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  1. "Their entire career", which is very short, considering all the silence years. In fact, they have more silent years than active years. It also didn't help CD had the worst promotion an album has ever received.
  2. Considering all the times Axl said this wasn't Burger King, I guess it was for the Money, at least Axl.
  3. DOOM - Campaign Trailer 4th Feb 2016

    Well, it was a different kind of game. a very atmospheric survival horror game - more or less - kinda game. It had nothing to do with what players were expecting from a sequel so it divided the fan base.
  4. DOOM - Campaign Trailer 4th Feb 2016

    And fuck ambient elevator music too. "Oh, it's perfect for setting the tension and the mood" What mood? Boredom?
  5. DOOM - Campaign Trailer 4th Feb 2016

    It looks good, but lt seems Bethesda forgot that these games are supposed to be fast. 3 shots from a shotgun to kill a cannon fodder enemy? Hell no! It reminds me of Fallout 3, especially the point lookout add on: you get a double barreled shotgun that takes like 1/8th of a regular human's health (not talking about those deformed guys on said add on). Thank god they fixed it in New Vegas. The chainsaw became a fucking scripted weapon and what the fuck happened to the music? Where's my Slayer? the oppening was begging for behind the crooked cross. Is there any good reason for not having heavy metal tunes like the originals? Especially now that we can have actual instruments playing instead of MIDI's? Is it because of immersion? Fuck immersion. Every time this word appear on a game, especially on skyrim mods, it's certainly something that will make the game slower and add unnecessary burocracy to it. Fuck bethesda seriously.
  6. Who´s more iconic at this time?

    Yes it is, whether you like it or not... wait, which NuGn'R are we talking about? We got plenty Agree with the first part tho. Axl is a joke nowadays and it was all his doing. Slash had his fair share of embarassing moments, like the black eyed peas hat and the phineas and ferb purple Disney magic, but at least he still delivers quality gigs, while Axl fucked up his voice beyond recognition.
  7. Reunion confirmed? Yes? No? Is the band moving forward after 8 years of pure nothingness?
  8. So? Anything new? I agree that they waited too much, on the other hand the history of nu gnr is plagued by unexplainable silence periods, wasted opportunities and waiting and I really hope Axl is doing something about his voice.
  9. Okay, is there anything confirmed for tonight? Other than burritos?
  10. The Comic Book Thread

    I used to read Spider Man until they ruined it with one more day. Oh, boy... Now I'm into green lantern new guardians.
  11. It would depend a lot on Axl's voice. That guy could use some improvement.
  12. Final Fantasy

    Lookinggood. I don't get why people are criticizing the new battle system on FF VII. XV looks cool too, except for the hero which looks like the emo loser kid from Naruto.
  13. Has anyone heard Buckethead's latest stuff?

    Leave the light on is a favorite of mine as well.