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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    If the believe the reports about Trumps sexual predilections it is neither of those..........
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Here is the summary version for all of you tl/dr types I am goingto do big big great great things and everyone is going to get really really rich America is nowback in the hands of you the people where it belongs ...
  3. It's Official Oakland Raiders Are Moving To Vegas

    Sucks for Local Oakland fans as they finally put together a good front office and playoff quality team and they are moving on them......
  4. Why do people film concerts?

    Nope not the same at all.........
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    You act like he is the only politician to have his actions, true or not, spotlighted by the press...every President is scrutinized by the press...the difference is Trump feels the need to verbalize or tweet every random thought that pops into his head...what you reap is what you sow................
  6. Why do people film concerts?

    not at all Pappy as you are comparing apples to oranges......and I know you love to stir the pot so no offense taken as I love you too.......
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The man was elected to the most scrutinized and criticized job in the world....every move and decision he makes will be analyzedand debated over like the Torah. He and the GOP in Congress are already disagreeing over his policy tweets and he is threatening to use Executive orders to get his agenda implemented if his own party does not back him. He has alienated the press more than any President in history and he is not even in office yet so the criticism of his agenda is going to be brutal as the press does not forget. It is going to be a fascinating 4 years to watch if he lasts that long.......
  8. Why do people film concerts?

    I could but don't have time for a long winded philosophical debate with you as I already know whatever I answer will not satisfy you so feel free to pass your judgement..........
  9. Why do people film concerts?

    Some, like Marc Canter was friends with the band and did it to document GnR's early shows as he felt they were going to be big someday and thankfully he did video those shows and some leaked out for us to enjoy...He has stated on this forum he hopes to do a box set with the audio and video of those early shows for us fans....hopefully Axl lets him do this at some point.......... there are others who tape to sell to bootleggers and make money but I like to think most fans are not looking to make money off of the band that way and just want a souvenir of the show they attended.........I have some excellent bootlegs of fan filmed shows, especiallythe Stones including multicamera mixes which are excellent and as afan who could not attend that particular show I found them to be very enjoyable.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Afraid nothing short of cutting off his todger would stop Slick Willy
  11. Performers at Trump Inaguration Ball

    Looks like a killer RATM and saw them right around the time they released their first album in a small venue in San Fran.....One of the most intense show I ever attended.........
  12. Japan Merchandise 2017

    true enough but not all Americans are fat shits...I am 6'4" tall and in decent shape so I just happen to be a big guy...but you most likely are right as I have found shirts from Europe to be sized smaller as well so our larger sizes probably came from too much super sizing as concert shirts here in the 70, and 80's ran smaller as well... what do concert shirts in GB usually go for?
  13. Japan Merchandise 2017

    the jacket is big money but with the favorable currency exchange rate right now in terms of US dollars the prices are actually very reasonable as the shirts are about $35 which is cheaper than shirts at US concerts which usually run $40+ I British pounds about 28.66 so is this cheaper than the average concert shirt in GB?
  14. Japan Merchandise 2017

    Maybe these shirts are sized differently but I bought some Stones Japan tour shirts and found they were a size smaller then US concert my case the XXL actually fit like a XL so you might want to go up a size?