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  1. Of course he's in control of almost the entire song, but his voice clearly crack on some spots, and it all started when he was with acdc... that's just one video, it also happens during thunder, back in black, hells bells and some other GNR songs, and i personally never heard that before the acdc gig
  2. That scream was totally out of control and even had a crack in the so he suddenly stopped (he probably realised) My point is, the out of tune and no control screams + voice cracks are much more common now, and it all started during the ac/dc gig (If you really wanna hear those, just listen to any "High Voltage" and jump to the part after he interacts with the crowd I mean, yeah, it might be better than mickey, but everytime that happens i can't help but think "wth was that?" 4:52
  3. I don't believe that anymore... the ACDC gig ended his voice. Everytime he even tries a higher note with rasp, this strange shit happens 2:00
  4. It's fake This is the Alex sample and he just re-uploaded. Alex has the full concert and is trying to find something good to trade for
  5. holy cow, i hope this was the first and last time they did it... Axl messed up big time lol
  6. Explanation to why p!nk and Axl are on a billy joel concert
  7. Gibbo ROCKS And also, lets not forget about @fanfzero's channel, lots of cool stuff there too
  8. i've never clicked on a topic so fast... not quite what i was expecting tho
  9. I can already see izzy here, quoting wrong people, creating threads by accident, and trying to figure out how this "new hi tech stuff called forum" works
  10. i don't think they'll do something different... on the first 2 situations we knew that they've been in the studio or at least working on something new, and 2011 they only played estranged because we annoyed the hell out of them
  11. i don't want to sound rude but i don't really care about dave grohl. And i've said this before, when Adler played on Frank's kit the only thing which i thought was improved was the drumming itself, because the sound was still bad