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  1. Unreleased Axl Rose song "Goodbye"

    Check this out http://www.reverbnation.com/jordanfreeman
  2. Unreleased Axl Rose song "Goodbye"

    Could be this I love. Title would fit. I heard Axl first recorded an early version of TIL in Paris, back in 1992 while GNR was doing gigs there.
  3. What Slash Likes Best About Axl

    Videos were getting less views. Nobody really cares about his new album. I don't even think a lot people care about GN'R getting together again, they just want to follow the feud.
  4. Kashmir took all of 4 years to be complete. Mixing bits and pieces into one song. Of course if you're talking about simple rock songs, they do need the spontaneous factor.
  5. Check out this very underground band called Led Zeppelin. They play good music, but they never got really famous, the singer was amazing, Robert Pot was his name.
  6. He clearly said that "In my honest opinion, I think it's gonna happen at some point, because it's down to two guys". Again, his personal opinion.
  7. Kanye West demands wheelchair bound fan to stand up at gig

    Maybe Kanye is the one that belongs in a wheelchair, I mean , can you really blame that motherfucker for being a complete retard? Didn't he say he was the best musician that ever lived ? I don't think I have to say anything else.
  8. is the golden era of TV over?

    Nah, it ain't like music. People will always like the same tv shows because there's about three general genres that they go for when doing a show, and they always succeed in being cool and bring something fresh and new. I do have to say that it's been a long time since a really really good show has appeared. I think it's all been going downhill since Scrubs ended.
  9. A Dame to Kill For

    What a fucking great movie. I loved it. Haven't watched the first one though, but i'll definetly do that.
  10. Is Axl Sick?

    I was gonna say just that. Axl has always been a private guy, and anything redarding his family or what goes on in his personal life is none of our business.
  11. Goodbye Ron (???)

    BBF is still in the band. He'll never leave because of the paycheck, not unless Axl kicks him out obviously. Beta told me that on a PM. Trust me, you guys.
  12. New Kings of Chaos tour November/December 2014

    http://oglobo.globo.com/cultura/musica/banda-alternativa-de-slash-sugere-reuniao-do-guns-roses-13572542 That's the article. They're not saying there's gonna be a reunion, they are just reporting what KOC said on their Facebook page.
  13. New Kings of Chaos tour November/December 2014

    O Globo is like Brazils BBC. I'm seriously doubting this shit. God damn, this wouldn't be the first time a fake reunion rumour started right?
  14. New Kings of Chaos tour November/December 2014

    Before the members timelines.
  15. New Kings of Chaos tour November/December 2014

    From KOC Wikipedia page : "On 11th August 2014, Kings of Chaos announced a GNR reunion on their Facebook page." Seriously...