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  1. New red hot Chili peppers single

    Nope. I can just tell from the first three songs.
  2. New red hot Chili peppers single

    new album is already the worst thing they've done since whatever shit album came before mother's milk
  3. Kanye West Thread

  4. Jack Black Death Hoax

    Yeah it's looking like it's just a hack, thankfully.
  5. Jack Black Death Hoax

    According to Tenacious D's official twitter possibility it's just been hacked though
  6. Kanye West Thread

    new song is fucking garbage he hasn't done anything truly great since watch the throne
  7. Kanye West Thread

    lol 2.5mil, good fucking luck with that one
  8. this picture

    does it exist in higher quality?
  9. Frozen 2 and LGBT activists

    Was Elsa's sexuality ever established in the original? If not, I don't see a problem. If they're CHANGING it to fit an agenda, that's one thing. If they're simply establishing it for the first time as lesbian, that's fine.
  10. New red hot Chili peppers single

    the intro into the opening bass line is soooooo good absolutely love this song
  11. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Slash nails the ending but the first half of the solo is a disaster.
  12. Slash's take on CD songs

    That CD is fucking phenomenal. Might be my favorite performance of the song ever.
  13. Are the stage videos in sync with the high tempo performances?
  14. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Hope X-Pac inducts her.
  15. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    The concept of the song is nice, Izzy is just a terrible singer. If the Rolling Stones played this it could be a hit.