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  1. What he really should do is hoard the footage for eternity, release two 10-second teaser clips over a period of 15 years, and demand $10000 for the full 2 hours. (Like someone is doing with the 2001 MTV rehearsal)
  2. If you can tell by the username, I'm a fan Dude's the most easily approachable guitar virtuoso out there, I once posted a vid of myself playing one of his songs on his Facebook page and he took the time to watch it and comment on it That feels really fuckin' great and if Slash or anyone else would personally respond to the same thing, I'd also spam their Facebook with guitar covers lol. I don't think the new AOA is very great especially because of Stapp but whatever.
  3. Yeah I have no doubt it does, but I'm a huge NIN fan and I don't have any clue what you could possibly mean. For example, there's almost no "normal sounding" guitar in the entire NIN catalog while Shackler's has a typical modern radio rock guitar sound
  4. Which NIN album/song does it remind you of?
  5. It's not comparable to NIN at all. It's way too guitar focused. It's more like Slipknot or Korn or one of these nu-metal bands
  6. Sounds like a great idea, bring it
  7. Wasn't My Michelle originally recorded with an SG? I think that's what Slash is going for here
  8. It's funny that you say that because you wouldn't have The Wall if all musicians believed that As for the antisemitic bit, it's not antisemitic to oppose the actions of a government
  9. It is a really unique awesome song, the colossal orchestra stuff and Bucket's whammy pedal wankery remind me of Muse
  10. It's little known that Axl has used PRS guitars and was listed as an artist on their website a few years ago (but not anymore). I'd like to know what other guitars he has and how much he gets to play them
  11. I would want to try a Vox sometime too, as far as I understand those are very old school and have that kinda really trebly tone. I am of the belief that you can get at least one useful tone from any piece of gear
  12. The Jerry Cantrell wah is absolutely sick. You can actually roll the tone pot with your toe while playing. It's got this overall dark sound to it, as I believe the fasel inductor is somehow special, so you never get those ear-piercing highs that the more typical Dunlop Crybabies can produce. And I would love having one of the JC wahs even if I did not use it, as the worn copper finish is absolutely gorgeous.
  13. Radiohead edit: oh shit are you supposed to solve a previous one before posting your own
  14. Giraffe Tongue Orchestra is the next logical step after Alice In Chains