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  1. I have GA pit (Duff side of stage)for July 3. Bought the pair and I may have one available at FACE (plus taxes). If you live in Chicago and can meet up and are interested, let me know. I'll know tonight if I have the extra ticket. Again, July 3, Soldier Field, GA pit.
  2. How many "rows" deep will the PIT areas be? Because, yeah, they look small. At Coachella, I was right along the side of the soundbooth at main stage, which was nice and it was a decent view, but it's NOTHING compared to being a few rows deep. I saw Slash front row and about 10 rows back before and the experience of being able to actually SEE the performars, not just a screen or a faint silhouette, is really better. Plus people up close are the diehards with all the energy. Farther back and people are running their mouths. I saw Guns N' Roses about six rows back at the House of Blues and that was incredible too. Standing for a long time seems miserable, but when Guns hits the stage, you don't think about that. The energy up front is FAR better and FAR more memorable. All that said, I couldn't get GA pit for the Chicago show July 1. But I did get it for July 3. Bought the pair and I may have one available at FACE (plus taxes). If you live in Chicago and can meet up and are interested, let me know. I'll know tonight if I have the extra ticket. Again, July 3, Soldier Field, GA pit (Duff side of stage).
  3. Slash's take on CD songs

    Let me start by saying I LOVE the solos in "This I Love" and "Better." Finck is brilliant on the record. But, man, Slash's "This I Love" was fucking awesome. I get why people wouldn't like it over the original because it's so embedded in our minds/ears now. It's like what others have said, hearing Finck do Slash's solos on the older material was a shock or people didn't like it as much. I can see why the reverse is true here. Forgot to mention: Duff's backing vocals. God, I missed them so much. I love them on "Chinese" and "Better." So awesome.
  4. Thanks, guys.
  5. Where can I watch the stream? You guys are killing me!
  6. Well, there will always be people "in the know" who get back channel hookups to tickets then sell them for outrageous prices. It's so sad, really. But as FAN CLUB members, we should be guaranteed good seats on the presale for the day of sale. Yet they don't guarantee you'll get tickets or even good tickets. It sucks.
  7. Vegas people ... how did the presale process go for you via Nightrain? Were you able to snag tickets and were you able to get good seats? Or do they give us dogshit sections to choose from?
  8. I live in Chicago and my bro is walking distance so no hotel for me! hahaha
  9. I can't agree. Those people camping out were free advertisement for the band. The way they are rolling out news is getting major publicity for GNR. If they offered up Nightrain members and we scooped 'em online and showed up, it wouldn't have been this all day extravaganza to kick off the tourdate announcement.
  10. Someone in a different GNR forum posted it. I'm not sure of the rules here, as I haven't been very active the last year or so. Can we post links to other fan boards?
  11. That wasn't the case for Coachella and Vegas dates, but that could be the case going forward. I think Ticketmaster is now a part of running the site. No idea if Wonderful Union is still behind it. So I would just jump on that Nightrain now if you're planning on doing it. No sense in risking it.
  12. Know the entire story before quoting this tool as if his opinion on the incident matters. He was being a problem all night. Just just for Axl but for all the fans around him. And security refused to do anything because he knew them or was part of the crew who was off that day (can't recall exact detail on this one). So finally Axl got fed up and stage dived right at him. This little fanboy would later ask Axl for an autograph AFTER the lawsuit was over, and Axl actually signed it for him. Everyone shares some of the blame for the riot, but most of it should fall squarely on the shoulders of the security there for not doing their jobs. And yes, it was a different era where you could actually control photography. Nowadays with every phone also being a camera, you can't ban such things from venues.
  13. What if it doesn't end up being that weekend? Will you be able to get a refund?
  14. So what do you all think of the new tshirt design? I am angry they changed it so soon after we all signed up a few weeks back. I just got mine and I think I like the new hoodie/shirt design better. What I don't like about my Nightrain shirt are the AfD style banners.