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  1. give this man a pay rise! he rulez!
  2. The marketing tagline should go "just like Axl's words - transparent + usually meaningless but sometimes tasteless" or, "Ashba water. Drink health. At least it's not a CANCER that should be removed, and by 'removed' Axl means 'played on stage with' "
  3. why didnt you upload the whole show? you were there dude, and you were recording only selected songs?
  4. how long is each episode? 2min 10 min 25 min 45 min ?
  5. Dave Lank played in a band with Paul Huge Tobias. Mank Rage or something like that. Paul Tobias comes from Indiana and is Axl's school friend. So is Dave then, I guess.
  6. GNR featured in a Japanese magazine? that ain't news. Wake me up when a Japanese magazine will be featured in GNR. edit oh, wait...
  7. for the first time in months "rare" in a thread topic means "rare" !
  8. put GNR 02 against any one GNR and only 91 and 93 ties with it.
  9. i got this bootleg but with a different cover, it's awesome
  10. I don't have seen it. Thanks
  11. dude, i saw your post too late and now the content you uploaded has expired. I am very thankful for your post. can you PLEASE upload it again? for those who are in pain - I am quoting the post right above me JUST so that the guy will get a notification and see my post
  12. This comes from the year 2007. 21st August 2007. Look it up if you don't believe me. There was the KNAC "hostile takeover" interview and Scott , Duff and Dave were there. They were mostly playing their favorite songs and introducing them. Most of, it not all, Duff's stuff was the sh-ee-t you can find in "How To Be Man" - "100 Albums Every Man Should Know". Now, to the meritum. Mind you, it was the apogeum of the GNR reunion news going on. Back when Slash visited Axl's house and told all the dirty stuff about his VR band mates. Yeah I know it happened in 2005 but it was revealed in 2007 So anyhow, it was Scott's turn to talk. You Could Be Mine started playing in the background. He said it was a time to finally get down to some serious bidness and play some real sh-ee-t on the radio. He announced a real rock and roll band. One that would surely get inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. And that band was called... Soundgarden. You Could Be Mine stopped playing. Duff faked a laughter and they went into commercials. Classic
  13. nope , doesn't. but that's for trying
  14. has anyone ever watched this movie? Do you know how I can get a hold of it? I live in Europe. I have always wanted to check it out but could never find it. Is Duff / Slash / Matt in it? Or did they only contribute to the soundtrack and / or score? I am refering to this old MTV News from Jan 1999 "GUNS - NOT ROSES" , the one where Slash said "We're looking for some place to get drunk / oh, I love you guys / wow, It's a wonderful life! / I don't need no leather pants, new leather stuff is gay! I've been wearing these for years!" January 24th, 1999 - Duff, Matt and Slash played at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. They performed music from the Soundman (Matt scored the movie along with Lanny Cordola). They also performed a couple of covers, "Superstitious", "Attitude", "Ziggy Stardust", "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" and "Honky Tonk Woman"