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  1. Factually incorrect. - Izzy was asked to join Guns for this tour. - The partnership has not existed since the mid 90s. It's been reestablished this year. -If Izzy was asked, they weren't considering Fortus asthe rhythm guitarist. -Izzy said "They didn't want to split the loot equally." Axl is they now? If so, with whom is he splitting the "loot"? - Slash and Duff can't re-join a band they were never a part of. Guns N' Roses stopped existing in the mid 90s. Guns N' Roses was never Axl's band. - Chinese leftovers? Have you heard them? Answer is no. Then you don't know what they would release as a new record, if they ever released one. - Do you know for a fact Richard has written stuff for those CD leftovers? If anything, Buckethead and Finck have, Fortus - with his mediocre songwriting style - don't think so.
  2. Impossible. Session musician Richard Fortus was NEVER Guns N' Roses first choice for this tour. They wanted Izzy, when Izzy said "I want the same amount of money you guys are getting" and Guns N' Roses refused to do that, Izzy declined to join them, and then they asked Fortus who, obviously, is a lot cheaper. If they ever wanted to release a new album of original material, I think they would try to ask Izzy again, who has proven already, to be a great songwriter. What has Fortus proven? That he can decentlyplay Izzy's guitar parts? That's not enough to consider him for an album. He is very replaceable. There are currently millions of guitarists around the globelike Fortus playing other people's material for money. In a way, Fortus should be thankful Izzy declined to join Guns. Without him doing that, Fortus would be playing guitaron stage with someone like, I don't know,Enrique Iglesias?
  3. Izzys back in the studio

    Speak for yourself. I care. Session musicianFortus can fuck right off.
  4. They're not underrated or underappreciated.
  5. Izzy is an awesome, true rock star. Fortus is a hired hand session musician playing Izzy's songs and written material for money.
  6. More than two decades without Guns N' Roses. They're back!!
  7. No, but I love them.
  8. Happy Birthday, Gracii Guns!

    Happy Birthday,Grace!
  9. Don't Breathe

    Average. Expected more.
  10. It's not Fortus' fault. He's just a B-grade, session guitar player who does what he's told. He's also costing Gn'R - meaning Axl, Slash and Duff - a lot less money than Izzy.
  11. Vote for GN'R- Band of the year

    Voted for Gn'R.
  12. Pokémon