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  1. The Official Blu-Ray Thread

    Got Spectre steelbook in the mail 2 days ago.  Nice debossed detail on the center.  
  2. Happy Birthday W. Axl Rose 2/6/16

    Happy Birthday, Rose!
  3. What Are You Listening To 2016

  4. What Are You Listening To 2016

  5. That guy. Poor soul. He said he was going to quit supporting Axl if, Bumblefoot left DJ Ashba left Axl reunited with Slash Those three things have happened, but he's still supportive of Axl. What a clown. His word is shit.
  6. I was about to open a thread similar to this. And yes, I am still shocked. Not because I expected or not expected a reunion to ever happening, but because Axl and Slash will share a stage again since Argentina, 1993. It is unreal. Who would have thought? I mean, and I think this is pretty obvious, I was entirely convinced that someone as childish and stubborn as Axl Rose would not perform again with someone he has considered to be the devil and a cancer for years. Everything pointed out that Axl still hated Slash and for that reason alone, the 'dream' of seeing these two together again was null and void. But... on April, 8th we will these two motherfuckers together again. Can't you believe it? I, certainly, can't. Slash playing the November Rain outro - as it was supposed to be played - for the first time in 23 years? Can't believe that. The thought of seeing that happening and being something that is - actually - not delusion, is just incredible. And I never wanted them to perform together again, I was 100% opposed to that idea, so just imagine how excited these so-called "reunionists" must feel right now. When the rumors of the reunion first started I was 100% positive it was all bullshit and fabrication from and by those who always wanted to see them together. I said no, no and no -- but I was dead wrong. I am still about 2 or 3% uncertain of this happening, somewhere deep inside I think that Axl will somehow cancel these shows, but yeah, that's the way someone who has been absolutely disappointed by Axl on several occasions think so, don't pay much attention. To regain my 100% absolutely hardcore fan loving position, I need Axl to be professional. He has already proven to me and millions of other people that he wasn't the despicable, angry, heartless, full of hatred human being we thought he was. As for childish and stubborn, well, that's yet to be seen since the latest GN'R update was childish as fuck. That mentality was great in the early 90s, but Axl still needs a wake up call. Stop the crybaby bullshit and move on. It's very simple. As for not promoting these shows and the cancellation on Kimmel. I think that it is... great? I mean, I... think I get why they're doing what they're doing. They're trying to preserve the 'magic' of seeing these guys together again - and don't deny that it will be magical (regardless of how fucked up Axl voice could be). If after these four announced-and-confirmed shows they refuse to make any TV appearance or interview, then I will agree that their attitude is being stupid. Not before, though. The way they're handling these shows, and not giving anyone an explanation is great. All of the sudden the impossible has happened and we're just months away from that magical moment.
  7. All I gotta say is, FUCK Chinese Democracy and that absurd, boring, useless era of the "band." Fuck that and fuck Axl's dream and "vision." Welcome back, Slash and Duff. REAL Guns N' Roses are going to rule the world again, I hope.
  8. The Oscars 2016 [Nominations]

  9. Marc's contribution to the new BBC documentary

    ^ Terrific post. Can't wait to watch that doc of REAL Guns N' Roses!
  10. Do whatever you want, DJ, and don't get me wrong I wish you well and all, but please, stay the fuck away from the Gn'R brand. Thank you.
  11. Incredible interview. I swear I could hear these guys talk about the making of the UYIs for days and I wouldn't get bored.