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  1. Prostitute/Madagascar are my favorite from CD, I don't know which one to choose, but I don't understand the "popularity" for SoD
  2. Yeah, it's like when you are motivated to do something, you are giving 110% of yourself for it, but someone just cut you right off telling you can't do it or whatever. It's over you probably wont be that motivated ever again or it will take time
  3. 2009 and 2010 were amazing, I think Axl was more like "you didnt see me since a couples of years, Im back now, I ain't dead yet and Im going to proove it" he for sure did, by blowing our minds off When he did "TWAT" in Tapei in 2009, it was just woaw or "Nice Boys" 2009/2010 version is just crazy. And there is 2011, where he probably just says to himself "well fvck it, I did what I had to do, rasp is now off"
  4. Same Axl as yesterday or not, the crowd seems to have fun, thats what matters. I sure would if I was there
  5. Of course, just picture Axl singing this song the way he does Perfect Crime or DTJ and add a Slash's solo
  6. Not a big fan of Babymetal but from what I saw on youtube, their shows are kinda insane, and they seem to be freaking huge in Japan, it's going to be a hell of a night. Axl and the singer of babymetal (su metal?) are going to duo and cover the song Pen Pineapple Apple Pen from Pikotaro
  7. for sure There is also another video of him playing Rocket Queen in 2010, kinda great too
  8. I wish I could whistle like Axl, Im so bad at it
  9. Im sorry for digging up an old topic but I had to. I found this audio a couple days ago
  10. Any band with the departure of Dj Ashba will be 100x better
  11. Gn'R Babymetal Eagles of Death Metal Lexy Panterra
  12. Didnt know what Babymetal was until today, and they are not that bad, a bit too brutal for my little heart
  13. I don't know anything about Disturbed, David Draiman, is this dude that good ? and papa emeritus...?
  14. Osaka, Seoul, Taipei shows were insane, it was like a big "fvck you" from Axl to all haters who wanted to bury him