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  1. FOS1 here too. See you down the front!
  2. Yep! Can't wait. Anyone know what German fans are like generally compared with other parts of Europe? Stage times anyone? (Seemed to be 9pm in Lisbon, 7.45pm in Zurich)
  3. Wowza. Thanks for the photo.
  4. Doesn't look very full?
  5. I've enjoyed all the line-ups. Looking forward to TWAT/Prostitute in Lisbon and Munich, though I hope Slash stays true to the solo rather than going off-piste. Love the guy, but if Ashba had done what he's done with some of the Chi-Dem solos, there'd be a complete meltdown on here.
  6. Any idea on any post-show events? Where did Axl head to after the AC/DC gig there last year?
  7. I'd like to know this too. Anyone have any idea?
  8. 2 Weeks Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Anyone know how to get back to Lisbon city centre after the event? I can't seem to find any reliable information. Assuming trains won't run late into the night? First time in Lisbon - Me and a friend are doing this date and Munich. Can't F'N wait! Hope you all have a great time.
  10. What a fucking day! Congrats to all those who got tickets and have waited for this forever. Me and my mate are buzzing. First introduced me to GN'R via the UYI DVD when we were 15 years old (28 now). Long time coming! Just bought GC tickets for Munich and Lisbon. London is so expensive, plus GC tickets sold out on the pre-sale! Extremely happy although the wife will kill me when she eventually finds out.
  11. I too would be very interested to hear about any upgrades people have experienced.
  12. Where is the Manchester news?