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  1. How long has Slash been using the Gibson SG?

    Wasn't My Michelle originallyrecorded with an SG? I think that's what Slash is going for here
  2. It's funny that you say that because you wouldn't have The Wall if all musicians believed that As for the antisemitic bit, it's not antisemitic to oppose the actions of a government
  3. Prostitute is a wonderful song

    It is a really unique awesome song, the colossal orchestra stuff and Bucket's whammy pedal wankery remind me of Muse
  4. Guns N' Roses personal curiosities

    It's little known that Axl has used PRS guitars and was listed as an artist on their website a few years ago (but not anymore). I'd like to know what other guitars he has andhow much he gets to play them
  5. The Gear Thread

    I would want to try a Vox sometime too, as far as I understand those are very old school and have that kinda really treblytone. I am of the belief that you can get at least oneuseful tone from any piece ofgear
  6. The Gear Thread

    The Jerry Cantrell wah is absolutely sick.You can actually roll the tone pot with your toe while playing. It's got this overalldark sound to it, as I believe the fasel inductor is somehow special, so you never get thoseear-piercing highs that the more typical Dunlop Crybabies can produce. And I would love having one of the JCwahs even if I did not use it,as the worncopper finish is absolutely gorgeous.
  7. The Six Degrees of Slash

    Radiohead edit: oh shit are you supposed to solve a previous one before posting your own
  8. Would be awesome to have this band opening for Guns

    Giraffe Tongue Orchestra is the next logical step after Alice In Chains
  9. Why is Izzy Stradlin' so underrated?

    If you count Lies as a whole album, sure. Izzy might be on UYI too but I was under the impression that Slash did the vast majority of guitars there Don't just throw me in some "nuFan" box.
  10. Why is Izzy Stradlin' so underrated?

    I agree. I think there's an ever prevalent circlejerk about him. It's true that his stuff on AFD is fantastic, but he was on that one album only and Slash contributed more. I can acknowledge that Izzy is agreat musicianbut he's not in my Top 50 guitarists
  11. Yea I would not call the intro a new composition, it's basically just the bridge riff
  12. Available Now: Axl, Slash & Duff Pop! Funkos

    Damn you really captured the bulge. It's crucial
  13. The Gear Thread

    Bonamassa is the shit. His whole rig, currently,is a fewcranked oldFender amps and one OD and a wah. Here's a month old video: Even in this video where he is using only onesmall combo, it has to be put in a separate room because it is so freaking loud. I wish there was a way to obtain those dynamics at bedroom volumes. Maybe with the Kemper?
  14. Chinese Democracy cover

    True, but e.g. the bends at 2:10 and 3:18 are alsoa bit off. I would really recommend starting from the concept of minor pentatonic scales. Minor pentatonic scalesarethe bread and butter of rock and metal guitar playing.You could use the D minor pentatonic scale to solo over this song. Don't take any ofthis negatively, I don't mean to insult you