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  1. Trump evidently loves fast food so not much of a surprise...............that being said I could never understand overcooking and then slathering a prime cut of beef with A1 sauce or ketchup but to each his own.........
  2. many bands did 2 albums a year back in the day Thin Lizzy Jailbreak & Johhny the Fox Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath & Paranoid Led Zeppelin- I & II Mountain- Nantucket Sleighride & Flowers of Evil Free- Tons of Sobs & Free and the next year Fire and Water & Highway Ten Years After did it twice Humble Pie Johnny Winter Sly and the Family Stone Uriah Heep
  3. solid looking setup.....glad things came together for you is a great time to get into vinyl as anyone can put together a nice system inexpensively. like your choice of vinyl as well.....need to clean my copy of Hawkwind Space Ritual and give it a was my favorite in college after smoking a fatty.....
  4. The troubling thing for me actually is that the Trump supporters most likely will not see anything wrong with shutting out the press who criticizes him.
  5. So the suppression of the press begins....very troubling turn of events.............
  6. Some States yes....In Louisiana I think they can send you up the river for a joint...Here in Massachusetts it is decriminalized for less than an OZ so it is a fine and they take your stash... In my case I just want it legal so I dont' have the hassle of trying to get it illegally with a family and all.............. Besides the legal stuff is tested so you can pick strain and strength etc.......
  7. Just another case of the man trying to hold us down Lenny......being a connoisseur of punk you surely must sympathize yes?.......
  8. Concerts in the 80's........the 80's were a blur for me as I was back in college getting my engineering degree while working almost fulltime to pay for it so things are a little fuzzy for that decade and I was college poor until the mid 80's so I am sure I am missing a bunch of good shows but here you go Black Sabbath w/ RJ DIO...August 1980 Hartford CT...saw them again in 93 but this show was magic Rolling Stones- November 1981 Hartford, CT Husker Du- Oct 1987 Toads Place, New Haven, of the few times I joined the mosh pit...great unsung band IMHO The Cult - July 1987 Felt Forum NYC on the Electric Tour- very raw and one of my favorite Cult shows I have attended Guns N Roses- 1987 L'Amour- Another good show in a small club but it was a little sloppy as Slash was hammered and so was I if I remember correctly which is suspect......... Guns N Roses- 1987 Ritz......this was their first appearance not the infamous MTV 1988 show..and I can say having been there it was a much better perfomance IMHO Aerosmith/ Guns N Roses- 1988 Mansfield, Mass.wnet to 2 of the shows and Guns was good but Axl's voice was shot at this point and he was croaking if I remember correctly Living Colour- August 1988 Toads Place, New Haven, CT....Another of those underrated bands who should have been much bigger...Vernon Reid is an amazing guitarist........ Joe Cocker/ Stevei Ray Vaughn- August 1988 Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT- Went with a bunch of friends who went to see Joe COcker but I went to see SRV who was incredible The Cult- July 1989- Sonic Temple tour- Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT- Another good show but it was hot as hell that day if I remember correctly Ian Hunter/ Mick Ronson with Steve Jones Band opening- November 1989 Toads Place, New Haven, CT......went to this show solo and had the perfect buzz on by the time Hunter/ Ronson came on. One of my top 5 concerts of all time and was honored to see Mick Ronson before he passed away. Steve Jones opened and played most of his Fire and Gasoline album which I ran out an bought the next of those rare magic concert nights...... Rolling Stones- September 1989 Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA...good show but I hate Stadium shows as they have no soul IMHO
  9. hope you are correct but AG Jeff Sessions is batshit crazy anti-ganja so this worries me...............
  10. Well you conservatives wanted Trump to take us back to the 50's again and here is an example of this administration living in the past.........So much for Trump belief in letting the States decide..................curious to see if our Repupublican Governor uses this as an exuse to postpone or overturn legaization here in Massachusetts But no worries pour me another single malt Scotch..... Happy Days are here again....clean coal, gut the environmental regs, keep the dirty immigrants out ...............rockin and rollin all day long.............
  11. if you think about it if that is an issue then they should not let gays pee in the bathroom of their gender should they?.....................I am sure some here would not want a gay guy staring at their tiny todger at the urinal next to them yes?..................
  12. SO many to list but here are few that stuck in my head in no particular order from the 70's other decades to follow Humble Pie/ Edgar Winter Group/ Ramamtam- August 1972 Gaelic Park Bronx, NY my first concert and a great show Ten Years After/ Edgar Winter Group/ Ramatam September 1972- Ramatam had Mitch Mitchell on drums and a fantastic female lead guitar player April Lawton Jethro Tull with Roxy Music with Eno opening December 1972 - Never heard of Roxy Music at that point but what a great opening act Yes 1972 Close to the Edge Tour ELP July 1974 Yale Bowl, CT. Brain Salad Surgery Tour King Crimson Schaefer Music Fest 1974 Last show of the RED lineup Sly and the Family Stone 1974 MSG, NYC- could swear this was on Thanksgiving and Sly was over an hour late but great show Rush/ Kiss/ Joe Vitale's Madman- 1975 Erie, PA- In a college gym like setting so I was standing on the floor not to far from the stage and I can still feel the heat from Kiss's flashpots Aerosmith/ Ted Nugent August 1975 Shaefer Music Fest Central Park- As good as Aerosmith was Nugent was almost better as it was just around when his first solo album was released before he started his caveman act and went political. Rolling Stones MSG 1975 Black Sabbath Ashbury Park. NY 1975- Saw them again in 1978 with Ted Nugent opening Thin Lizzy - Palladium, NYC Oct 1977 w/ Robbo on guitar just an amazing concert Queen/ Thin Lizzy MSG Feb 1977 w/ Gary Moore replacing Robbo UFO & AC/DC June 1979 Poughkeepsie, NY- only time I saw them with Bon Scott Also saw Johnny Thunders back in the late 70's in NYC I think at Max's Kansas City but can't be sure of when and where
  13. Well the shite may have finally hit the fan for Milo as he resigns from Breibart....evidently he is too over the top for that alternate fact conspiracy rag
  14. IMHO Milo is nothing more then a shock jock making a living out of being outrageous......... He found his niche and is exploiting it while it still draws attention...............I don't agree with most of the nonsense he spews but I think it is wrong for his haters to try to prevent him from expressing his views as hateful and hurtful as some of them are............All the haters are doing is giving the ahole free publicity and making him more $$$.........
  15. I have seen ads for that stuff and thought about trying some but would be expensive to ship to the U.S. unless I bought a bunch so was reluctant to try it. Would love to hear if anyone here has ever tried it? In any case I am very happy with my Record Doctor as it works great and does not take a long time to clean a record.