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  1. yeah. it looks like they did a private gig for someone's birthday as The Conspirators.
  2. He is. I want to say he's in his late 20s now. I think he was 24 or 25 when he started with SMK&C. I love that wished him a happy bday by posting a sleepy Sidoris pic. Lol!
  3. Both! Mudslides ftw!
  4. This. Saw them last Saturday at Daryl's House in Pawling, NY. Really good show.
  5. Myles is easily the highlight for me. certainly sounds like him rapping a bit in the second verse, too! I giggled a little hearing that! the song as a whole, while it has a good message, doesn't impress me. Myles makes it.
  6. Slash could be recording without Myles. Problem is, Brent and Todd haven't yet. Todd seems to be busy with AiE and TKO stuff at the moment, so that makes it seem more unlikely than Myles being in the middle of recording AB vocals. According to Mark on Eddie Trunk's radio show Monday, there may only be another week or so of AB recording. My guess would be that they'll record like they did WOF and Myles will be among the last to record (TK's backing vocals I'm thinking would actually be last after Myles ' leads). They could certainly start while Myles is busy.