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  1. so, in hindsight we know that it took years to make the Chinese Democracy and we know of a few specific reasons for that. But let's put them in perspective now. the band hit the promo world tour in 2002 and the album was ready to be released. A little more than halfway thru, the got tour cancelled. The album was not released. We more or less know why the tour was cancelled, well, we don't but we know something. But why wasn't the album released in 2002 or 2003? What specifically happened to make all these guys go from "it's 100% done" to "it's 80% done and we need 3 months of mixing". Instead - 4 years of total silence same thing in 2006. Axl said "definitely 2006". World tour. Not cancelled. Successful. Nobody left. Well, Brian did but it I doubt they said "no album this year bikoz we need to give Frank Ferrer two years to re-cut all of the drums on the album". 2006 was gone. No album. World tour continued in 2007. No album. I mean, don't re-hash the same old same old 1999 lost album stuff. What do you know about winter 2002/2003 - why was the album not released then? What happened? and what happened in 2006? Why was the album pushed back then? And for two years. Let's focus on these two periods only. We don't need to recycle the whole 1999 story, and than dating back to 1995, and then going back to 1991 when Izzy left. It was a long time ago, 15 and 11 years ago, but it seems like yesterday. A lot of us lived thru it and experienced it firsthand. I mean, first hand - with the internet, and all. In real time, I mean. What was the word around the streets back then?
  2. so I have read the Chinese Whispers (awesome stuff) and I couldn't help but noticing a lot of people working on Chinese Democracy refering to Axl wanting a lot of "the updated modern sound" on his new album. And then would usually drop names. Bjork. Radiohead. DJ Shadow. Nine Inch Nails. Moby. What not. Now, the album was released in 2008. When you listen to it, do you hear any of the updated modern sounds? Like, what exactly? Which moments specifically and what do they remind you of? Where's Bjork on Chinese Democracy the album? Where's Radiohead? Where's Nine Inch Nails? Where's Moby? I dont' hear it. None of it. I hear the Rhiad synth intro, but that's all and that's not much. and that song, Shackler's Revenge, that weird riff, tu-tu-TEE, tu-tu-TEE, is that the updated modern sound? Bikoz that sounds like total Buckethead to me and Buckethead is nowhere near the updated modern sound of the 90s.
  3. sorry guys, but I never understood this line. And I really want to. When Estranged comes on and I get into it, this line has always been some kinda party pooper for me. I don't get it. I wanna get it and enjoy the song more. How do you interpret this line? I know the song is about separated or estranged or divorced couples. But then again, how does it work for Axl? first of all, Axl and Erin didn't divorce. Their marriage was annulled / cancelled. So Axl didn't give her half his shit. Axl said it himself in late 80s interviews - even tho he was married or in a relationship with Erin, it didnt stop him from fuckin around with other chicks. Axl wasnt as big of a party animal as GNR were made to be, but that's bikoz he took care of his voice, not bikoz Erin wanted him to. Erin miscarried bikoz Axl beat her up, so Erin didn't take the baby away from Axl. So what's up with that? Is it whining for whining's sake?
  4. my DVD has the cover that is pictured below on the left hand side it has the font on the left , too but there is another version out there, it is longer, and it has a different font. When I say "longer' i mean they show all the shit happening between the songs ("where's Mitch? where's the japenese star of CNN" ? etc). I wanna buy it. It's on youtube but I wanna buy it. What is the cover of it? there are so many covers of Tokyo 92. There is one version without song names on it, too http://www.imprezy.rzeszow.pl/data/domains/1/pl/filemanager_files/accounts/DYLEMAT_PUB/guns_n_roses_-_live_tokyo.jpg ?
  5. did we have this one here before? If so, please excuse me dissapointingly few , but still a few GNR stories. Trump showed up backstage after a MSG show and Axl didn't let him in. Carole King showed up, Axl let her in. Trump saw it. some chick ran on stage in Indianapolis and the security fought with her and she kicked Izzy's guitar. The guitar was backstage, not on the stage. Generally, he said "I can't tell you the best stories because we protect peoples privacy. I could tell you but I would have to kill you. But they are just as crazy as you think" oh, and in the 90s, the biggest number of naked chicks backstage at the same time was "a few... like, four, six, maybe seven... hundred"
  6. One is written by "Guns N'Roses" and published by "Guns N'Roses 1987 BMI" and the other is written by "Axl Rose, Saul Hudson, D.R. McKagan (btw, wasn't Duffs second name Andrew? what does the R stand for? Duff Rose?), I. Stradlin, S. Adler" and published by "Black Frog" same song (Nightrain, ie) and one year difference
  7. can anybody copy and paste the Axl / Duff parts? the links fast forward to the overview page
  8. what is more, I have just gotten the Slash's "2011/2012" box. Made In Stoke (2011) has different credits for songs like Nightrain than "Live From New York" (2012).
  9. since like Slash's voice to me
  10. as much as I understand, Axl said they [the band] wanted to hurt him, and it is a conspiracy - a Bon-spiracy, bikoz it was usually the time of the show to play ACDC's Riff Raff. It was suggested between the songs (not shown on DVD bikoz mostly all DVDs cut out the pauses between songs) but Axl disagreed. so, I won't sing Bon Scott. It will hurt me tonight. My throat. Shit like that
  11. 1. at the end of the slow part of the song, Ashba plays his guitar solo and Stinson says something to him. Can you read his lips and tell me what he says? That's the part when Ashba doesn't react to him. Then Dizzy and Bumblefoot start to clap and laugh and Axl comments Ashba's playing by saying "living the dream" to the microphone. starts at 3 min 30 sec What's up with that? This looks like sarcasm to me. I remember we used to send gifs around this forum with GNR members making fun of Ashba's playing during the Patience solo. Does it come from that time? Are they just hazing him, for a lack of a better word? Or is it something else I just don't get? 2. When the 2nd part of the song starts, you know the one when you think the song is over but they start playing again, Dizzy plays some piano part that I am sure comes from another famous classic rock song. I can't remember which one to save my life. starts at 4 min 35 sec in the video I posted above yea, thanks. have a nice weekend y'all
  12. bump
  13. well, take a look that the same change occured when the LAS VEGAS residency DVD was released In it, Estranged is also labeled as having all line up as writers, and mostly all songs are this way. I don't have Slash's Roxy DVD but I would guess it is also the same way there, which means all three members (Axl, Duff, Slash) who are now in GNR worked it out and it must have been a condition of a reunion
  14. of course the picture was taken in 1994 Axl was sporting the same look January 1994 (barely no fringe, etc) at the Elton John Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame (when he sang with Bruce Springsteen)
  15. sorry for the new thread - didn't know where to put it. the Police feel free to move the content photo courtest of Mank Rage (Paul Tobias band) two links 'cause neither hoster reliable lately