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  1. What a fucking disgrace that woman, Beta Lebeis, is to Axl's life.
  2. Matt Sorum > Steven Adler > Dog's shit > Frank Ferrer
  3. Frank is excrement. Adler is Gn'R.
  4. Pokémon

    Lvl 23. Calculating IVs like a real dumb fuck. It is addictive!
  5. This. Thank you for posting it, so I didn't have to.
  6. Chinese Democracy never sold 6.5 million copies. It sold around 3-3.5 million, which, to be honest, is a lot - considering that garbage album is an unlistenable piece of shit.
  7. That's your imagination... or your poor English skills. A very, verysmall percentage of fans think Axl is Gn'R. Axl's solo cover band that he unashamedly called Gn'R became a vegas act circus, if we were to think that his band was doing "well", we wouldn't have Slash and Duff - real Gn'R members - working with Axl again. Finally, I live in South America, too, and your claim of the majority of gigs being sold-out is 100% false. Do your research, I even made a thread years ago with the exact numbers from 100% reliable sources. Look it up, and get an education. Also, your claim of "all the people" knowing Axl was the sole original member is false. Ever heard of a 'casual fan'?
  8. Guns N' Roses last album of original material was a double-record called Use Your Illusion I & II, their lastperformance was in Argentina 1993, and the bandstopped existing somewhere in the mid 90s. Luckily for us, fans, the group reformed earlier this year. One would think that in a Gn'R forum there's no need to mention that but...
  9. This. Songs from Axl's solo record are a buzzkill. I mean, yeah, Slash's solos are great and improve those woeful, mediocre songs a lot but I think it's beenenough.
  10. Chinese Democracy did not sell 6.5 million copies. Axl's cover band did not sell out all LATAM gigs in 2010.
  11. The Seeker Live

    Great song, I really like it. It has nobusiness in a Gn'R show, though. Guns N' Roses catalog is so small that playing a lot of covers make no sense. These guys haven't played together in two decades. Play your songs, damn.
  12. Slash will be everywhere in the next album - if they release one anyway. Same goes for Axl and Duff. Fortus will play rhythm and/or whatever he's told and get paid for it. Zero songwriting credits and a "additional musician"thank you footnote printed on the booklet.