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  1. When did they share stage in '96??? Lol
  2. Cool I hope for Europe tour...
  3. http://www.axlrosefaclube.com/2016/01/guns-n-roses-informacoes-exclusivas-sobre-a-reuniao-da-banda/ Use google translate
  4. I'm all about AFD! Im just saying what he does in the band...
  5. One keyboard player plays keyboard and the other one (Chris in GNR case) adds samples, loops, overdubs, backing vocals soundscapes... A lot of bands have one behind the stage. Guns just got their one on the stage...
  6. On Kimmel - Myles, DJ Ashba, Kusher, Stinson, Frank, Pitman THE NEW NEW GUNS N' ROSES!
  7. http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160105T2035&p0=137&msg=Axl+Rose+to+talk+%22Guns+N%27+Roses%22+on+%27Jimmy+Kimmel+Live%27&font=serif
  8. Axl and Slash new to his fallowing list Let's hope for the best! https://twitter.com/jimmykimmel/following
  9. Jimmy Kimmel started following both Axl and Slash. So my guess is they both would be guests. And it would make perfect sense as the two of them ARE MAIN GNR GUNS! https://twitter.com/jimmykimmel/following
  10. That crossed my mind too! It would be awsome!
  11. How come Adler is still keeping low? He's not saying anything about any of this...