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  1. Ah, so that's why tey're holding that 3rd guitar player position. Chinese democracy reunion post-reunion reunion starts now!
  2. I thought Richard Fortus was Izzy..

    Yeah, you and a lot of people think they do look alike. Can't blame you.
  3. Not sure if dead artists are selling more now than ever cuz I haven't checked any statics, but I do see your point and I agree that nostalgia seems to be more marketable now, or at least more advertised. Not only for music industry, but movies as well: Jurassic Park series, Star Wars, TMNT and Ghostbusters to name a few.
  4. Well, that was unexpectedly deep, but the other dudes are right, this is far from being something new: dying certainly makes any artist more valuable. I think this became a little more "in your face" to us because 2016 killed a higher number of artists than we are used to.
  5. Anyone wish we'd get a Guitar Hero GN'R?

    Just for the multi tracks.
  6. I'm really positive towards this game for some reason. It did happen to me that this could be Daikatana 2 but... nah, this doesn't look like one of those "too big for its own good" kinda game. I don't thinkRomero wants to turn anyone into his bitch this time around.
  7. Sounds awesome. Let's go for it. 10 bucks I can spare for this noble reason.
  8. The Elder Scrolls VI

    I also hope they make more varieties of dungeons. Skyrim had, pretty much, barrows, caves and dwemer ruins.
  9. 16 years, eh? Good for him.
  10. The Elder Scrolls VI

    First I heard of it was in 2013, if I'm not mistaken. Looking good so far. Fallout 2 was afree for all alright, becoming a porn star for example, but it had one fatal flaw: SLOW battles. Fallout 1had such an amazing balance in its random encounters, but every battle in 2 lasted way too much. Wanamingos,stronger centaurs (mean, if I'm not mistaken) and floaterswere so resilent and couldn't really hurt you after getting an advanced power armor. finishing it sure was a test on my patience.
  11. The Elder Scrolls VI

    Hmm... the discrepancy between user and critic reviews sure is remarkable. I wonder why? I recall hearing something about critics fearing a huge backlash from the fanbase and also being paid to say it's all nice and dandy. I have no idea if any of these theories is true tho.
  12. The Elder Scrolls VI

    Ah, I see. FO4 is the only mainline FO i have yet to play in it's entirety, and, considering your description, I see it is more of aFO3 than a NV, right? Man, NV, albeit buggy as hell, was pretty asolidgamein terms of good,game changing,interesting perks -jury rigging, anyone?(instead of those boringdamage adding perks from FO3) and had a faster paced combat system. FO3 wasn't that boring, buthitting a regular human with a MFing missile to only drain like 1/5 of his health with maxed out big guns statwas kind of lame. Do it in NV with good explosives stats and you'll one hit a lot of enemies. In fact, grenade launchers in NV were the tits, good damage and speed. Thump-Thump was a low level favorite of mine.
  13. The Elder Scrolls VI

    I just hope they make it more similar to Morrowind: - Less random loot quests (or none at all) -A world with something to see, not an empty giant world with nothing to see, but repetitivelandscapes. - Cutscenes. Arena, Dagger andMorrowindhad those and were great. Seeing Alduin dying in first persion, while being able to jump aorund, go naked and attack those 3 helpingdeities,seemed a bit too lazy. - Real bosses: Alduin is such a terrible boss, he's basically the same dragon enemy we killed in thousands before getting there. We need bosses that are unique and not just a stronger version of a regular enemy, think tribunal'sAlmalexia, or even Dawnguards's Harkon. They should also include: - Abetter and longermain storyline that make the world evolve and doesn't feel like just another side quest, perhaps they shouldsacrifice a bit of the non-linear aspect in order to empower the main storyline and have quests thatactually change the world and open new pathsdepending on your choices, not just some NPC or faction's opinion about you. Quests that have a before and after fator behind them. - A more skill based and fastercombat system, 10 min battles against cannon-fodder-enemies-with-too-much-HP are quite boring (having to punch down 15 xivilai on an Oblivion raid because you were a nord and had to do it in order to level up was some sadistic bullcrap) - A real soundtrack, having a tune with a good melody won't kill the immersion, we had that on Daggerfall and Arena and it worked well, why not here? - Better companion, or better yet, remove 'em all along. They serve pretty much as mules. they barely help in fights - Cool dwemer tools, like space wiking's dwemer Hyperion mod for skyrim
  14. Looking good. If Axl improve a little bit more, it would be perfect. I'm not saying he should try to reach 1992 vocal-wise, since he's 50 something now,but a 2010ish is a realistic goal for him.
  15. Media reactions to AXL/DC - good and bad

    Why do people care so much about someone's"reactions" nowadays?