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  1. No he's not and it's because he's one of the most talented guitar players out there and knows how to do well enough in various genres (bothas a player and writer)AND when it comes up to guitar technique he's top notch. Also, live his playing is usually precise.
  2. Izzy, Robin and Bucket. Bucket has an awesome solo career so maybe he's better alone. But I loved his solo spots on CD.
  3. Is 18 too early to get married?

    Dat bump. Is batman007 still around?
  4. My name is Towelie and I don't like Paradise City

    I don't like the outro. Otherwise... meh, not their greatest moment IMO. Not a bad song, of course, but it is repetitive.
  5. I hate astrology

    Fine, but since the stars are not in the position astrologists say they are then you're not really using them for anything.
  6. I hate astrology

    How they dictate your life? They don't. Especially because the ASTROlogists don't use the star anymore. You see, they are so dumb they refuse to aknowledge that Earth and the signs, something that indian astrologists (or whatever they are) are aware of since ever,are not aligned like they were 2000-5000 years ago. Some of them say they use the seasons to track the signs instead of the stars, yet they are still producing those astral maps with wrong positions. It's all bullshit of course.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    OMG! I see a lot of red hearts instead of yellow ones! YES! No need for gimmicky cooking to increase life! Ok, that made my day.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Looking way better than the Nintendo tree house thing. I just hope it will have music like this instead of "nature sounds" as background and pieces of heart. Having to cook food to increase maximum health temporarily is bullshit. The weapon durability could also be scraped.
  9. Slash is already on the talks to bring the conspirators back in the studio as far as I know.
  10. The Best Guitar Player Of The History (Styles)

    That's pretty good.
  11. Metallica 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct'

    Hmmm. Just listened to it. I guess I'll let it grow on me. For now,I feel that it is a littleuninspired. Spit out the bone feels like their good old thrash. I can see why Kirk felt a bit left behind on this one.IMO it lacks good fills and it's like they're relying to much on the groove, kinda like Anthrax in Stomp 442. Confusion is a good example where it worked, but the rest feels a bit monotone. I'll give it a second listen.