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  1. It was posted a while ago. Love that fucking riff. Video isn't from 1993, though.
  2. Matt's drumming is pretty good overall. Loved his drumset during the UYI tour, especially the one he had in the Skin n' Bones leg. His drumming sound and tone have always been flawless. He's truly missed in the band. Breakdown, Locomotive and You Could Be Mine are the highlights of his tenure in Gn'R but he performed Steven's material to perfection.
  3. Did you sell your exclusive of "The Wrestler"? Damn, I wanted to ask for it but kept forgetting.
  4. @James Bond Next time you need an US exclusive, let me know. I can hook you up. I guess BS can do that as well. I'm always eager to help a fellow collector.
  5. Yeah, that Kong Skull Island steelbook looks horrid, but I'll get it if it ends up being 4K + 3D.
  6. Yes. It was a nightmare to get a mint copy but after the hassle I must say I don't know what to do with the steelbook, lol. It's still sealed and I have a ton of movies in my watchlist that I'd choose before BatB. I guess I'll keep it sealed until the end of the year to see if a 3D version is released in the US. My LEGO Batman steelbook was shipped but luckily it arrived in great condition. I handpicked both JW in store, though.
  7. Damn. So beautiful.
  8. Good film but expected more. 7/10. Gal Gadot is one gorgeous woman, though.
  9. Slash is the highlight of this tour. I don't pay attention to Axl when Slash is on stage.
  10. Horrendous garbage.
  11. Beautiful. Slash is the star of this reunion. That Godfather was incredible.