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  1. I've seen quite a few shows since 2006, the most coming from 2011-2012, and I've never been bored with the exception of the never ending Heavens Door in East Rutherford last year. I worry that I'll get a little bored with the repetition of some of the set list, but there's always something new in there to look forward to. This year, when I hit Hershey and possibly Philly, I'll be looking forward to yesterdays, and hoping for Sorry or There Was A Time.
  2. I definitely wouldn't mind hearing this replace This I Love.
  3. Atlantic City in 2012 was pretty fuckin great from what I remember. And night two of east Rutherford last year was good.
  4. True that and Axl and duff did a sit down interview as well.
  5. Does anyone have the code for the A T & T presale?
  6. Black hole Sun was fine...fuck is wrong with people? Lol. Chillllllll, he did fine. Better than anyone else covering it could, I'm sure.
  7. Yeah, he definitely sounded awesome, esp during the "never wanted to you be so full of anger" part.
  8. Count me in as one looking forward to a periscope, hopefully. and yes...that crowd is AMAZING.
  9. Dream show for Philly in fall 2017! hey 27 songs, that's not asking TOO much, right? Haha. GNR management, or lurkers from the band...feel free to utilize this. It's killer. And the possible doses of variety can shut up the set list police. Chinese Democracy Jungle Its So Easy Brownstone Sorry Rocket Queen Estranged Better New Song Catcher or There Was A Time You're Crazy (like they played at UCAP shows) Dead Horse or Bad Obsession Street Of Dreams November Rain You Could Be Mine This I Love or Think About You Sweet Child Civil War Yesterdays IRS Or Out Ta Get Me Or My Michelle Patience Whole Lotta Rosie or Mama Kin Or Hair Of The Dog Nightrain ENCORES New Song Don't Cry Live and Let Die or Heavens Door Paradise City
  10. Have we ever figured out where Axl's prescription bottle t shirt came from?
  11. I heard someone get audibly angry and boo their lungs out when Better ended, at the second show in East Rutherford. Other than that, CD got a great reaction, lotta people dancing and rocking along, and Axls singing and Slash's solo from TIL were also pretty popular.
  12. I've never heard anything from the remixed Shacklers, If The World, or Silk Worms. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  13. After initially, I thought, butchering "This I Love," Slash absolutely nailed it live in East Rutherford the second night. And I don't mean nailed it by doing it note for note, but nailed it by playing it his own way with his own spin. I was prepared to mock it and wound up speechless. As far as what would I like to see this band play? Initially I thought "Street Of Dreams," but, even though I find it boring live, I think I'd like to see Slash's take on "Madagascar" the most.
  14. Wow, are you sure? I could've sworn it was Steven. Plus it just sounds totally different to me.
  15. Wow. I'd never heard the "Thunder" version, in all these years. Really shows what a negative difference Sorum made.