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  1. Dream On was big in the mid 70's after it was rereleased in 76 The first 2 albums initially flopped and the band was in danger of losing their record contract. Dream on was rereleased in 76 and took off peaking at #6 which finally helped finally break the band big along with the Toys album....
  2. The investigation has just begun mate so you are a stating there is no Trump collusion with out any proof............maybe it will end up that there is no conclusion but Mueller is still hiring his allstar team so the they are just startng to dig in.............
  3. But that was not the point of our discussion it had to do with guitar talent not who wants to be in the band more..............and IMHO it is not a matter of Izzy not wanting to be in GnR he just wants to be fairly compensated according to what I have read...Fortus is happy being an employee Izzy evidently was not...or at least he wanted to be a well compensated employee........
  4. And probably a better guitar player than Keef Richards but I would not want him in the Stones............
  5. Been a Sirius subscriber since Howard joined the company and just entered the contest......I listen to Howard of course, and the Political channel is excellent, but also use it for sports as it has an NFL talk channel which is great during the season and for the draft and also use it to listen to the Yankees and the Packers as they broadcast all MLB and NFL games......they do have excellent music channels and I listen to classic rock, blues, hair nation (80's hair bands) and some of the dedicated channels like Elvis, Pearl Jam, Springsteen, The Dead, etc. once in awhile but I prefer to play my own music so don't do music much. Since I got my subscription I can honestly say I never listen to free radio anymore For those wondering why they are doing the show in NYC it is because the Sirius Headquarters is based there so I am guessing it is easier to handle the logistics of these subscriber only shows . In any case I grew up an hour from NYC and saw Guns there twice back in 1987 in small clubs in the city , the Ritz and L'Amour, so it would be amazing to see them play the Apollo..............
  6. If reports are true it looks like the Senate Bill will screw even more lower income Americans out of healthcare benefits......if this passes the Senate and is reconciled with the House it will be interesting to see if Trump signs it and if he does if the American public is smart enough to vote the GOP out of control of Congress at the midterms..............
  7. First saw Kiss back in 1975 I believe it was in April at the Field House in Erie, PA on the same bill as Joe Walsh's Drummer's band Joe Vitale's Madmen and Rush. Don't remember who headlined Kiss or Rush but it was like a small college Gym and I was standing on the floor not far from the stage and can still feel the heat on my face from Kiss's flash pots............they had great multi band concerts back in the 70's
  8. If you like the Get Your Wings album here is another great early radio show in Detroit from 1974 which has a lot of GYW songs..........the show included early Kiss on the bill....what a show that must have been
  9. Been a Aerosmith fan since the beginning and was lucky enough to have seen them several times in the 70' show was in August of 1975 at the Schaefer Music Fest in the Wollman Ice Skating Rink in Central Park, NYC with Ted Nugent opening right around the time he released his first solo album. Great show and Uncle Ted almost stole their thunder but Aerosmith delivered that night under the stars in was also broadcast live on the legendary NYC rock station WNEW (RIP). Also saw them in 76, 77 and 78 but the 75 show was the best as they were not as doped up like the later 70's shows......... Wolfgangs Vault has the complete show and there are excellent boots out there of it but here is a small sample........ here is the earliest know live recording of the boys that was broadcast on now legendary Boston Rock station WBCN (RIP)...amazing recording
  10. Well the injury bug has finally hit the Yankees with this 6 game losing streak but I think it is more that the SP has come down to earth and is struggling...........Tanaka is really struggling with command and the rest of the pitchers have not pitched well this road..... I think Severino , Monty and the other young pitchers will have their ups and downs as they learn and adjust to MLB hitters so while I think the Yanks have a fighting chance they may need to trade some of their prospect capital to get a veteran pitcher to have a chance.........i would hate to see them overpay like we have done in the past just to chase the playoffs......... Personally I am o.k with them staying the course letting the youngsters get their experience taking their lumps even if it means not making the playoffs again as this was supposed to be a rebuilding year anyway......... even if they don;t make the playoffs this is an exciting team to watch...........
  11. Accordng to the CDC it is about 28 million ...without ACA it would be closer to 50 million if you beleive the numbers............ America outsepends the next 10 countries in Military expenditures including our favorite bogey men Russia and China Trump is asking for a big bump in expenditures in his porosed budget.......It is not all his fault, as Congressman need to protect those military jobs in their districts and States, but it is a travesty the way we spend so much on our inefficient bloated military while so many Americans can't get affordable healthcare............
  12. Yeah considering Trump got elected anything can happen but if his administration continues to flounder, can't fullfill his campaign promises, his polls hover in the 30's, and he loses people due to the Russia issue history shows us the GOP could at least lose the house. If that happens you can bet the Democrats will turn up the impeachment heat..................
  13. very true but Obamacare works for some people so instead of trying to fuck poor Americans with watered down plan that takes coverage away they should be trying to fix what is already in place.... but they won't for political reasons and because the majority of Republicans in Congress don't want universal healthcare coverage IMHO and never have as they view it as an entitlement which is against the party dogma....... say what you want about Obamacare but IMHO he knew it wasn't perfect but it was the only chance he had to get it passed as he had the filibuster proof majority at the time and the clock was ticking until the midterm elections where he would lose that majority....... I think he realized once he opened that door there was no way the GOP could take it completely away without committing political will be interesting to see if the Americans, who vote Republican and have ACA, are smart enough to hold the GOP accountable and make them pay at the polls if they fuck with their healthcare and lose benefits.....
  14. as opposed to the GOP plan that takes insurance away from 23 million less advantaged Americans.............
  15. I am not a big Jack White or White Stripes fan but love what he is doing rescuing the old blues and putting it on vinyl.......... I am goging to have to check some of these out