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  1. Dizzy and Fortus leave The Dead Daises....

    It's almost like how Iron Maiden reunited in the late '90s but still kept Janick Gers in the band
  2. Dizzy and Fortus leave The Dead Daises....

    I'm hyped to see Slash and Fortus improvise together, and it will happen because Axl is a fan of taking oxygen breaks between songs
  3. Andrew Dice Clay now taking credit for GNR reunion

    IMO he does look like someone who would hang around Slash's and Axl's circles
  4. Jessica Jones AKA The TV show that is too good for Marvel

    Pick up that coffee and throw it in your face.
  5. Often the best bands aren't selling millions of albums. Music and capitalism do not mix very well
  6. Yeah I don't really like Axl's use of the name GN'R either.
  7. I never understood the idea that artists are supposed to create music that the fans want to hear. Axl should make whatever he is inspired to make, and if that takes 3 guitarists and 2 keyboardists then that's how it's gonna be. Of course this doesn't mean that fans have to like it either. I don't really enjoy OMG or Silkworms but that's okay.
  8. Heh, there's a good reason for that: I Can't Give Everything Away actually samples the harmonica melody from "New Career In A New Town" from the Low album.
  9. Is anyone sad that the Chinese Democracy era is over?

    There are some small unanswered questions that will keep bothering me forever: 1) What did Axl mean at RIR 2001 when he shouted "OKAY NEVERMIND" during Street Of Dreams? 2) The leaked "Checkmate" chorus is so catchy! What does the rest sound like? 3) Why exactly is Bumblefoot still not talking about it? (maybe this will be cleared up in the next few years) 4) Did Buckethead really request a chicken coop in the studio? 5) "To aviod any"
  10. Slash posted rehearsal photo?

    Of course not. But I think we live in an age where there are way too much teasers and trailers for everything. Now that we know the reunion is happening, I'm ok with not hearing anything else about the band until they hit the stage
  11. For a second I thought those were Izzy's guitars in the right rack but it's all basses.
  12. R.I.P. David Bowie

  13. If the Appetite/LIES lineup play 3 songs

    Such an overshadowed gem. It's a great song but the problem is that AFD is full of great songs lol.
  14. If the Appetite/LIES lineup play 3 songs

    One In A Million Think About You You're Crazy (AFD version) Alternatively: Scraped Riad Oh My God
  15. Axl's the bottleneck. It all depends on how well he will prepare. If they do CD material, they'll stick to the songs that Slash can play