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  1. Give a try to "Machine Messiah"...amazing cd 👍
  2. There is fantastic artists like Sepultura...producing fresh and relevant music...others...nostalgia acts...that's it 👍
  3. Fuckin great! Two non nostalgia acts... Love both bands ✌
  4. Ok. You should (re)think about it. Actual sound of Sepultura is miles away from any Max/igor could unserstand if listen to...
  5. Yesterday I was thinking and reflecting... One of my conclusions: GNR is a strange band..where all current and past members are strange people...and the fans of this is strange people too
  6. You two... Go listen Sepultura's new cd... After this we can talk about relevancy
  7. Listening the AOA's new cd right now...sounds pretty cool ✌ This is so fuckin epic...extraordinary and one fav of my life:
  8. Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal says he has no regrets about his time in Guns N’ Roses – but admits if he’d been asked the same question three years ago, he might have given a different response. The guitarist joined Axl Rose in 2006 and went on to play on the highly anticipated 2008 Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy. But he decided to walk away in 2015 after spending much of that year fielding questions about his status in the lineup. And reflecting on his time in the band, Thal now says the experience was “wonderful.” He tells SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation (viaBlabbermouth): “You could look at anything and say, 'What if I took a different path? What if I did different things? What if I said no and did this instead? What if I just focused on my solo stuff or producing or film and TV music?' “But your life is your life and whatever decisions you made, they were based on who you were, who you are and what was supposed to happen. “So, do I regret it? No. Absolutely not. If you had asked me three years ago, I would have a different answer. But, no. I got to be part of making millions of people cheer and enjoy themselves. It's wonderful.”
  9. Incompetence and insanity ... this is Dexter
  10. Good question here. In GNR's universe...there are more music or more drama?
  11. In first place... What media can talk about? This is just a nostalgia act