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  1. Star Trek Discovery

    TheLGBTQ community is out of thecloset now and culturally it is becoming more accepted everyday in progressive culturesso I find it curious some people are hung up that they will now appear on TV shows and in Movies.........we think nothing about James Bond shagging all the beautiful women in the Bond movies but there seems to be anger by some over LGBTQ characters now being integrated into our visual media............I am not trying to criticizeyouDDjust making an observation based on posts I have read on several forums lately............ But back on topic it sounds like the new series will bring it back closer to the old TV show timelines and history..Also I read it ill nto be a recurring serial format so each show may stand on its own related to the story line..........I think this is good as it allows them to be more flexible with their story plots to keep things fresh.........
  2. Star Trek Discovery

    The Pilot will be aired on regular CBS for free but after that I believeAmericans and Canadians will have to pay for the priviledge by subscribibng to CBS ALL Access streaming service which costs $5.98 a month. For the rest of the world they will have to pay via Netflix....... At least that is what I got out of the news articles about the new show...............
  3. Star Trek Discovery

    Yes it is a new TV series staring in 2017 which is independant ofthe current movies or old series characters from what I read..........will have all new characters............
  4. War Movies

    Yeah I know it has gotten bad reviews from some but I like the added story lines especially the visit to the French plantation. The Playboy Bunny part is not very necessary but still like seeing what was cut. I can understand why Coppola cut those story lines from the movie for the Theaters as they do break the flow of the movie but that is the beauty of DVD's/ Blurays in that you can get the movies with added material and decide if you like it or just watch the orginal cut.......... I also like the Green Beret's but once I was old enough to understand what was going on I saw it for what it was which was a pro military propaganda flick which painted the North Vietnamese as villians and America as the great liberators IMHO...........then again I will watch anything that features the Duke............
  5. Star Trek Discovery

    So the ship for the new series has been unveiled............... Really looking forward to the new series
  6. War Movies

    Apocalypse Now Redux is my favorite but there are so many great war movies. An old favorite is Stalag 17 made in 1953....... One I liked as a kid before I realized it was a cheesy Vietnam propaganda film was "The Green Berets" with The Duke John Wayne. Also has Sulu George Takei playing a South Vietnamese soldier
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Not a surprise considering how hypocrtical some GOP politicians are concerning sex in general.....putting on a phony christian holier than thouface to the public and then cheating on their wives or getting caught doing monkey business in a public bathroom............
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump and his crew haveprovided the Democrats with more ammunition then they can possiblyexploit before November to make him look bad without having to stoop to Nixonian dirty tricks.............very bad judgement on their part if this is actually true..............but seriously based on all the stupid shit and blantant lies Trump and people in his organization have said to date do you really beleive his organization will not resort to dirty tricks during the campaign against Hillary?
  9. Never was a big Prince fan.....he was very talented but a bit of a cunt personally......I would take GnR or Slash's solo stuff over anything Prince...........
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Neither are high profile picks but the difference in the picks is people actually like Kaine........
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    This is not directed at anyone in particular but since the word"cuck" came up I found it interesting
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The real campaign starts aftr the Democratic Convention then the fun begins..............
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    If I understand what he was saying last night is his fear is the Democrats are too complacent and the angry white voters may outnumber the liberal and minority voters in the swing states which decide the elections.....
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So I watched a little of the convention last night and the Trump campaign is still shoveling the BS about standing for the little man and having the back of the union worker yet what he did in Atlantic City basically screwed the construction companies and workers who helped build his failed casinos. Read this article and how the man used the casinos to finance his personal debt and how he screwed his investors and to this day brags about how he made a lot of money doing it.......... It is going to be interesting to to see whatthe CLinton's have up their sleeve as Trump certainly has plenty of skeletons in his closet which contradict his campaign promises............
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Kasitch was the only GOP candidate who consistently beat Hillary in the polls during the primaries. I am betting the Democrats breathed a sign of relief when he dropped out and are happy he rebuffed Trump as he could have pulled in some of the never Trump Republicans IMHO. If the reports are true that the Trump camp basically gave him a blank check to join the ticket as the VP it is troubling to me as Kasitch was basically told he would be running the show, making decisions on domestic and foreign policy, while Trump would be "Making America Great Again". So basically Kasitch would be doing the heavy lifting that the President would normally do while Trump would be the smiling figurehead masquerading as the President. I know that this will have no impact for the Trump supporters but doesn't this bother anyone that Trump seems to be treating the job as one big reality show and haslittle interest in actually performing the normal functions of the Presidency as he would delegate the important decisions to this to his underlings? Regarding Johnson I found him very affable during the Town Hall that was broadcast, and his interview with Bill Maher, but he reminded me of an old hippy and not sure I would feel comfortable with him running the most powerful nation in the world. Don't get me wrong I agree with a lot of his Libertarian views but he was a little too laid back for me.............