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  1. They should even live stream this on a tv channel that can be seen internationally. Guns n roses are one of biggest bands of all time have fans in every country and it seems unfair that only a select few basically American fans, who have tickets to Coachella , will get to see this. At the least it should be filmed and aired on MTV or Sky arts at a later date. Axl, Slash and Co should work out a deal for it to be filmed and aired as hardly any of the fans can be there.
  2. I'm kinda bummed we never got more Axl songs. I think even "Axl the solo artist" career is one of the most interesting careers that never was! Chidem was obviously his baby and it's what I imagine an Axl solo album to lean towards. It's just a pity he isn't a prolific writer like Stevie Nicks for example and release several solo albums. Now that he seems to be entering a new chapter then hopefully someday he''ll do it like a piano/acoustic guitar album or instrumental like he suggested.
  3. Reunion Documentary...?

    I know Slash and Duff would do it and who knows they could be filming. This would be great for the fans.
  4. This. Izzy was right. Gnr lost that great rhythm sections when Steven left. There is no point going to the trouble of Bringing them all back wfor Coachella ithout getting the feel of the music right and Steven is the only one who can do this. Steven is hugely underrated as a drummer and his role in Gnr. He's been overshadowed by personalities in the media of Axl and Slash and because he was only with them for a few years. Listen to him play the songs at the hall of fame few years ago and his playing style suits Gnr so much better. Those appetite songs would never have sounded as good without his innate sense of feel and groove. Listen to Led Zep and Fleetwood mac members without Bonham and Mick Fleetwood for example and the music doesn't swing half as much. Great musicians like Jimmy Page for example all know innately and have said that you need a great drummer for a band to be great and to click-the foundation has to be right. They should definitely work out a deal with Steven that he plays on some of the songs at the least. It could be a way of setting boundaries with him like "this your chance Steven to prove you can pull it together so we will bring you out and let you play on a few songs. So he can prove himself wto the guys with regard to not falling back to his old ways of addictions". Then if he gets through it ok at Couchella it looks like he can be trusted to tour.
  5. Most likely this. Instead of him appearing live in person to speak watch for his long worded letter in the coming weeks explaining why he's doing the reunion.
  6. Forgot password so long since posted! This is unbelievable. I still thinks it's 50/50 that Axl will actually keep to this and walk out on stage in April based on the face that he couldn't even keep the one appointment that he's had in 18 months with Kimmel!
  7. I agree, I could imagine any other person but Axl agreeing to this based on what he said. He was great 2010 and most of 2011 and when I saw him in 2012 the crowd loved him and he was fantastic. However I think 2014 there were signs of tiredness and burnout as someone said here. He said in his last published interview that he's tired of being seen as the "outlaw" or something to that effect. Axl is a very sensitive and insecure guy, he wants approval and to be liked and he hates the way he's portrayed in the media even if he has caused some of it with his notorious late arrivals etc.. It's obvious by reuniting the old line-up that he wants to redeem himself in the public eye and he's always been tired of being blamed for the split. I think it all caught up to him in last 2 years and he decided to make amends. He never got over Slash. I can only imagine the behind the scenes conversations with Slash! Maybe they finally went to therapy as Marc Canter suggested! Who knows what happened! I think it's too much of a coincidence that this happened after Slash divorced Perla!
  8. So is this confirmed to be true? It's just some earlier posts suggested it may have been edited and a hoax but I see that news outlets have picked it up?
  9. Honestly, if the next announcement is not new music then they've got to be joking! 7 years since last album and band-members all leaving or not knowing what's going on. Would you guys be happy if new music is not the next announcement that Fernando mentioned?
  10. Let's Talk About You Could Be Mine

    a song that shows Axl's passion and great vocal range plus cool video with Swarzenegger!
  11. 120 is usually the max for top price here
  12. Tommy Stinson OUT ? (new interview)

    So Dj and Bumbefoot left suddenly, now Tommy doesn't know what's going on! I just can't imagine Axl envisioned this 3 years ago when he did that Eddie Trunk interview with DJ proudly by his side talking about how he was happy with the line-up, same with Kimmel. There was no sign that this was the end of the band last year. It's been 7 years since the last album, I think it's time Axl explained why there's no new album and no band now. I understand him not knowing what's happening with band, label or if this is a limbo situation for Axl or whatever but when you have no new album for 7 years and all the current members suddenly leaving, after a 20 year wait for the last album, it's getting ridiculous. I like all fans here really wanted to hear nugnr music, CD II, Axl solo type stuff but this ship has sailed now-it's getting stupid! He might as well get back with original gnr members coz he sure as hell isn't working on or releasing any music so what's the point? either release music by 2016 or don't at all. He's a singer/musician who doesn't release music. Love Axl when I saw him in concert but I just don't know any band in the world that doesn't write and release music together or give updates about it online.