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  1. Few hours left to close this thread
  2. The only GN'R song recorded as a solo project comes from Adler. Just imagine Axl singing this and you have a AFD rocker. Adler's Appetite - Alive
  3. I thing he is bored with same old songs...
  4. CD2

    Something like that.
  5. It would be great to get new super rocker YCBM type single! I'm hoping for that kind of single! And since Slash and Duff are back, I think they know fans are expecting a real rocker song!
  6. I'm glad he sounds amazing! See Axl, this is what happens when you put in some effort
  7. I was happy to see gnr back together, but this becomes sick. Not into checking news on gnr anymore.
  8. Axl kills it here! The rest of the band too! Best sounding GNR live so far!
  9. Sorry for asking, but why the hell last 3 Gn'R albums have been released on November 23? Chinese Democracy - Nov 23, 2008 Geffen Live Era '87-'93 - Nov 23, 1999 Geffen The Spaghetti Incident? - Nov 23, 1993 Geffen Anyone knows why? Maybe so it's out in time for Christmas to do better sales...
  10. I'm hoping for Estranged like guitar parts
  11. Now I'm sure it's fake. Look at this guys: He posts Axl show video and now "Do you love me song"....both on Spanish language... Plus, he's not doing well with English.
  12. With this latest tweet, he maybe pulling a joke on Gn'R management. Or it's fake and someone wants free promotion on that video...