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  1. New album this year rumour

    Mind blown. It all makes sensenow. By 2032 we will have the next AFD with all 5.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Well, they said it would be a sucessor to the 3DS and Wii U. Guess it's true then. Oh, look. They have skyrim too. Now I can do boring choreson an empty game while doing chores on real life. I wonder if the new Zelda will have some gimmickystuff from pokemon GO, like "get your ass out of the couch, grab your switch and walk 3 miles for some supplies that the gamegives you anyway."
  3. New album this year rumour

    We all know how rumors end up with this band. Just sayin...
  4. Future Antiques? What might they be?

    Guitar pedals.
  5. "Gothic Bruce Dickinson" on Better. WTF?
  6. Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint

    Been there (4 times actually), except I didn't have any jewels, just Money for the bus. It sucks
  7. how good is Garden of Eden

    Kinda boring. I prefer THE Garden
  8. Well, if that's the case, then they will probably make a new one, that is, as long as the Moneyis coming and fans are pleasedI see no reason for them to call it quits.
  9. It's better than hardwired, but a little meh still. Glad to see James seems focused on bringing his old singing style back.
  10. Prostitute is a wonderful song

    One of my favorites.
  11. Well, he does butcher CD songs, on the other hand, I don't even know why the hell they're playing them anyway. People waited for this reunion for 20 years, they want to listen to the classics, even with Axl sounding like that, why put CD songs on the setlist? I love CD, especially Better, but it doesn't make sense
  12. Bands that make you change radio stations

    ^ That's a bit of a stretch. His biggest problem is his voice. It is so sugar coated it makes one diabetic just by listening to it.
  13. Bands that make you change radio stations

    Rap artists, U2, Beatles, Rolling Stones, coldplay, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Jack Johnson, Green Day, most modern alternative rock artists and John Mayer.
  14. No, man. 2006 was as close as it gets, unless Axl surprise us, of course. As of now, I would say he's better than 2014 and close to 2010, which was also a good year.