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  1. Yes... Just read it... R.I.P. Kevin...
  2. Yeah, I know... Let's hope for a separate show. I'd prefer Werchter, though. Still, I believe it when I see it.
  3. I hope for Pinkpop, Graspop Metal Meeting and Rock Werchter... Would be great. Yes, I'm a Dutchie too.
  4. Show of the Week - Hartford, CT - March 9th, 1993

    Yes, the Skin n' Bones tour was great. It was definitely Axl's best vocal year ever. I've seen 4 1993 shows: Milton Keynes, Nijmegen, The Netherlands 2 days running, and Werchter Belgium. Acoustics were great - everything was near perfect. Dead Flowers had a great impact on me. His voice was incredible. Yeah, all those memories... Wish I could do 1992-1993 all over again...
  5. Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead has died

    R.I.P. Lemmy... Saw Motörhead in 2012 at Graspop Metal Meeting before Axl and NuGnr performed... Don't know what to say...
  6. Anyone Else Like BAD APPLES?

    I really like it.
  7. I attended that show. It was fucking great. It was amazing. I still play the DVD every now and then.
  8. Sorelle Saidman Book?

    I guess there's some truth in this. I pre-ordered the book some years ago with ECampus. The release date was October. But nothing happened. I got the message that the title was currently not available. Funny enough the book is still on their list: http://www.ecampus.com/axl-life-times-axl-rose-guns-n-roses/bk/9780060786694&pos=5
  9. GN'R's animated gifs

    Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo OH, 1988
  10. A drunken New Year's gift to you from ER.

    Love it! Sexyyy! Happy New Year to you too.!
  11. The Paris PPV special

    No. I'm just offscreen. I recognize the guys who were standing next to me, but I'm just offscreen - which is highly frustrating. I sometimes re-run those parts of the dvd, hoping I might catch a glimpse eventually... Not!