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  1. What would be the single most greatest thing

    I found a video on YouTube from the 89 show, which up until today I never knew existed. Unfortunately, even though it was awesome to see of course, the video has a green x across the screen. Do you by chance know of another video of that show? I emailed the person in the contact info but haven't gotten a response. Thanks again!
  2. What would be the single most greatest thing

    Ah I see, awesome. I have seen the performance of piece of me that he did with I think Sebastian bach and Lars from metallica, but I thought that was from 90 or 91.. Was this a different performance? I apologize if that sounds like a dumb question haha. And here I was thinking I knew everything there was to know about GNR.
  3. What would be the single most greatest thing

    Marc, First off, I'm sure it's been said many times before, but it is just fucking awesome that you have an account here and are so forthcoming with all of the questions from us superfans. Just so cool man, we all owe you a debt of gratitude..this board has seen some dark times, like 2003-2004, 2005-CD's release in 2008(with the exception of the 06 tour). You simply being here gives me a little excitement, just the thought of finding out something new about my favorite band. So thanks a lot for everything you contribute here! I noticed you mentioned the RIP Magazine Party in 1998... Was that a typo intended to be 1988? If not, what happened in '98..? To my knowledge the only stuff that happened that year was axl getting arrested at sky harbor intl. Airport here in Phoenix..
  4. Acoustic Better and Going Down leaked? [NO LINKS/REQUESTS ALLOWED]

    So, if we can't post links, how can people like me who have not yet heard the leaked songs hear them..?
  5. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    I had to do a double take, I didn't think it said "pants" lol
  6. Objectify is awesome...

    eh...sorry dude, but it's true...most people at the GNR shows think of that stuff (Rons) as cheesy metal. I like some of it, but mostly just to see him shred on the solo's.
  7. Izzy Will be joining GN'R on stage for the last 2 shows

    This is great...another brief moment where GNR is almost real again.
  8. Daily Beast Article on Vegas Shows

    sausage fest? So every band that doesn't have dancers onstage is lacking, and a sausage fest? I really don't think of it like that, and I never have, in the 3 times I've seen GNR, Aerosmith, Van Halen, etc.... I don't expect that stuff when I go see a rock n roll band, and I don't think too many other people do, either. If I wanna see chicks dancing, I'll go to a strip club or something. I don't really want that shit at a rock show.
  9. It's not the same as that, because this is a fan forum for a band. We have no relation to the band whatsoever, we are fans. So this person dying is no different than reading about someone in the obituaries. Sorry, just the way it is. Death is unfortunate, and sad, but when you don't know the person...can't really empathize. That cold as ice twice as cold comment was just retarded. I'll be devastated when I lose a member of my family. But an associate of the band I like? lol. come on. you guys are out there.
  10. OFFICIAL Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Thread-First post vid

    "I don't really give a [expletive]. . . . If they all want to go play a song and get their award, I would have no problem with it. Do I think I'm part of that? Hell no! It's all about the original band, and that's fine. It's all about 'Appetite,' really." -Tommy Stinson Now we can put that garbage to rest.
  11. It hasn't even got as far as a conversation! But it's ok you don't hav to be rude. Everyone's entitled to their own viewpoint. But I looked up a few old threads talkin about some pics of him in 2010 and others noticed the same thing. So,it has surpassed the various overanalyzing of words and gone to interpreting "looks" in eyes? I'm not being rude,I'm establishing how far off the road of internet etiquette this has strayed. Would be nice if people were required to wear their S/Ns to concerts.I know that sounds uber controlling,but I don't say anything online I wouldn't say in person. All the anonymous identities have enabled a new type of behavior,because it doesn't involve interpersonal interaction. this new type of behavior? You mean like posting memes to take jabs at people?
  12. OFFICIAL Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Thread-First post vid

    As frustrating as it is, Izzy has probably just come to realize that anything associated with 'old gnr' is awkward and uncomfortable because of how Axl wants nothing to do with it. It's like a father who remarries and just cuts off all contact with his original family. Family reunions, or birthdays/funerals, whatever, would be weird and uncomfortable.
  13. lol, dude, if I ever met someone who analyzed me like that, I'd punch them right in the face.
  14. ^ I kind of agree though, I've never even heard of this person. People die every day...should I grieve every day..? I think threads like these are retarded, when none of us even know who we're talking about.
  15. Greenday to induct GNR

    Cool how much the crows sings along with SCOM as opposed to the other sons. But still...don't think I'd care to see them do any full covers.