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  1. Star Wars-The Force Awakens Thread (Contains Spoilers)

    He should of been the "bad guy" in all three films honestly. That was the worst part about ii and iii were that there was no main bad guy. Count Dooku is only in ii and iii for like 5 mins each. The emperor was really cool in the 3rd one. But the emperor should of been the over all bad guy in all the films, they needed darth maul to save grace. ii has a really pointless story that I honestly can't remember, and iii kind of sucked too. the only really cool thing about iii was the over the done lightsaber fights and the emperor .
  2. Energy Drinks

    I used to have them them all. Then last December I got really sick and was in bed for two days and after I got well i thought to myself if I went two days with out them lets see how long I can last. I went 5 months with out having a single one unless it was mixed with acl. I lost ten pounds over night and honestly felt better. I have been bad the last few weeks with drinking them; but my work schedule has been all fucked up do to some shit. I have had some in the last couple of weeks but I think I'm back to not drinking them.
  3. So I've decided to read the Quran

    you would be surprised
  4. So I've decided to read the Quran

    I wouldn't want that book fucking near me.
  5. So I've decided to read the Quran

    I'll pass
  6. Teacher thread

    change title to the "gay and horny male club"
  7. Teacher thread

    lol teachers. Hey if any of need a lesson plan on the World. send me a message.

    I'm just doing cardio for a while.
  9. is the golden era of TV over?

    In the last decade I no bullshit have only watched Game of Thrones and The Office (only when Carell was on it.) I honestly can't stand TV anymore. There are always too many fucking ads I lose attention. I agree with Bono though about Friends. That does seem like the "last" family/sitcom. At least it was the last show I sat and watched with my family anyway. The "HBO" era was great too. However, lets be honest, THe sapranos was a great show, but there were a LOT of shit eps along with that show. The 90s had a lot of great shows thats for sure.
  10. Is school all that important?

  11. Is school all that important?

    Who said he was a foe? i want a degree because its a must in this jew ran world we live in. EDIT: thats not a bash on jews in anyway, but its just how it is now in todays world.
  12. Is school all that important?

    What one of my views is nuts? I'm sorry but going to class is going to fucking class. I'll get my degree and shove it your ass.
  13. Is school all that important?

    So what the fuck is your point? I know what grad school is with out it being compared to the fucking military. I can go to Grad school and have it paid up to 75%. Who wouldn't do that?
  14. Caught In The Lies...