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  1. Loving it!
  2. Awful songs. Will never sound like Guns N' Roses.
  3. I need to find a copy of that Alien poster.
  4. GOD. DAMN.
  5. I bought my copy of the first John Wick for $8 with a mint slip. Time to retire that and get those steelbooks. Best Buy is taking all my money. Goddamn.
  6. I own that one. Great transfer.
  7. Not interested. Looks meh to me.
  8. It is certain.
  9. Yes, I'm in the same boat regarding 4K. Pre-ordered the Target and Best Buy exclusives for Rogue One and La La Land. Also the Best Buy exclusive for Logan. Missed the Moana 3D steelbook but Best Buy had them available for shipping last week. I had to pay $5 more but what the hell, steel is gorgeous and I was kicking myself for missing that one.