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  1. VR - Vive, Rift, PSVR

    Nope, didn't have the chance. This one in particular looks promising, way more than VirtualBoy,but VR is a concept that failed a couple, or more, attempts in the past, so, it is something that I would wait and think twice before buying.
  2. Wait. Are there plans for a new album? what did I miss?
  3. What went wrong with NUGNR?

    What happened? He didn't release music and kept silente for many years. That's what happened.
  4. DOOM - Campaign Trailer 4th Feb 2016

    Just for the beta multiplayer thing, due to the fact that there were loadouts and people would mostly camp on upgrades spawns, as for the rest, it seems that the lack of speed from the first teasers are gone. players and critics, metacritic are giving mostly good reviews (80). Guess I'll try this one out afterall. Will probably mod this stupid chainsaw out of the game and the urine filters also. The glory kills are pretty bland and lame, doomguy rips a part from the monster and then proceeds to stick it back somewhere else, clearly made to appeal the pre pubescent "br00tal"crowd. It's still lacking a decent soundtrack as well... otherwise looks good. Will probably not be remembered asdat great classic, like 1 and 2.
  5. I would love to see Axl singing something for AiC, I mean, why not? they're the opening act.
  6. Tough one, let's say Axl hits big with AC/DC fans live, that would probably translate in Strong sales. A Gn'R record with Slash and Duff would probably sell high as well, so it depends on how well theAC/DC fanbase, which, I'm almost sure, is larger than Gn'R's,receives Axl.
  7. Frozen 2 and LGBT activists

    Only if we get some lesbian porn
  8. Axl/DC= New music thread

    Imposter is better than the older one
  9. Axl/DC= New music thread

    Axl rehearsing AND releasing new music? That's not Axl, it's na imposter!
  10. Axl - Thunderstruck Full Rehearsal

    I can't believe he is finally rehearsing Hanging around with another band may be the healthiest thing Axl has done in years.
  11. DOOM - Campaign Trailer 4th Feb 2016

    I gotta admit, real game footage looks way better and faster than the their trailers. Very cool secret. Also, the neutral light filtersare so much more appealing to my eyes than that diarrhea orange they put as the standard looks of the game. Are they trying to emulate a Michael bay movie or something? They should also unscript the chainsaw, make it a damage dealing weapon, instead of an execution one.
  12. Ah, so that's why tey're holding that 3rd guitar player position. Chinese democracy reunion post-reunion reunion starts now!
  13. I thought Richard Fortus was Izzy..

    Yeah, you and a lot of people think they do look alike. Can't blame you.
  14. Not sure if dead artists are selling more now than ever cuz I haven't checked any statics, but I do see your point and I agree that nostalgia seems to be more marketable now, or at least more advertised. Not only for music industry, but movies as well: Jurassic Park series, Star Wars, TMNT and Ghostbusters to name a few.
  15. Well, that was unexpectedly deep, but the other dudes are right, this is far from being something new: dying certainly makes any artist more valuable. I think this became a little more "in your face" to us because 2016 killed a higher number of artists than we are used to.