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  1. This is honestly such a silly question. Axl Rose can hit the road and do a theater tour and people would show up in droves. I would be pumped to see Axl playing piano versions of his songs without a backing band, or just having someone tour with him to pick the guitar over tracks like "Catcher." It would be phenomenal. No, we haven't seen the last of Axl Rose.
  2. Slash's Third Album - "World On Fire"

    Anyone else love "Dissident"? By god, one of the better Slash songs in his post-Guns career.
  3. I think "Better" too, at least the verses. I think the drums really need the Adler groove to give it a true AfD feel but you did a fine job on this cover either way.
  4. lol to that Axl comment and calling Nugent fans rednecks. True.
  5. That's an interesting photo. Axl looks a lot like he does today in that photo, for all the shit he gets for letting himself go. He just put on some pounds. People think he looks wildly different, but they're comparing him to the late '80s/early '90s. I mean, obviously. On topic: I don't think Gilby would guest. I wonder why he was never part of Velvet Revolver though. I saw a Gilby show in Chicago recently. It was awesome.
  6. "Patience" bores you? "Mr. Brownstone"? "Pretty Tied Up," "You Could Be Mine," "Don't Cry," "Perfect Crime." Those are classics! And just naming a few. Or did you mean the ones he sings on?
  7. This. 117 is Izzy's finest solo work. I love that record. On the whole, if you take the best of Izzy solo, he has some really nice tunes. You can clearly see the "skeleton" nature of it and can wonder what could have been done with it once GNR put it through the wringer. That isn't to diminish Izzy's ability. I still think classic lineup was an example of the whole greater than the sum of its parts.
  8. "What this means to me is more than I know you believe. What I thought of you now has cost more than it should for me. What I thought was true before were lies I couldn't see. What I thought was beautiful is only memories. What'd I tell ya? That's one more failure." "Who's sorry now, old timer? Look at how you spent your life."
  9. Nostalgia. Youth. For me, the early '90s (which is when I first got into Guns). What was. What could have been. The greatest American r&r band ever. Love it.
  10. For me, I can't relate to AfD based on lyrics in literal form. Usually with music, I enjoy it more when I can relate. But AfD is a different beast. My favorite record ever. Of course there are songs that anyone can releate to, "Think About You" and "Sweet Child." Even "Nightrain," about a cheap vice and good ass time. But anyway, I listen to it mostly as a pick me up when anything exciting is going on, or, for example, before going out drinking for the night. It's a huge pick-me up.
  11. Quotes only GNR fans understand

    In regards to a reunion appearance at HoF: "Life doesn't owe you your own personal happy ending."
  12. Did Axl ever screamed in the intro of CD?

    Interesting. Love the scream intro on the studio track. Does anyone have video of Axl doing this live?
  13. Sweet Child O Mine 2001

    Generally I don't like straight up covers on tribute albums. Would have been cooler if they did something a little different, you know?
  14. I like both albums. Of course AL is more cohesive, but I think some people slept on SLASH because it had all these different collaborations. I think SLASH has more very good songs than AL. When I first heard AL, I thought it was the better record, but retrospectively, SLASH is the better record. I like the guitar work and opening riff in "Ghost." That is vintage Slash right there. Good rocker albeit with some generic vocals. "Crucify the Dead" is a great tune. That, "Back from Cali," "Nothing to Say" and "Promise" are the ones I probably return to most on that record. Despite Adam Levine being such a fuckin' douche, I gotta admit I do like "Gotten" very much. As for AL, I love the title track. "One Last Thrill" is not for Myles Kennedy. "You're a Lie" still holds up. Sounds good live too. My favorites are "Halo," "Anastasia" "Hard and Fast" and especially "Shots Fired." I love that "they wanna see me in a blood-soaked grave, but still I live to die another day part" and the ensuing riffing by Slash. Overall, revisiting these songs just now got me even more pumped for the next record. But I do wish Slash would return to some of the ballads like "Estranged" or "November Rain," but he never liked those anyway. Those were Axl's babies he laid guitar work on. I wanna see a few more lengthy songs with a lot of soloing. Not just the quick and dirty 3-minute rock tunes.