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  1. Holy crap. I just saw them last year. Amazing Would be like my 4th Gn'R gig.
  2. Yeah, the ending is nothing special, a bit less than I expected, EVEN for zelda standards. I found this game somewhat lacking as a whole. It's not a disaster, it's a neat game, but it lacks some stuff, the dungeons are pretty creative, but it lacks more temple-like dungeons like in the old days. Of course, some of the new features should be kept for new zelda and this does NOT include that stupid weapon durability system. I mean, you get Daruks signature weapon and... you break that huge sword after some lynels... that wouldn't be bad if the weapon didn't disapear once broke and there's no repair option... Bullshit!
  3. Finck in this case. It's like comparing Finck's solo in SCOM to Slash's, although it wasn't bad, it didn't have the same feeling Slash did that complimented the song so well. On TIL it's the other way around, Slash can't capture the right feeling for the song like Finck did.
  4. It's not that the album is underrated. It is hated. Mostly because of all the drama that went into it. That album divided already divided the fan base a decade before it was released. The reception it received was to be expeced no matter how good the album and I think it is a masterpiece.
  5. Altough the game has it's upsides, such as cool and diverse armor and gear, what really gets under my skin is weapon breakage, I don't mind that rusty stuff breaks easily, but I have never thought that I would have to think if I have enough double axes to kill a larger foe. Seriously. It sucks.
  6. Since I said I wanted my money back I guess it wouldn't be a great deal at all. Anyways, too much walking and ambient music for a zelda game. At least the bosses still feels like Zelda.
  7. My feelings on the new Zelda: Want my Money back...
  8. Pretty cool. Still this doesn't explain how you are going to make an "accurate astral map", which they are still selling to idiots, if you are using the wrong positions and there's also the part of ASTROlogists using the seasons instead ASTRAL bodies that makes it even more ridiculous. BTW, what about here in the south? Our seasons are reversed, we are in the middle of summer right now. How do we adapt that? What about equatorial countries that don't have 4 defined seasons?
  9. No he's not and it's because he's one of the most talented guitar players out there and knows how to do well enough in various genres (both as a player and writer) AND when it comes up to guitar technique he's top notch. Also, live his playing is usually precise.
  10. Izzy, Robin and Bucket. Bucket has an awesome solo career so maybe he's better alone. But I loved his solo spots on CD.
  11. Dat bump. Is batman007 still around?
  12. I don't like the outro. Otherwise... meh, not their greatest moment IMO. Not a bad song, of course, but it is repetitive.
  13. Fine, but since the stars are not in the position astrologists say they are then you're not really using them for anything.