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  1. If they were released as Bruce Dickinson records and the other guys weren't hired on to be part of Iron Maiden, then they're not Iron Maiden records. Not sure why you can't see the distinction. That was a terrible example. Michael Monroe put out solo records then teamed up with Andy McCoy and called it Hanoi ReVisited. Then they decided to restart the band and called it Hanoi Rocks. And get this: two of the members of Monroe's solo band were recruited for the new Hanoi Rocks lineup. They put out a record and it was Hanoi Rocks.
  2. How did I avoid the question when I answered unequivocally? While also likening it to AC/DC and Angus Young (mistakenly said Johnson)? Right ... rock fans are "dumb" for wanting to go out and hear some of their favorite songs and see some of their favorite performers.
  3. *doh* Yeah, Angus Young. No one is saying it's the same band. It's not the same band as when Bon Scott was lead either. Still AC/DC? Sure. Like you, I see it as more arbitrary now where I don't get so caught up in what's the "REAL" version of the group. My favorite version is the AfD lineup and I don't think that will ever change. And I think history does and will always view that lineup (and to a slightly lesser extent the Illusions lineup) as being Guns N' Roses. I just started looking at bands more like a sports team where a lot of players come and go but you always have your core franchise guys. Or you ideally have one or two core franchise guys, the team leaders. And also like you, I am more pumped for this lineup. Slash and Axl were meant to be, like peanut butter and jelly. The sound of HIS guitar with Axl's voice is brilliant. And the GNR experience is enhanced for me when Slash and Duff are in the band. That's for sure. I never liked Ashba and Bumble. I did like Stinson and Fortus is great.
  4. I am not as familiar with the history of The Rolling Stones, so then forcing me to simply answer yes or no is unfair. Izzy left on his own accord. Axl shouldn't be punished by not being able to continue GNR. From what I know of the Stones, Jagger and Richards were akin to Axl and Izzy in they were the key songwriters, right? So then if you're asking me if Richards left the band and Mick wanted to continue, would it still be The Rolling Stones? Sure. The two have been together much longer than Izzy and Axl or Axl and Slash. 50+ years. Brian Johnson is the last one standing in AC/DC and he's still calling it AC/DC.
  5. What is "unorganic" about being allowed the absolute time and freedom to show up in a studio and jam with bandmates, create your own music, go over samples, compose, etc? That's as organic as it gets. That's basically how many songs from UYI were written as well. Izzy had his songs. Slash had his. Axl had his. And they worked on each other's and fine-tuned songs and built off of them. Employment status shouldn't matter. Axl is the co-founder and leader of GNR. Slash and Duff are currently on payroll, so am I to assume when they come out with new music as GNR that you won't consider it a "real" GNR record? Is that even possible by your narrow definition? Gardner and Tracii were indeed original members to the band, shortlived and unimportant as they might have been to the GNR timeline. You can't argue events that ACTUALLY happened. They played shows as GNR. They didn't cut a record as GNR. Axl and Izzy are original members. There were a handful of songs already written before Slash, Duff and Adler came on board. How can you on the one hand call CD a solo record but then on the other hand say Axl and his hired employees wrote it. So which is it? A solo record or a group effort (ie a band)? GNR has a history of outside contributions. Paul Tobias is credited with "Back off Bitch" and "Shadow of Your Love" from the early days. West Arkeen with "It's So Easy" and "Yesterdays." So now I gotta draw a line in the sand and say, "THAT's gnr" but "Street of Dreams" and "Oh My God"? Sure, they were written by Dizzy and Axl (and Tobias on OMG), but no, no, no, that can't be Guns N' Roses. That's just an Axl solo record masquerading as GNR. Whatever, man. I choose to be a little more *objective (edit). I can enjoy it all and not get caught up in the pettiness of which band is legitimate. I can appreciate all the different lineups for different reasons. That doesn't besmirch the AfD lineup. Those five are the ones who cemented the band's legacy.
  6. Right. And I didn't mean for my above post to sound overtly negative as it came off when I just read it back. I was trying to say it's unfortunate that he is forever young in people's minds due to an untimely death. Had he lived, I think he would have offered a much different perspective on the actions of his youth. Just as silly feuds from then no longer exist. Grohl lent Axl his throne, you know? Duff and Noveselic are buds. Most everyone is young and dumb for a spell, especially when dealing with that much fame thrust upon you.
  7. Cobain will never get a chance at redemption in terms of his hypocritical nature when he was young. He'll always be remembered that way, a walking contradiction. He wanted the fame. He wanted the polished pop rock record in Nevermind. He only pretended to dislike it afterward because he felt guilty for it or because he wanted to maintain some sort of credibility.
