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  1. Im glad RHC and metallica isnt on that list-.- very good GNR
  2. Chicago DVD

    i know there is a bootleg floating around in the market, i guess its not the official taht will arrive i februaru... :xmasssanta:
  3. Chicago DVD

    Has this dvd been officially confirm to come out in february? Does anyone know if its include Paradise City? The version of this show i have is incomplete, PC is missing. This is anyway a great conserts, and i think that its good if its going to come out!
  4. Post about artwork: (probably bullshit)

    Is Aerosmith bigger then GNR these days in the US?
  5. why did Axl name the album so early on??

    Actually i read about the name in late 98 in a norwegian newspaper.so 1998 is the time
  6. So What Happened?

    Thats not true. They played sold out gigs in Finland, Norway, UK. Sweden and more... Does anyone inside this forum have a list with capasity of every arena GNR has been playing on so fare? And then they could post the attendence to. Would have given us alot of answers and stopped alot of speculations..
  7. So What Happened?

    After the sucsessful European tour things has gione bad for GNR in the states. Half emty arenas, not much publicity in media, the publicity they got has been bad overall. And iof course Chinese Democracy look like it not will come out this year either.... Axl had promised it, and he has been saying that couple of times. My opinion on Axl has change the last months. Hes a clown!
  8. from the GNR myspace

    thats a pity
  9. Wouldnt it be interesting to to get a book from Axl then a Chinese Democracy. Im not a very big fan of This Madagascar songs etc... What happend between 2002-2006, were was he?What did he do from 94-2000? it would be very interesting to read, and of course read about slash, duff and all other stupid people axl have surronded himself by during hes life.
  10. Axl interveiwed - Chinese Democracy IS coming *updated*

    In fact i belive you even without a source...but hmmm wasnt the interwiev longer then that!
  11. Sebastian Bach Interview

    Bach is awesome. Great singer and a cool frontman!
  12. Iowa concert

    Under 6000 people at the gig?what is happening to GNR?
  13. Is Axl's voice better or worse since the European tour?

    Been to 4.. Great shows, but his voice still sounded shit.. But when your there it doesn't matter.. I just hope he's spent these past fifteen years perfecting his vocals as well as the music! Let's face it we'd be pleased Axl just stood on stage and ranted! It's a sad existence.. http://youtube.com/watch?v=XXLC3zPt3uQ If this sounds like shit i dont know a person who can sing well. Nobody can sing like Axl! I saw inland invation, My Michelle sounded like 88 and Jungle is the best version by the newgnr so fare... i cant understand none of you who say he cant sing, he couldnt in 02, but now hes awesome.
  14. Is Axl's voice better or worse since the European tour?

    There is many thing you can be critical to Guns N Roses(The painful solos, the setlist, no interview with Axl Rose, etc) But hes voice is great now. I dont say its as good as it was in 88-93, but very close to. When people nowadays are critical to Axls voice i can say one thing for sure-Go see a show!
  15. Is Axl's voice better or worse since the European tour?

    I prefer seeing Axl run around and give alot of power from stage like in 02, insted of a boring show(like RIR5)were he nearly wasnt moving. At that show he looked like he was 66. In my opinion he should move more , and sing weaker. Everybody can hear Axl singing great on a album. To see a band live, you want power. Look at the tacoma report from 02, thats what i call power. At least they should drop some of the solos and especially the jams.