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  1. Why aren't they playing...

    These newbies... always talking crazy ass shit.
  2. Happy Birthday, Slash

    Happy birthday, Slash!!
  3. My boy Slash is looking good. Digging the t-shirt, too!
  4. Catcher In The Ryeis a boring, godawful song. As all CD material that has been performed so far, Slash's solos are amazing and the only good thing about them.
  5. Leslie Jones is hilarious. Love her!
  6. Lol, another boring-ass CD song that will include a masterful solo by guitar God Slash.
  7. "On the keys, to my left, Ms. Melissa Reese!" Crowd:
  8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Fucking amazing.
  9. Well said. 40% body fat, neckbeards are a funny bunch.
  10. VIP for me. My long-time high-school third-time-is-a-charm ex-girlfriend is coming all the way from Italy for the show!
  11. Sorry

    Slash magical solos and bends are the only good things in this garbage song. Oh, that, and the long "shut up and sing!"