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  1. No, no, no!!! Izzy, thank you for being true! And thank you for all the music you gave us!
  2. Don't know how many of you have heard this one... I haven't seen it being posted here. Youtube link: L.A. Guns - Bloodshot Eyes Live Troubadour 10-5-1984 (Axl On Vocals)
  3. And at the end, the same as if in It's So Easy, rasp kicks in! It would be fucking great to hear it!!!
  4. Few hours left to close this thread
  5. The only GN'R song recorded as a solo project comes from Adler. Just imagine Axl singing this and you have a AFD rocker. Adler's Appetite - Alive
  6. I thing he is bored with same old songs...
  7. CD2

    Something like that.
  8. It would be great to get new super rocker YCBM type single! I'm hoping for that kind of single! And since Slash and Duff are back, I think they know fans are expecting a real rocker song!