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  1. The Meaning of 'Sorry'

    You bet its about Slash. Axl is waaaaaaaay more obscessive and hateful than slash is and slash has written many songs about Axl.. Why do you think Axl wouldn't have?
  2. Anastasia - Download

    I was there. Awesome show, as was the one in Hammersmith
  3. The riff is pure sex and the song is catchy as hell. If it was played on the radio and had a video with lots of hot girls stripping and stuff (something akin to a pussycat dolls video but with slash playing guitar all over the place) then it would be an enormous hit. Thoughts?
  4. When a bands members are as iconic as in guns n roses it is a travesty to keep the name going when its a different band. Would you accept the rolling stones with just mick and none of the others? Would you accept the beatles with just paul and a new band? Look its the beatles! We could a have a GENUINE beatles tour today even though two of them are dead! How about aerosmith with just tyler?
  5. 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet' He is cashing in on the fame and success and popularity of the old band, while pretending to have integrity with his shitty new music that took 15 years. The man is a joke..lives with a surrogate family who babies and looks after him, isn't married, etc etc. He is no longer a rock god, he is just a sad old man, lacking in talent who is desperately cashing those checks to keep himself in yellow raincoats.
  6. How much do you think a slash autographed snakepit 1995 cd would be worth?
  7. Future of Slash

    This. I'm done with Slash. He was great once, but now he just isn't putting in any real effort. He's just pissing off boring solos, with a few flashy fast notes here and there. He has terrible phrasing these days, he used to know how long to hit a note to hit that money spot, but these days he's just slap dash all over the place, there doesnt seem to be any emotion in his playing anymore, just a sort of 'yeah man, lets record it quick and capture the energyyyyyy yeahhhh' kind of bullshit which is fine in theory, but in practice it just means poorly writtten, poorly exercuted solos with no emotion or anything impressive. There are so many better guitarists out there, he isnt even very good any more. And I say this of the new album too from what ive heard. Nothing impressive there. Frankly, if he didnt look the way he does then people would have stopped caring years ago. If slash looked like gary moore and produced the shit he is producing, do you think he would still be popular? Now, if he sounded like gary moore!
  8. This. If they are a great band then fine. Prove yourself on you OWN material. Bring out some albums that will fill arenas with people who want to hear THOSE songs. Don't just play other peoples songs an cash in on other peoples success. Axl had a HAND in writing some of that stuff so what we got here is 'The Axl Rose band'. Bands like lynyrd skynyrd and thin lizzy tour...they aint the bands they pretend to be either. (Very fitting that 'Thin Lizzy' is opening for 'guns n roses' now) Replacing one or two members is ok, if they work musically together and still write good music that is true to the spirit of the original focus. To replace the whole fucking band and 'keep trucking' under the old name is disgusting. Look at Audioslave for instance.....thats basically the inverse of what we have here with guns...............THEY CHANGED THEIR NAME, BECAUSE IT WASNT RATM OR SOUNDGARDEN. TO SAY IT WAS WOULD BE WRONG. Let them have their own name and see what they can do in their own right. Anyone that considers them true guns n roses is just delusional.
  9. They are not guns n roses. You could copyright the word 'cat' and then legally claim that dogs must be called cats, but you known what....they still ain't cats. Axl rose was cool once, many people would have considered him one of the great rock singers and frontmen. These days he just dissapoints people. Keep licking his ass. How many lineup changes are you going to stick by? How many times will you defend that 'its a great band'? There are hundreds of great guns n roses tribute bands, thousands upon thousands of people who can perform those guitar and drum parts just as well. Why? Because they just need to learn the parts. Sure, they play well, but they aint guns n roses and they are letting people down by posing as them.
  10. No more heroes

    Does anybody else get an Audioslave feel from this one? I do, and to me, that's a very good thing.
  11. Real lyrics to the song 'heros' by Slash. Kind of makes you think of Axl and his 'apology' for a band.
  12. What fans is Axl Rose catering to?

    Rose is Bi-Polar. He is screwed in the head. Question answered. Even HE doesn't know why he is doing the things in the way he does them. He probably just finds it very difficult to do ANYTHING.
  13. how the hell can guns n' roses be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame without any current members being there. what a joke. A bunch of ex-members and some guy who hangs out with CREED singing. absolutely awful. I cant wait to see what the current/real line-up come up with on the next album. God bless axl rose for sticking to his guns, im glad he didnt go. dude. You sound like a psychopath. Seriously. Do you even believe the shit you are saying? Guns N roses broke up years ago. The band Axl tours with is guns n roses in name only. You are an idiot. Reading these boards I sometimes question what the fuck sort of person would actually say such stupid shit.
  14. you sound like a psychopath. So there is whistling in guns n roses songs. So what?
  15. I think its quite funny actually. This is the ONLY time they will be able to play together without Axl Rose AS GUNS N ROSES! LEGALLY!!! WOOO!!! THATS a big fuck you to axl and his ownership of the name!!!