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  1. vote for Axl- Rock Titan Of The Year-

    Voted for Slash, as he is the main reason for Gn'R tour being so successful.
  2. Eastern Creek Raceway 93

    Did I hear 'Beggars And Hangers On' riff?
  3. Eastern Creek Raceway 93

    Awesome. I really love this stuff. Thank you so much for sharing!
  4. Steven Adler at the Roxy 2016

  5. Steven Adler at the Roxy 2016

    Frank is utter excrement compared to Adler. Frank is utter excrement compared to Sorum. Frank is utter excrement compared to Frank.
  6. McBob Introducing GN'R Again

    Nipples. Hard as fuck right now.
  7. As someone who has watched andlistened to every single bootleg available from the 90s era of REAL Guns N' Roses, I could guarantee that was a drunk as fuck Slash.
  8. My boy Axl, the king of whining, tells another crazy ass person to stop whining. Haha.
  9. Mad Rose 1993

    Best band in the world!
  10. He was never in Guns N' Roses so not sure how he could 'go back' to a band he was never part of.
  11. Troubadour Live: Sweet Child O' Mine

    Axl sounds bad. Slash sounds killer, though.
  12. But take in consideration who said it, a poster with the woeful, cheesy, fifth-grade-elementary-school-caliber lyrics of This I Love as a signature. In all honesty I'd give a free pass to that poor soul.

    The F1 legend and Slash looking boss as fuck.