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  1. How you doing bud? Been a long time. Real talk - I don't think Trump will have a big impact in regards to actual policies. He'll likely just be a figurehead while the real politicians make all of the decisions for him. I wanted him to win solely for a mass SJW triggering, hopefully crippling their movement.
  2. this is what happens when you villainize white males
  3. Just passing by.
  4. 50 is a very interesting person and the investments and business decisions he's made are great, but at the end of the day he's a shit artist whose only good output was with Dre at the helm. Kanye used to put out objectively good music before he became a living meme circa 2012.
  5. I hope it does. Though I suppose he still makes money off of the inevitable tour DVD, so it's probably in his best interests to chill until after that blows over.
  6. Never mind the fact that he wrote the majority of the songs that these fat old men are making millions touring right now.
  7. So this probably nixes any chance of Izzy being involved in a potential studio album. Terrible news.
  8. Founding member and primary songwriter excluded from reunion tour because they didn't want to pay him as much as the bass player. The most pathetic revelation in the history of Guns N' Roses.
  9. As I said earlier in the week, this may be the most pathetic thing Axl and Guns N' Roses have ever done. Not even in the 2011-2014 dark ages did Axl keep a founding member of the band and longtime friend out for petty money reasons. Absolutely disgusting. Sad my theory has been proven true about this corporate, shit, cashgrab tour.
  10. Of course he should. The complete exclusion of a founding member and songwriter on what is clearly a petty money issue is an absolute joke. Even in the 2011-2014 dark ages GNR never did something so pathetic.
  11. The Guns N Roses tour/performances are an absolute joke compared to AC/DC. The difference in effort levels from Axl is fucking hilarious.