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  1. Orange is the New Black

    I was talking about a show on women in jail. But by all means, feel free to get all defensive about it.
  2. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe Scott is also sick of being in big bands/super groups? Duff is doing WP on a small scale and Slash has his band where he is more or less boss so he doesn't have to deal with drama anymore. Maybe that's why he wants to focus on his solo bands where he won't be fired or once again ridiculed by former band members. He seems to have soured on the big band idea just as much as Duff and Slash has, he's content with doing things on a smaller scale which is probably a good thing for him right now. As for everything else, I agree with Dazey.
  3. Insult? When you say something to me it's not an insult, but when I say something to you it is? Yes, that makes perfect sense. I'm beyond sick of your holier than thou attitude. I constantly see you tone policing others on here, but as soon as someone tells you off for doing it you scream insults and retort to your back on topic backpeddling so hard. Have you ever noticed how I never quote or adress you? It's always you who have to adress me with either a dig about me being an Axl fan and now this tone policing. I never start an interaction with you because I have no interest. I have heard all the nutter and policing posts before, I don't need to hear them again. So there's a very easy way to end this - stop fucking adressing me. That way you won't have to take anymore threads off topic either which is obviously of great concern to you. BACK ON TOPIC!!!!
  4. You were the one who went off topic in the first place to do your tone policing
  5. You missed the entire point of why I chose that as my response, but it's what we expected. Well done.
  6. You are always personally insulting people, you certainly have with me in the past on several occassions, but I guess you've forgotten all about that. I didn't react this way simply because of this post, but because he has been insufferable not only on here but on another forum as well. So instead you constantly trying to tone police others and trying to tell them how YOU think they should act, maybe you should just mind your own business because you have no idea what is going on here or what lays to ground for it. And don't bother with replying with a wall of text because I don't care.
  7. Yeah, because the glam bands you listen to has so much better lyrics You're one of the biggest idiots I've ever come across on GN'R forums and that says a lot, so congratulations.
  8. is Adler's mum book out yet?

    I haven't read Steven's book so I'm certainly not gonna read this one.
  9. Knock it off already. He has a decent fanbase. Sixx:AM does well, people buy his clothes etc. Just because you're not a fan doesn't mean he doesn't have any.
  10. You think Axl is behind that account? Edit: Silent Jay beat me to it. That account is obviously run by a fan.
  11. Axl and Steven Las Vegas 2006

    Well, Steven still makes these comments. He did before the HOF when he called Axl and the band hacks and then the day after changed it to scabs after he'd apologized to Bumblefoot for it. Maybe he doesn't mean anything bad about it, but I can understand why it bothers Axl that he often says these kinds of anti Axl things in the press.
  12. It was never confirmed it's DJ singing on those tracks. In fact what I've read is that he wrote the tracks, but that someone else is singing.
  13. Vote for GNR as the "band of the year 2014"

    I have watched that Prostitute video so many times. It was an amazing performance from Axl. I really envy the people in the audience that night.