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  1. DAYS WON 36 You last won the day on October 28 2016 Congratulations, you had the most liked content!
  2. Bald La La Land producer was really disrespectful to Warren Beatty. It wasn't his fault.
  3. Jesus.
  4. The fuck?
  5. No. Not even close. '93 Axl, though... that was awesome.
  6. Word, sister. Where's Amy Adams?
  7. I should have pre-ordered the Hacksaw Ridge steelbook but for some reason I missed it. Thank God I found a copy at the store.
  8. Good picks, BS. I would say that Moonlight has replay value just for the cinematography alone. The colors were stunningly beautiful.
  9. Moonlight is just amazing but Best Picture is going to La La Land.