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  1. Gibbo ROCKS And also, lets not forget about @fanfzero's channel, lots of cool stuff there too
  2. i've never clicked on a topic so fast... not quite what i was expecting tho
  3. I can already see izzy here, quoting wrong people, creating threads by accident, and trying to figure out how this "new hi tech stuff called forum" works
  4. i don't think they'll do something different... on the first 2 situations we knew that they've been in the studio or at least working on something new, and 2011 they only played estranged because we annoyed the hell out of them
  5. i don't want to sound rude but i don't really care about dave grohl. And i've said this before, when Adler played on Frank's kit the only thing which i thought was improved was the drumming itself, because the sound was still bad
  6. Close minded LOL Do i really need to elaborate more? He's playing on a jazz kit and it sounds weak, and it becomes even more clear when we talk about songs with strong drum lines, YCBM, RQ, Coma, you name it...
  7. I see Freese - Steven the same way i see Bucket - Slash. Both steven and slash are the perfect fit, but bucket and freese are more skillful, and if you can't have the "original", you better have bucket and freese...
  8. I mean, frank gets a lot of hate and is well known that his kit sounds awful, steve apparently can't be there full time and matt is butthurt. In a (really) hypothetical situation, axl decides freese should come back, would you guys approve that? IMHO, he's a beast, best drummer the band has ever had (HUGE shame we've never got to see him perform), and would be awesome to have him back
  9. Weakest Coma so far he fucked up everything he could, notes, tempo, lyrics... unfuckingbelievable
  10. 2009 bootleg guy, please be there
  11. To be honest, every song that they changed the tempo, but especially PC, which not only is hella fast, but also Axl decided is a great idea to sing over the riff and completely miss the timing of the whistle...