mothers huddle here Men and boys 1850 swung the doors And human sewage swept inside Where victims speak in whines And where the hardened cried I was sent here by a 3 foot half-wit in a wig I took his insults on the chin, and never did I flinch A swagger hides the fear in here By this rule we breathe And there is no one on this earth Who I’d feel sad to leave You see we all lose We all lose What those in power do to you Reminds us at a glance How humans hate each others guts And show it given a chance We never say aloud the things That we say in our prayers Cause no one cares Many executed here By the awful lawfully good But the only thing that makes me cry Is when I see the sky Brendan Behan's laughter rings For what he had or hadn’t done For he knew then as I know now That for each and every one of us We all lose Rich or poor, we all lose Rich or poor, they all lose
  9. Last full album you listened to?

    Incredible band. So funky... And Susannah Melvoin is HOT!
  10. Kate fucking Bush.

    Her Before The Dawn show was probably the best concert I've ever seen by any artist. It was absolutely magical. I know that sounds gay, but it really was. People were just in awe it was so good.
  11. I know this may seem like a strange choice out of all the far more iconic Stones album openers I could've picked, but I just adore the opening four lines to that song: "One time you were my baby chicken / Now you've grown into a fox Once upon a time I was your little rooster / Now I'm just one of your cocks." That's just a brilliant way to start off an album right there. A Bigger Bang was actually a really cool little album if you ask me. I've probably listened to it more than any other Stones album.