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  1. I'll just throw in that I like Izzy's vocals over Duff's vocals all day.
  2. Our Guns N' Roses universe brings Rachel Lorin to our NYC iHeartRadio Studio. Scotto hasn't stopped talking about the 22-yr-old rocker since she opened up for Sebastian Bach in Poughkeepsie. We bring Rachel to the AFD Show to find out how GNR shaped the model/singer/actress' career and how she wants to bring rock music back to mainstream radio. Lorin also joins Brando & Scotto's debate on whether GnR and other iconic bands should still release new music. Also what does Steven Adler being asked to stop talking about GNR mean? All this and more on episode 17 of Appetite for Distortion! Please subscribe on iHeartRadio & iTunes.
  3. Former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler recently came out with some potentially damning comments regarding the GNR reunion. Well-respected podcaster Mitch Lafon was the one who captured this candid interview. In this episode Brando and Scotto try to get to the bottom of Adler's comments and bring on Mitch to break it down. Please subscribe to The AFD Show on iTunes and the iHeartRadio App!
  4. Loved doing this show. To be honest, I wasn't having a great weekend and it lifted my spirits to talk GNR. Awesome job @RussTCB - a part 2 with you will happen soon.
  5. That would be me. Hey, I don't say it as a knock, some of the most creative people ever have some possible autism, and there aren't many people more creative than Buckethead. Thanks brother!
  6. Before Scotto heads off to Vegas for the 2017 SHOT Show with the guys from Hurricane Group, he and Brando pack a whole lot into episode 14. With interviews from the vocalist of the heavy metal band Butcher Babies, Carla Harvey, and LA Weekly's Art Tavana, we deliver all that you would expect and more. Carla gives us a look back into her history growing up, how Guns N' Roses changed her life, and Slash being an inspiration into her career. She covers this in further detail in her book “Death & Other Dances.” You can pick up an autographed copy of that along with some of her badass original artwork at carlaharvey.bigcartel.com Art Tavana updates us on his Izzy findings, his continued feud with fellow journalist Mick Wall, and we debate the question, is Guns N’ Roses a hair metal band? He’s also determined to get Buckethead to speak for an upcoming piece, as well as get an exclusive from Ronda Rousey after her upsetting loss to Amanda Nunes, good luck with either of those Art! …That's sure to be an easy task. Hear it all here, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter @TheAFDShow and leave us a review on iTunes!
  7. THIS IS AWESOME. I'll be posting this from the Appetite for Distortion page with full credit if you don't mind!
  8. You guys beat me to it again, thanks for he love! @youngswedishvinyl- I remember seeing that. Was that really official though?
  9. You beat me to it! Thanks guys.
  10. Thank you for the feedback guys. We're going to do our best to keep improving. Please leave us a review on iTunes!
  11. Joining us on the show is early Guns N’ Roses manager Vicky Hamilton who was there for the beginning days of the band, pre-Appetite for Destruction. She has a new book out about her career, which includes stories working with other bands and artists including Poison, Faster Pussycat, Mötley Crüe, Stryper, and June Carter Cash. It’s called “Appetite for Dysfunction: A Cautionary Tale”, and we get an idea of some of the stories you’ll hear in this book from her. We also discuss Steven Adler making appearances in South America with the boys, and Kirk Hammett from Metallica taking what some see as a shot at GN’R. More great guests are on the horizon, please leave us a review on iTunes and help us keep this Nightrain rollin’.
  12. Legendary metal drummer from Anthrax, Charlie Benante joins the boys for some GnR talk. Charlie gives his opinion on fellow drummers Steven Adler and Matt Sorum, what the scene was like when Guns N' Roses first broke, and how he watches The Walking Dead! All that and much more on Appetite for Distortion!
  13. Thanks again to all of you guys. I truly feel @ArtTavana is the best guest we've had on thus far. Although who we have planned for next show is pretty mind blowing I'd say. Once again, please leave us a review on iTunes. Brando and I are trying to get this thing big, and there are so many big guests we hope to get on if we can keep the momentum going.
  14. I didn't realize Art regularly posted on here, nice! This was such a fun interview, definitely will have him back.