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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Paul Wolfowitz saying Donald Trump is dangerous and that he might vote for Hillary? Considering the guy was a major architect of the Iraq War and should be tried as a war criminal how much lower can The Donald slide..
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The way his campaign is crash and burning I think it looks more like this............
  3. Member picture thread

    I was in Shanghai back in 1999 for a business city and the Shanghai Museum was awesome if you have not checked it out yet..........I do remember the air pollution was just horrendous to the point where you could not see the blue sky even on a clear day....based on that pic it looks hazy just like I remember it............came back with a respiratory infection from that trip but still enjoyed my visit there......... I do remember goingto the top of the Space needle which is the building to the far left of you with the two sphere's and finally seeing some blue sky as you were above the pollution.................
  4. Major League Baseball Thread - 2016

    I am happy Hal S. was smart enough to realize it was time to bite the bullet and tear the team down and build with youth. If it had been his father George they would have kept signing a bunch of over priced fading veterans and it would be another 20 years without a WS ring...... I follow the Yankees minor leagues pretty closely and there may be pitching help coming in the next couple of years. In addition to Green, Cessna, and hopefully Severino,there are several young pitchers in AAA and AA pitching really well who might be good ML starters soon.
  5. Major League Baseball Thread - 2016

    Well the Yankees are spinning their wheels and most likely won't make the playoffs but it is a fun team to watch again with all the young players being given a chance. Judge and Austin have cooled down but catcher Gary Sanchez is ripping it up so far and if he can stay healthy he could be the next great Yankees catcher. He set a Yankee record for the most dingers, with 8, in his first 19 games after he crushed 2 more last is a video of his blasts last night with play by play by my favorite Yankees Announcer John Sterling......... Sterling is cheesy at best but as a Yankee fan home boy I love listening to him...........
  6. Amsterdam

    Amsterdam has awesome record stores if your into vinyl.............
  7. New Jimi Hendrix official live release coming

    One of my favourites as well............I have this one which is supposedly from the Jefferies Estate..not sure that is true but it is mostly from SB recordings with a little audience recording to fill in gaps and sounds very good. Still shows up on eBay from time to time at a decent price. As much as I love the bootleg it would be amazing if they released all 4 complete shows officially from the master tapes but I am afraid this may be all they give us like they did with the Berkeley 1970shows where we only got one of them.............
  8. Buffalo Springfield

    Actually not bad for a bootleg and considering when it was recorded thanks for sharing
  9. Looks like they may be finally releasing some of the complete the Band of Gypsy 69/70 Fillmore concerts which are one of my few remaining Holy Grails...........I have all four shows on a very good 6 CD Bootleg box set but getting these from the master tapes and mixed by Eddie Kramer has been a dream of mine since the original LP was released. Hopefully they will release the other 3 shows in their entirety....preordered the CD and vinyl.............
  10. Last full album you listened to?

    Just got this vinyl reissue by Friday Music who used the original analog tapes....sounds fantastic.....and one of the best live albums of all time IMHO right up there with the Allman Bros At the Fillmore East, Humble Pie Rocking the Fillmore, Deep Purple Made in Japan, Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous, etc., etc.......
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Somuch for a campaign reset.......................... Conway is learning what it is like to work for the Donald And now it looks like he may be backpedaling on building the Trump wall....a little late for damage control............... So how long will it be before Kellyanne runs out the door............. How can these people who work with him say the stuff they say to the press with a straight face............Imagine trying to defend that mad man on a daily basis only to have him make you look foolish...................................
  12. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    the wife and kids were out to fhethouse today so broke the Record Doctor RCM out for trial run and all I have to say is WOW! what a difference it makes properly cleaning a record. The Joe Walsh "So What" lp I recently bought off of Discogs looked very clean but it had a skip on the track one cut as soon as you put the stylus down and was a little noisy. After cleaning with the Record Doctor, and a hit from the Zerostat gunto get rid of the static build up, no more skip and it is incredibly quietnow comparedto pre cleaning. Same with the original pressing of the Woodstock I 3 LP set I bought a while back. It had so many snap, crackle and pops even my daugthers complained when I tried to play it. Same result after cleaning in that most of the surface noise is gone. Next effort I am going to try is pre-clean the LP's with the Spin Clean unit I have and a then do a good vacuum with the Record Doctor to get all the dirty cruddy cleaning fluid off to see if this does an evenbetter job cleaning. I highly recommend this or some other vacuum typeRecord Cleaning Machine to anyone serious about vinyl and has the coin to invest as it makes a world of difference in sound quality of your vinyl when you play them. Takes a little time and effort to use but worth every penny IMHO.
  13. 2016 National Football League (NFL) Offseason

    Not saying he won't be a good Tackle but evidently Mack was not the only Raider DLineman to man handle him. He has talent but the question is will he be ready to start next year as Bakhtiari is going to get big money. The other option would be to move Bulaga to LT. In any case they need to protect the franchise.
  14. 2016 National Football League (NFL) Offseason

    Some good things in the game this weeks Packer game . The first string Oline looked solid as usual and Lacy looks much improved. The D looks pretty good, with rookies Clark and Martinez looking solid, and we have a wealth of DB's. Not so great was how Spriggs was beat like a rented mule....He has the atheleticism to play LT but he really needs to get stronger as he can't anchor worth a shit against stronger Dlinemen. Unless he makes a dramatic improvement as the year goes on I think Ted will need to ante up for Bahktiari to keep him protecting Arod...
  15. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    Well if legalization keeps progressing here in the States hopefully in 10 years you won't have to worry about us Yanks coming over for a smoke as we will just be able to drive to our local neighborhood Ganja Mart..............