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  1. Have you listened to Lulu?

    It starts with a cool riff, but the problem is that you soon realize they're gonna repeat it for the whole song and then comes Lou with some terrible singing and Lyrics. James is also guilty of this.
  2. Wolf whistling now a hate crime it seems!

    I'm pretty sure Karl has nothing to do with it, but using PC shit to dictate how people should live their lives is called "cultural marxismo" why? Beats me, I don't care. Look it up.
  3. Wolf whistling now a hate crime it seems!

    PC ideology and cultural marxism, or whatever they call it,has to die out already.
  4. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Sam I Am - Skrew
  5. Public Transport

    Here in Brazil it doesn't work. Better yet,chances are thatyou'll get mugged while waiting for the damn bus, especially on the city I live in as we have no money to pay cops.
  6. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Quad Machine - Sonic Mayhem
  7. Corey Taylor

    Mick is using jackson's now?
  8. Hurt (Johnny Cash) cover

    Beautiful.I like both versions, but I think Cash's is a bit more haunting. I gotta give it to him.
  9. Member picture thread

    Well, duh.
  10. Keep the United Kingdom United

    WTH, snakes. Didn't you start a thread about how EU didn't work for britain a while ago?
  11. E3 - 2016

    This Zelda needs heart containers so we can ignore the hunting and cooking. I think they wouldn't remove it from the series.
  12. E3 - 2016

    The 27 min one on kotaku's? Yes, I did. I wasn't really paying attention to the dudes talking. The gameplay was what I came for. Could you please point it on the video? I'm just that lazy...
  13. E3 - 2016
  14. E3 - 2016

    Why is it the opposite? the opposite of what? A generic wrpg?A true Zelda has weapon durability? A true Zelda has afield withelevator music instead of an actual song? What elements are these? Having to constantly hunt shit down in order to temporarily buff my health?That's what Zelda is about? Really? They even removed the "cut grass to get hearts and rupes. The keyword for Zelda was never survival. Sorry, man you're wrong and I'm not saying that's how the game will be, but considering all the footages and trailers I've seen so far it seems that they made some poor choices for this game. I hope I'm wrong as I was with Doom 4 ID didn't help with that first trailer tho.
  15. E3 - 2016

    Hmm... apparently there are no cities in this game, just like Zelda 1.