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  1. See here: for links to flyers and the lineup at the time. Getting a record deal and legalizing everything doesn't mean it didn't exist prior. People will always associate the classic lineup, and to some extent Sorum and Dizzy to the "real" GNR or the definitive lineup. Because those are the guys who made the band who they are. I recognize that. And for a long time I considered the AfD lineup as the "real" GNR. But I've softened that stance. The "real" GNR is the current lineup. MY preferred GNR will always be the five guys on AfD.
  2. It isn't semantics though. Axl and Izzy are original members. They founded the band. It was named before Duff, Slash and Adler came on board. There are band photos and they even played live together. It doesn't matter if Duff and Slash have called themselves original members in the past. That doesn't make it true. Those two said a lot of things after they left GNR, and a lot of it was false. Like the entire fiasco over signing over the rights to the name under duress prior to a show.
  3. I've seen GNR perform this live before. I'd LOVE to hear Duff and Slash on it too. I'd like any CD songs we haven't yet gotten, really. Or ones that aren't regularly in the rotation. My hope for when I'm there live is to hear "There was a Time," which they've only done a couple or a few times so far.
  4. Someone questioned a few weeks back why I just come in from time to time on this forum to "defend" the band. I don't. I come in from time to time to express my opinions, and usually get turned off by stuff as can be seen in this very thread. We have this cool news about a livestream via Sirius and people want to cry about Adlero or Izzy or Axl's voice. I don't know why some of you even stick around here. And don't get me wrong: I am all for dissenting opinion. I don't get offended because people want to express an opposite view. It's just so discouraging being a fan of the band where even positive news like this turns into a pissing contest.
  5. That's impossible. Ole Beich died in the early '90s.
  6. Reducing the Illusions records from 2 to 1 is impossible without getting rid of a LOT of good songs. Spreading them out over three and leaving off stuff like "Nov Rain" and "Don't Cry" doesn't even make sense. Like ... what?
  7. Nice. They changed it. Some fans here don't consider the previous lineups without Slash to be GNR, but "it don't really matter." It's not an opinion. It's fact: The band was always GNR no matter the lineup.
  8. I enjoy it. Good change-of-pace on UYI. Have always loved GNR acoustic.
  9. Honestly, since it's been a year now I can't give you an answer with 100 percent certainty. At 6'1, I was still able to see the other side of the stage when I was front row on the rail, but not entirely well. And I of course was still able to see the middle portion that extends out to the crowd and splits the pit. You don't want to end up with some tall person behind you. But the stages ARE high and the screens are high. I don't imagine you'll have MUCH of a problem wherever you choose. My advise is try to get there a little before gates open then when you get into the pit, feel it out and see the viewing angles. My sister is 5'3 and she was on the rail and had no complaints.
  10. I could honestly just not remember it right. It's been so long since I read about the Illusions years. Can you enlighten me? From what I recall, the band took issue with Izzy not wanting to flesh out any of his songs. He came in with them written as is as kind of "I'm done dealing with this" sort of thing. And then Slash recorded both rhythm and lead for the records. Again, if I'm not remembering right or misinformed, please correct me. I don't say that sarcastically.
  11. I didn't mean offense. I guess I should have worded it differently. I want new music too. But if they honestly have no idea when, what do you expect them to say? When he was giving predictions way back when for CD, we kept blowing by rumored dates. Fan club is definitely dodgy and I agree there. That's why I agreed with Trocoli's open letter.
  12. So sick of these "milking the fans" or "cash grab" arguments. Dude, you don't have to attend the shows. And if you do, you can pay for a cheap ticket. You don't have to spend $250 or even $150. And through the years, I've scored some great prices for shows. I saw Slash for $13.50 (including tax) once in Naperville outside of Chicago. A steal! I've been front row at a small club to see Slash for only $45. Saw Adler for like $15. I saw GNR as cheap as $50. Great seats. But beyond pricing, which is where bands make their money now since the music is free, what are you complaining about? That they aren't bombarding us with social media posts? You admit GNR was a game-changer for you in a musical landscape that featured a bunch of mainstream trash. They don't really owe you anything else, do they? I would love new records or a better-run fan club, sure. But complaining like this sort of just reeks of a sense of entitlement, and if I were a musician, it would probably just piss me off. You worry about their legacy, but I think Axl has repaired his image to the mainstream media. Like ... a LOT! He shut up the naysayers by successfully fronting AC/DC WHILE he was touring to millions of people with GNR. And people walked away like, "Damn, Axl still has it." Why do people feel the need to make grand proclamations. "If this or that doesn't happen, I am done being a diehard." OK ... you can skip some shows. You can expand your musical tastes. You can visit this place less. I don't get why it's either black or white. They are touring the world, only a year now with Slash and Duff back. I mean, people were already complaining or sick of it by the end of last summer and wanting more. Where's Izzy? Why isn't Adler involved more? Where is the new music? For years Axl was asked about a reunion with Slash and we have that and it hasn't been enough for even a few months before people are whining. Or moving the bar. Again, I'd love new music. But when I peep into the show threads and see all the rabid fans overseas who are fulfilling dreams (as I did when I saw Slash and Axl together at Coachella), seeing the guys on stage together like they never thought they would ... man, give 'em time to tour around for a spell. That Slane Castle show was AMAZING. I've hit up three NITL shows so far and will be seeing two more this year. To me, those are the memories that will last a lifetime. Not more social-media posts. Not even a new record. Attending a live musical show such as GNR is the true game-changer. I love it and for those three hours of power, I am in complete bliss. Honestly. There's nothing like forgetting the world and rocking out. And I want everyone to experience it. THEN put out a record. Haha
  13. US pits are small. You can arrive when the gates open or an hour before the show and still get a decent spot. You can see everything from the back row or even from the sides (where it's pretty wide open actually). As others said, on the rail and if you're short, you will not be able to see the other side of the stage. So if you're on Duff's side on the rail (and the US shows allow you to go to either side of the pit), you will probably only see the top of Slash's head when he's on his side of the stage. But they all move around and they all go to that centerpiece a lot (which makes the back row a great place for photography and being able to see the video effects on the screen. If you want to try for the rail, I'd say get there at least an hour before the gates open. Pits are small but the stages are huge for these stadium gigs so their wide enough to get a spot. Funny thing is, row 2, 3, 4, etc might be even better if you line up by the center portion that juts out into the middle of the pit since you'lll be closer than the rail right in front of Duff. That's still an easy six-ten feet away from the stage. And the GNR crowds in the US aren't nuts. They're actually quite tame and everyone was polite. haha
  14. In this day and age, I'm surprised "greatest hits" records are even a thing, really. Can't people just compile their own based off most plays on Spotify or iTunes or something? I'm sure what's on this best of record is fairly similar to the songs on streaming media that have the most plays. I don't care or want another "best of." This one's doing OK, still, right? I'd rather have another LIVE ERA. Like a NITL blu-ray/cd combo similar to what they did with Appetite for Democracy. Or a live Troubadour release.
  15. Duff's The Taking has some strong material. I loved it. Slash w/Myles and Slash's last solo record also has several standout tracks. And I think Chinese Democracy is brilliant. Izzy's 117° is his best solo stuff, in my opinion. We all know what these guys were capable of together and then separately with other musicians. I had hoped when rumors of a Slash return started that Izzy would be a part of it. Well, he hasn't. I highly doubt then that he'd come to the studio and do any work. And really, he didn't even do much of that in the Illusions years. He brought in his ideas and split.