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  1. 1. at the end of the slow part of the song, Ashba plays his guitar solo and Stinson says something to him. Can you read his lips and tell me what he says? That's the part when Ashba doesn't react to him. Then Dizzy and Bumblefoot start to clap and laugh and Axl comments Ashba's playing by saying "living the dream" to the microphone. starts at 3 min 30 sec What's up with that? This looks like sarcasm to me. I remember we used to send gifs around this forum with GNR members making fun of Ashba's playing during the Patience solo. Does it come from that time? Are they just hazing him, for a lack of a better word? Or is it something else I just don't get? 2. When the 2nd part of the song starts, you know the one when you think the song is over but they start playing again, Dizzy plays some piano part that I am sure comes from another famous classic rock song. I can't remember which one to save my life. starts at 4 min 35 sec in the video I posted above yea, thanks. have a nice weekend y'all
  2. Request: Coachella Weekend 2

  3. GNR songs changed owners?

    well, take a look that the same change occured when the LAS VEGAS residency DVD was released In it, Estranged is also labeled as having all line up as writers, and mostly all songs are this way. I don't have Slash's Roxy DVD but I would guess it is also the same way there, which means all three members (Axl, Duff, Slash) who are now in GNR worked it out and it must have been a condition of a reunion
  4. new rare Axl pic (lost years)

    of course the picture was taken in 1994 Axl was sporting the same look January 1994 (barely no fringe, etc) at the Elton John Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame (when he sang with Bruce Springsteen)
  5. sorry for the new thread - didn't know where to put it. the Police feel free to move the content photo courtest of Mank Rage (Paul Tobias band) two links 'cause neither hoster reliable lately
  6. news as of 2006 VR as working on a song called "The House Is Alive". Actually, it has been written and recorded and given away to mobie called Monster House. It was intended to be put on a soundtrack, but wasn't. So, has it ever leaked? Can we listen to it? any snippets, etc? http://bravewords.com/news/velvet-revolver-working-on-ten-songs-for-new-album http://lostmediawiki.com/Velvet_Revolver_%22The_House_is_Alive%22_(Unreleased_Song)
  7. so, except the GNR material, and the nearly 30 minutes of " mank RAGE " demos, there is absolutely no other material known to men that Paul Tobias has played on? p.s. I found this extra video of Tobias live 1994 so is that about it?
  8. [REQ] interview Videos

    look for Get In The Ring DVDs there are like, i dont remember, 4 or 6, and they are called Blue, Yellow , Red , etc fanmade of course, download them, you can't buy them
  9. Izzy's legal name

    yea i know that , but what does it mean? what does ''stradling'' mean then? as in "to straddle" a. To stand or sit with a leg on each side of; bestride: straddle a horse. b. To be on both sides of; extend over or across: a car straddling the centerline. Izzy the middle man between Axl n Slash?
  10. OP, to answer the question real fast it's bikoz they played "early 90s" in "late 80s" and thus are associated with "early 90s"
  11. OP, good point Duff and Slash had said they did drugs n booze bikoz Axl was late they did VR and ... did booze and drugs but then again, I think they bottomed up a long time ago and there is nothing out there ever worth getting fukked up for anymore. Especially that they tour with their families and are not a band. I believe they do their own family business all day long, step onto the stage, do a gig, bow down, a quick hug to celebare a new incoming cheque, and outta there on separate family rides. so, I guess no temptations for either Slash nor Duff. as much as I get it, Richard is a recovering addict too. I guess Axl still drinks, and so does Dizzy. Frank collects wines. and on yeah, that crazy chick Mellisa is "jacked up on sugar". Man. She's something else. Two snickers a day. She's carrying the torch.
  12. how would YOU name the tour?

    as a matter of fact, might have been EVEN cooler if this tour would be called "the next lifetime is NOW" wow that would be cool imagine, I would have woken up early morning one day, turned my PC on, saw the news, GNR reunion, play Troubadour, announce a world tour. The next lifetime is NOW wouldn't you freak?
  13. why is this cover rendition cut in half? is it because Izzy is a song writing genius?
  14. Izzy's legal name

    yeah, why " Stradlin' " and not " Stradlin " ? what's up with the " ' " ?