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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Bernie has already stated he will support Hilliary should she win the nomination. He was on Bill Maher last night and stated he will do everything he can to prevent Trump from winning the POTUS. Unless he is lying he is not going to run as an indepedent. In any case to answer your question Dazey to run for POTUS you must petition to be included on the ballotin each individual State.This takes time and it most likely too late for Bernie to make this happen even if he wanted to......he could try to get on the ballot for another independant party but it is getting late for that as well.......
  2. Major League Baseball Thread - 2016

    If he can stay healthy Eovaldi has#1 starter stuff......looks like one of Cashman's better trades.........Yanks playing well but still think they are a 0.500 team in the end...hope I am wrong.....
  3. Could vinyl save Rock music?

    Probably because the only way to make money now is to basically give the music away and then tour your ass off......Youtube has replaced MTV and Spotify, Pandoraand other streaming services are thevehicles for new bands to get there music played ..........A new band only putting out their music on vinyl is a one way ticket to obscurity IMHO. Bands, especially new bands,need digital media to get their music out there and heard. Not to mention the cost of new vinyl is more than twice the cost of a CD these days and people are cherry picking buying individual songs from ITunes type services instead of complete albums........ I think it is noble idea Wasted but I don't see today's millennials giving up digital music for vinyl which requires a lot of hardware and is not very transportable.......... How many young people are going to sit still and listen to hours of vinyls these days? I love vinyl but don't see it ever reaching the height of it's hey day in the 60's and 70's.......... Speaking of vinyl I highly recommend catching the new documentary on Tower Records "All Things Must Pass" is a real nostalgia trip for people like myself who lived the vinyl era
  4. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Just received my Blackberry Smoke "Leave a Scar, Live in North Carolina" 2LP vinyl today.....I have had the CD now for a while and can't stop playing it. The CD is a real clearin your face Guitar upfront recording so looking forward to seeing how the vinyl sounds. Also just realized the RCA cable on my 1980 vintage Technics SL-1700 MK2 turntable has a openconductor near to the strain relief going into the unit so I lose one channel if I move the wire to the left. It will work if I pull it tothe right side but I bought a heavy duty replacement cable and will be performing surgery this coming weekend.....Will give me a chance to clean up all the old dried up lube on the plastic gears for the cueing and tonearm return so I don't mind the challenge..........Based on the info I found on line it looks like it is easy to take apart so wish me luck!
  5. Jimi Hendrix

    Would have been epic......I picture Sly and the Family Stone with Jimi on guitar and vocals ...........
  6. "All the Way" LBJ movie with Bryan Cranston

    Well have to say I enjoyed this movie very much.... while the acting might have been exaggerated I thought it did a nice job on the civil rights issue and how haunted LBJ but how he could reach across the aisle to get things done..... Bryan Cranston was brilliant.......
  7. Jimi Hendrix

    Agreed, Jim was also getting into a more funky groove with Buddy Miles in the Band of Gypsy's...... wish they had more time to make more music together
  8. Jimi Hendrix

    Brother and sisters why are we fighting and what for?
  9. Jimi Hendrix

    If you are talking technically proficiency I think Pappy has very valid points...Hendirix most likely is not as technically proficient as say Joe Satriani..........If you are talking the greatest guitarist of all time I think there are elements other than strict technical proficiency such as feel and soul that others here are arguing....Satriani and other technical guitarists do not have the souland feel in their music as Hendrix does IMHO.............
  10. Jimi Hendrix

    Could part of the difference of soul and feel be that the current shredder guitarists, that the Musicians Institute turns out like jelly beans, don't learn their craft by studying the old blues masters absorbing and blending their technics into their own playing stylelike Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Allman, Richards, Winterand the other guitar legends did when they were learning? I also think paying your dues and playing different styles of music help shape a players sound and style like Hendrix did playing the Chitlin circuit back in the day..........
  11. Lowell George and Mick Taylorare no slouchs
  12. Jimmy in his Prime.................check out the slide at about the 5 minute mark
  13. And Jimmy plays a mean slide............HA!!.... Black we were posting this at the same time.....great minds think alike............ Always lloved his playing with the Crowes
  14. And the man himself who influenced those who followed