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  1. Trunk said that there WONT be a reunion.. Not in the foreseeable future anyway. I think he is along the lines of thinking that GN'R as we know it is over.
  2. Will Axl be calling?

    Gilby is an awful lead player. Have you seen the video of him playing SCOM? Gives you shivers, and not in the way you would think.
  3. is Frank Ferrer rich?

    120k a month = 120k a year?
  4. Will Axl be calling?

    I actually like the tone Fortus plays in, Robin really butchered the November Rain solo, he is talented, but when it comes to playing classical GNR stuff, I know I will get a lot of hate cause of this, but I prefer Ashba over Robin. Same here. I never liked Finck. Was glad when he left
  5. is Frank Ferrer rich?

    I heard on one of the boards a number of years ago that Bumblefoot was on a retainer fee of 30,000 a month. Weather they where on down time or a full year world tour the number stayed the same. Thats 360,000 per year X 8 years. 2,880,000 - Not a bad salary
  6. Will Axl be calling?

    I like Fortus, but think on the solos he does play live like parts of November Rain ect he strays too far from the original. Putting his own stamp on it is fine but he goes too far. Although I wouldn't be against him being the sole lead player if Izzy came back!
  7. Will Axl be calling?

    Yeah anything can happen now, Ashba was the last person who I thought would leave, but I won't be surprised if Fortus also leaves. Tbh, I always thought the 3 guitarist thing in GN'R was over the top. What happened to basic rock n' roll? If Bumble is really gone, and if GN'R are to carry on, just hire one fucking good player who doesnt look like he just came off the stage with cirque du soleil and have Richard on Rhythm. Who would make a good replacement these days?
  8. is Frank Ferrer rich?

    Yeah she was running the Go fund me page and asking for donation for her college tuition, I guess Dizzy just spends all the money on Hookers, there was this Iranian woman, I forgot her name, she wrote a book and Dizzy was mentioned in it. She talking about his money and how she got pregnant with his baby and god knows what shit. It just seems weird. I mean. i have two kids, and if i wasn't with my wife i would make sure they had the best life fucking possible. Especially if i had millions in the bank. They would have the best of everything. Maybe he made bad business choices and lost what was amassed?
  9. Will Axl be calling?

    Fortus will be the next to leave to fully commit to the Daisies. Dizzy will hang around until he is told its over.
  10. GN'R are finished. Find another "active" band to follow. Slash & the conspirators are the one for me. They are releasing killer tunes, amazing live shows and actually interact with their fans and keep them informed. GN'R is dead. Accept it and move on. Enjoy the great memories than span from 87 - 14'
  11. is Frank Ferrer rich?

    Well according to Celebrity Net Worth, Dizzy is listed to have amassed a fortune of $15,000,000 since 1990. I really find this hard to believe. Although i have never met the guy, i do know his ex wife Lisa and his younger Daughter Shade. They lived in a shitty apartment in California, although it was in a nice location by the beach front. They recently moved to Oklahoma, where Lisa works as a waitress and relies heavily on tips for income. Their older daughter Skye is at Veterinarian school. Lisa was running a Go Fund Me page for her daughters fees a few months ago. So either Dizzy is extremely tight with money or doesn't have any..