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  1. Thanks! 360 day suspension for those who continue to discuss the books from now on? Edit: It's season 6!
  2. Richard Fortus is a rhythm player in the band. FACT. Why would people stop saying it if it's an undeniable fact? He doesn't have enough solos to be considered a lead. His solos in Knockin' On Heaven's Door are replacing his solo spot, that's why Axl introduces him during that song. I'm cool with the decision of saving time by giving him a couple of solos in that particular song. I think the problem with your flawed logic is that you think that beinga great guitar playergives him enough merit to be considered part of the "partnership." At this point I'm not sure if you actually know what the partnership is, what it means and how Fortus will never be part of it. You falsely state that his role "on stage" is more important than Gilby. Well, that's not entirely true. Gilby used to play a couple of solos during the jambefore Knockin' On Heaven's Door. And in 1993, he played all the I Used To Love Her solos in the acoustic guitar. And even if Fortus is getting more solos than him, live shows do not mean shit. That doesn't get you into the "partnership." As for Izzy Stradlin, are you forgetting that when he was in the band, he used to sing and play Dust N' Bones and 14 Years? Sure, Fortus has a stage routine that can be - to some people - better than Izzy, but again, that doesn't get you into the "partnership." You know what gets you into a partnership? Songwriting. Izzywrote most of the Guns N' Roses songs from scratch. Without his raw ideas, Axl and Slash would have not been able to write some of his epic and legendary lyrics and solos. I mean, some of those songs you claim Fortus is playing perfectly, were written by Izzy. So how could be that Fortus is way more important than Izzy? If you're considering "live shows" only, again, that do not mean shit. Regarding a new record, I hope Fortus is able to write some great guitar parts for Slash to solo on. As far as I know, Fortus is not a great songwriter and I like Dead Daisies, but maybe the Slash/Fortus combo and they working together in the same studio room can get something great out of them as a team? Who knows. Finally, you can hope all you want, but Fortus will never be part of anything. He will always be under contract. It's not like that's bad for him. If he writes great music, get a paycheck for his royalties and get the respect he deserves, being part of the Gn'R partnership or not should mean shit to him - financially and professionally. I don't think he cares at all. To be honest, it looks like that's waaaay more important to you for some weird reason.
  3. In my opinion, Freese, Buckethead and Finck parts are the highlightof the album. Unfortunately, this isovershadowed by Axl's horrid, cheesy, bitter, out-ta-get-melyrics, awful vocals and unnecessary NINwanna-be production. The biggestflaw of the album is Axl. If The World is a song that most people that like or love Chinese do not like. I, however, like the song -- when Axl is completely removedfrom it. It works as an instrumental. Anyways, it's cool that you're enjoying your newfound love for Chinese Democracy.
  4. Frank Ferrer

    Better than Frank.
  5. Yesterdays

    Slash, don't you ever try to noddle the Yesterdays solo again. It sounds awful.
  6. Great/really good. Drop CD songs and covers and play more UYI tunes!
  7. Let alone the fact that their very first show was at The Troubadour and the Gn'R page stated:"back where it all began..." What exactly began at The Troubadourif this is just a new incarnation of Axl's cover band plus Slash and Duff? Why are they using the classic logo that defined and represented REAL Guns N' Roses (1987-1993) when it isn't a reunion tour? Unless you're mentally challenged, I think it's pretty clear how they're selling it. Unfortunately - and this is my opinion only - I think we will not see Stradlin or Adler because they don't want to pay more when they can pay less. Axl, Slash and Duff are splitting the big money from the stadium shows, and paying a minimum to additional musicians Frank Ferrer and Richard Fortus. To be honest, most people around the globe only care about Axl and Slash, and that's good enough to be selling out stadiums -- something Axl couldn't do with his cover band. Duff is a great additionas the three of themwere the face of REAL Guns N' Roses back in the day. Nobody is going to say "no Adler - no buy!" and even if someone is, that's just like... one in a million.
  8. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    "This video contains content from Coachella, who has blocked it on copyright grounds." Fuck them.
  9. Axl Rose On TMZ

    Missed opportunity!
  10. Axl Rose On TMZ

    Nice. He answered the questions.
  11. Is Axl the best frontman of all time?

    Sweet Jesus. What a frontman. Axl is a cheap shoe compared to the Godfather of soul. 17 minute of pure of awesomeness. Nipples are hard as stones right now. Thank you for sharing that.
  12. Is Axl the best frontman of all time?

    Stockholm 1991 is legendary. I wish I could listen to that for the first time again.