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Anagram Of Oral Sex

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  1. Film Thread

    In Bruges is pretty damn good.
  2. Stone Sour / Slipknot

    I feel bad for you.
  3. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Elitist prick still fits nicely.
  4. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    It's not the exact same game, but all the changes made to the gameplay were for the worse. Except for an actual working online system. Double Dash, the DS one, and 64 are still better. *Im using his defense against him*
  5. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Bahhhh Talk about rehashed shit for money. The exact same game came out 10 years ago.
  6. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Calling me a fucking sheep? Am I sheep for having fun at Disney World too? YOU HAVE NEVER PLAYED GRAND THEFT AUTO! Everything you're preaching does not match up with the actual game. Killing hookers and blowing people's heads off is not GTA. Sure you can do it, but do not tell me that is GTA. Your just trying to get some sophisticated gaming cred by calling people sheeps for liking a damn good game. Stop being a prick and have fun.
  7. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    There is no other way to get to you. You have an opinion so grounded in absolute ignorance that it boggles everyone's mind here.
  8. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    You can suck Sessler's cultured dick all you want, but your one such a 1 track mind it's ridiculous. Nobody except some poor kid's mom (who has never played a fucking video game let alone GTA) is going to agree with you on GTA.
  9. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    The only thing good about Manhunt 2 was the unique environments and situations you find yourself in. The game was complete shit though.
  10. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    None of the companies I listed are in it for the quick buck. I mean do you even know who I listed? You just shrugged off some of the best developers in the business. Seriously go suck some more Japanese elitist dick. Japan is falling farther and farther behind every year. They are still weary of child stalkers which is the reason Nintendo can't put together a real fucking online system. Video games are not more extreme. They don't even come close to photo realistic violence found in movies. You not wanting to watch real footage of death says enough. Video games are not murder simulators. Nothing can simulate the feelings you get from the real thing.
  11. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Jack why the fuck are you even giving an opinion about a series that you haven't played in 10 years? Are western developers in it for the money? Or do they just happen to make a lot of money? T2 is in it for the money? Tell that to Ken Levine and 2k Boston. What about Gearbox? Bethesda? Bungie? Bioware? Epic? Insomniac? Turn 10? Silicon Knights? Ensemble? Lionhead? Interactivity doesn't magically enhance violence to a multitude of 10. Something being real magically enhances the violence to 10. Everybody has a mind able to distinguish real and fake. I'm sure you have some sort of violent video game. Blow some people's heads off for a while then come back here and tell me how you feel. Then when your done with that I'll send you some links to a few videos consisting of be-headings, self mutilation, and maybe a little suicide. Then come back here and tell me how different it feels. Anyone who has watched a video depicting real death online can vow for me. I've personally watched some pretty terrible videos on the internet and the feeling afterwards is COMPLETELY real and could never be matched by a movie or video game. THAT is exactly why every ignorant politician and mom out there who think video games have a direct correlation to violence is WRONG.
  12. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Ughhhhh i'm not even going to argue about the quality Rockstar assures in GTA to a Japan-o-phile. You obviously don't want to give credit to a western developer. Video games are not art. I'd say shooting somebodies head of is done with taste. It obviously isn't real. Every single person who buys the game can tell you that. Why aren't movies getting banned when a 17 year old can go see Saw and watch torture porn for the next 2 hours? Or how about a 17 year old kid going to go see Hostel to watch somebody's cock get cut off?
  13. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Jack, you're a fucking idiot. EA is trying to buy TakeTwo Rockstar will no longer be apart of TakeTwo Rockstar will most likely become independent and self-publish Rockstar puts ridiculous amounts of time and effort into their flagship title The gaming industry will not be destroyed at all. Pushing boundaries and limits will only strengthen the gaming industry just like it has done with movies, comics, TV, ect....
  14. Film Thread

    Getting ready to watch The Assassination of Jesse James I heard it's boring, but whatever, I can take slow movies by myself.
  15. Film Thread

    Fuck movies, watch Lost. It's not too late to start. Check it out at abc.com Beware though, you will get hooked and addicted.