  8. @ZoSoRose, I feel ya on CD lacking the more blues-enthused style Izzy and Slash brought, so I should say CD isn't a radical departure when looked at as "steps" or an evolution or however you want to phrase it. AfD is way different than CD but Illusions are kinda like the link that bridges them. Or if you look at gnr as a sum of its parts, CD sounds justifiably Finck/Bucket whereas anything with Slash retains the blues Stones or Aerosmith style riffing. But for me CD still retained the gnr-style ballads and rockers. Still featured great and memorable guitar solos (twat), vintage Axl screams (better, twat), and wonderful codas (sod, catcher, twat, cd). I'm hoping the next record with Slash and Duff on it returns the blues-enthused unmistakable guitar tone and Duff's punk rock edge and backing vocals. I wonder which two or three CD songs Axl had in mind way back when, when he mentioned the possibility of Slash coming in and laying guitar down on. Now with the live shows you're seeing the influence Duff and Slash could have had. "Better" sounds different, right?
  9. Touche on your first point. I guess I'll say that was me more shocked at the vitriol from a fan site. But not trying to tell someone how to be a fan per se. And I agree with you. He didn't follow trends during the uyi era so much as march to the beat of his own drum. You'd have a better case calling them poseurs for modeling their looks after Hanoi Rocks in the early years, but they never hid their influences anyhow. The easier thing to do would have been to make another AfD. Or Slash-inspired Snakepit style record. Or to not continue gnr without Slash and Duff. Also agree with you that wanting Grohl-sounding drums or to write with Reznor was more about Axl exploring other styles he was into. Just because there were all these people saying he was into NIN or Nirvana doesn't mean he intended to release a record that was a radical departure from AfD or UYI. And Chinese really wasn't. But stuff like Silkworms and OMG is. GNR were always prolific writers. Shit, "Back off Bitch" I think dates back to the mid 80s. Same with "Don't Cry." The early "Chinese Democracy" demo, to me, that sounds like a gnr version of "grunge" music and it's badass. And as someone posted here a couple weeks ago, that could have and probably did start as a Slash intro riff to Jungle. Pretty cool.
  10. So in sum, you're cool with people here on a gnr site calling Axl a poseur, but I can't call other artists poseurs? There are actually a couple people who brought it up. And again, I was providing a counterpoint. Manson did rely on shock to sell his music. Metallica did specifically cater their image and sound and attitude toward alternative music. And I don't believe it was because they all just woke up one day and decided they loved alt rock. That's my definition of poseurs. But I still like Load and Reload like I already said. As for Cobain, calling him a poseur is more generous than calling him a fake. Cause that's how I view him. I was a huge Nirvana fan as a kid, but come on. He sold his brand of angst and anti-establishment rebellion and we ate it up. They weren't even the biggest band of their own genre (not that that dictates talent). I didn't question how people can be fans.
  11. I was paraphrasing Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who I'm sure wasn't the first person to say it anyway. How am I spamming a board by directly responding to others who brought up Axl and the record? I don't care if people like Chinese. And I don't care what they consider to be a real gnr record. It's Guns N' Roses whether people want it to be or not. And it's also not a solo record considering the writing credits. So the person who said that here are also wrong about that. "the only time axl was ever a poser was when he was playing in his solo band and was calling it gnr. or that time he made a solo record and called it chinese democracy, he was posing then too." And "of course CD isn't a guns record, and of course axl's solo band isn't gnr. would you call a record with just mick a stones record? would you call mick touring the world without keith, charlie, ronny, the stones? absolutely not you wouldn't. you'd say that's mick's lawyers getting him names rights, and his ego destroying his prime years with a bunch of hired employees."
  12. It's not an opinion. It's a fact. It's gnr. I brought it up in response to others in this thread. You're entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.
  13. No. Bullshit is saying Axl sounds bad during this tour. He doesn't. Or that he was chasing trends just because he wanted to incorporate certain styles into his music. Or that Chinese Democraxy isn't Guns N' Roses. Metallica had a wholesale image makeover and it was contrived as fuck. I like Load and Reload. Don't try to tell me that entire time period wasn't a concerted effort to stay relevant. It was. And it backfired. Suddenly all four of them wanted to cut their hair AND dress differently AND play the current musical trend.
  14. Wow. I can't believe some of you claim to be fans of the band. There's objectivity and there's complete bullshit. Axl has sounded good during this tour. Chinese Democracy is a Guns N' Roses record. And following your own vision rather than selling out or doing what's safe isn't being a poseur. Being a poseur is Metallica cutting their hair and wearing suits and making an alternative record. Being a poseur is a guy naming himself Marilyn Manson and using shock to sell his music. Being a poseur is talking shit about the biggest band in the world, calling them corporate rock while you write pop songs and pose for corporate rock magazines, all while playing acoustic shows for MTV and granting interviews to any media personnel who will listen to you complain about how much you don't want to be a rock star. Someone here said Axl should have written a couple songs and let the rest of the band handle the rest. Duff and Axl were on the same side of the fence in that time period, both opposing the songs and sound Slash wrote with Clarke and Sorum. How the fuck do people consider Chinese a solo project but a record written by Slash, Sorum and Clarke would have been GNR? They all had a hand in the disintigation of the AfD lineup/Illusions lineup. Adler was/is a fuckup. Izzy was disinterested. Duff was getting sober and starting a family. Slash and Axl were stuck in a power play over the direction of the band.