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  1. So if you were at the show you wouldn't care that the litho stated a show that never existed? hahaha
  2. I think Munich is my No.1 Theres a solid top 5 of Munich/London1/Gdansk/Imola/Copenhagen for me then the rest fall quite a bit shorter.
  3. Looks like theyve fixed it on twitter, not sure you change a printed litho though
  4. I appreciate the mosaic reference but, its just the bullet logo...
  5. Im so happy London and Copen were buhler... Imagine running to the merch stand for this
  6. Oh, here we are: Why's it say 17th July?!
  7. Thought UTLH was played tonight?
  8. I agree on this being a good general litho, but poor for a show specific. Where's izzy?
  9. This show was, interesting, to say the least. Clearly the band and Axl cared about the CD stuff more than anything else here. I know its a festival and youre pleasing the crowd but I wish they had the balls to just play all CD stuff and not even bother with the old stuff, then release the album, then do a tour with the old stuff mixed in. This could have been the launch pad for "NuGuns" but it all just crashed and burned after the cut short 02 tour. 06 was the other chance this band had to launch, still having a decent lineup and writers of CD stuff. By 08 it was too late.
  10. So same as Prague minus UTLH. Glad we got that little extra diddy.
  11. Could you upload a sample? Or anyone? Thanks