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  1. I definitely want that book! I always loved Mick's first one - of course I still got it - The most Dangerous Band in the world. To me that is the best Guns' book ever. Now I really want this new one!
  2. That's exactly how I feel about this interview. They also look a tad wary and tense to me.
  3. Cool post, @Maarten I was there too, both days. It was awesome, wasn't it. I also still got the tickets. I got the white Skin 'n Bones t-shirt.
  4. The Goffertpark had two locations for concerts - a big one and a small one. Ahoy Arena has a capacity for 15.000 but only 9000 tickets were sold in 2012, so they build up the stage more towards the center of the floor. However, let's hope they will do the Netherlands! I'm trying to get people enthusiastic again about Guns!
  5. I was there too, at Ahoy. I keep my fingers crossed for 2017.
  6. I know... I live in the Netherlands. But Axl's band was not all that successful. In 2006 the band had to be relocated to a much smaller venue due to poor tickets sales, and in 2012 they had to resize the venue for the same reasons. Been there, seen it. That's what worries me: are promoters still interested? Except for some hardcore fans the reunion is not a hot item over here, yet...
  7. I guess they won't do the Netherlands. I would hope so, though...