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  1. If his trainwreck administration keeps on going the way it is he may have to build a wall to keep us Americans from fleeing to Canada................
  2. This guy has basically not accomplished many of the things he ran on and has pivoted on a bunch of others and he is still claiming he accomplished more then any other President in his first 100 days and is whining he is not getting any credit for all the great things he did? Then again he has proven he has no shame or problem with lying............
  3. Was a joke mate as I know you Brits and the French fought like cats and dogs throughout history............then again as a result of the fighting there was some inter marriages of royalty at times in the old days if memory serves me right? Not a good sign...looks like war could be on the horizon with N Korea..........
  4. Interesting article about the French election as it looks like France has there own version of Trump in Nationalist Marine Le Pen going against Globalist Emmanuel Macron......... I don't EU politics as closely as I should so would be interested in hearing from our French posters or even other British and EU posters on what the impact would be if either were to win......... So who do you all favour and why? Edit: Never mind just found that you all are posting your opinions in the British politics thread on the French elections...makes sense I suppose as you English and French have been kissing cousins throughout history yes?............
  5. username, check out the first three ZZTop albums.....First, Rio Grande Mud and Tres Hombres.......IMHO as good a it gets for Blues playing.......
  6. Jimi Hendrix played some amazing blues........ And some of my favorites Johnny Winter The Allman Brothers Govt Mule North Mississippi Allstars Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac ZZTop........ early stuff
  7. He is pretty much F'd as the division in the GOP over his proposals makes it difficult for him to get any traction and the Democrats have no incentive to work with him as long as his approval ratings are in the crapper. They will sit back and watch him self destruct hoping to pick up seats in both houses at the midterms with an eye on regaining the POTUS in 2020............
  8. Considering the all the stupid ignorant shit he says on a daily basis I am surprised the positive bar was as high as it is..................
  9. And another late 80's band that played basic RnR and made some kick ass albums IMHO......The guitar player on the right with the sudeways baseball cap, Gary Sunshine, who supposedly was brought in to teach Axl guitar and was a brief member of NuGuns
  10. Not a hair band per-say but his Fire and Gasoline album kicked ass IMHO
  11. Not a big surprise here for me Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -5.38 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.85
  12. No particular order 1. Gimme Shelter 2. Midnight Rambler 3. Sympathy for the Devil 4. Monkey Man 5. Can't You Hear Me Knockin 6. You Can't Always Get 7. Salt of the Earth 8. Honky Tonk Woman 9. Wild Horses 10. Brown Sugar
  13. Sorry but I don't agree... His first mistake was using Hitler for comparison in an attempt to imply Assad was worse..............his second mistake was saying Hitler never gassed his own people when he obviously killed German Jews, gypsys, gays and handicapped in the gas chambers...........Technically he was correct Hitler never had bombs with nerve gas dropped on Germans but he surely did gas the supposed mouth piece of the POTUS you can't make stupid blunders like he did...........
  14. How can we forget this band?