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  1. Kanye West likens himself to Axl Rose

    likening himself to Axl Rose? Um, no.
  2. What is your main reason for attending a GNR show?

    True however, most people go because of Axl. If GNR did not have Axl in it, it would not be GNR. People go for his voice and stage presence.
  3. What is your main reason for attending a GNR show?

    Well, thanks for sharing your experience. There has to be more to this though as to why your second experience wasn' t good. This brings up a valid point. I am sure others at your show would say that it was amazing. So I am not trying to defend GNR or discredit your opinion, but just wondering what led up to the second experience not being as great as the first one. Was it the venue? Was it the people you went with?
  4. Does the label "own" CD II?

    I own Axl. He is my "grasshopper"
  5. What is your main reason for attending a GNR show?

    Actually, I would add 4 to my choice too lol I learned that when you are on the floor GA show of a GNR show, make friends with everyone around you and when people start pushing, you all join hands and push back.
  6. My reasons are to see Axl and hear the music. What are yours?
  7. For those of you who have attended GNR shows, this thread is about the ambience of the show from the venue to the pyro to the stage presence of the members, etc. I am picking this particular video to show because I was there. I picked Hammerstein Ballroom back in May 2006. I picked this video, in particular, WTTJ because for those of you who were also there, nothing will ever beat this experience. There were many factors that led up to this for me: 1.) First time in NYC 2.) First time seeing GNR again live - last time was in late 80s original band opening for Aerosmith 3.) The venue Everyone was so excited and when the riffs for WTTJ started, everyone went crazy but then, when they heard Axl's voice, the place just went insane in a good way. Post your video here from youtube of a show you attended that you felt the same way about and explain your reasons.
  8. Axl Rose in Las Vegas!

    No, I am educating people about your obsession with me and a few other posters on this forum. You go after and attack me and Volcano and others for no reason. You are the one that ruins every topic because of your obsession with us. Grow up Groghan everyone is tired of your antics.
  9. Axl Rose in Las Vegas!

    The only thing in this topic that is freaking me out is you obsession with myself and others who post on here seriously get a life you truly have a disorder
  10. Axl Rose in Las Vegas!

    You seriously have issues going on. Your obessessive behavior towards the same posters on this forum is ridiculous. You seriously need to step away from the internet and get a life.
  11. Axl Rose in Las Vegas!

    Yes it was way to easy for you to once again act like a cock hole and show your unhealthy obsession with people on this forum who have a life I suggest you get one too
  12. Axl Rose in Las Vegas!

    Here is the translated story via Bing translation. http://ekstrabladet.dk/flash/dkkendte/article2017009.ece For almost ten years, Ditte Hapel been friends with Guns N'Roses-star Axl Rose, and since the Danish party-girl turns 30 this week, was the round birthday marked in the past weekend: ' We thought it might be fun to celebrate the day together, and so we decided to take a trip to Las Vegas. I live in Shanghai, but here can not visit me Axl. He must not get into China, because the Government is not so excited about Guns N'Roses latest album, ' Chinese Democracy ' ', deepens Ditte Hapel in an email to Ekstra Bladet. See also: Axl Rose should drop the ' Guitar Hero'-case Instead made sure Axl to private aircraft, and as can be seen from the picture from the trip was the mood high, since the two friends took off to play the city: ' We partied in Las Vegas and was there all weekend before I traveled home to China again ', writes Kellie, who lives with his girlfriend in the Chinese metropolis, where she works for the nightclub Rehsark Shanghai. About the friendship with Axl Rose writes the former participant in the Robinson Expedition: See also: Guns N ' Roses robbed of 1.2 million. ' We met actually at my 22 birthday. It was celebrated at NASA, where Axl and Lars Ulrich suddenly appeared. Axl would like to say congratulations to the birthday girl, but when I came over to his table, looked like he one who had seen a ghost. ' I have a tatoo of you ', he said, and then he showed me a dark-haired fantasy-girl he has tattooed on right upper arm. He thought that I was her, and then we were like friends for life '. And Groghan, stop instigating shit please. This person is not Axl's gf. It is a friend and they have been friends for over ten years. I for one am glad he had a good time in Vegas. No where in the article does it say he "picked up" anyone. The man is allowed to have friends - men and women. Geez you people stalk him like he's sasquatch.
  13. Is that tabloid like our national enquirer here in the states?
  14. My problem is you and others call yourselves fans yet everything people post you always find the negative in it. Go to a Justin Beber board. This is a GNR board for fans and people who enjoy to see their favorite singer off stage enjoying himself.
  15. Finally, you agree you are trolling this thread, making something postitive into something negative and are retarded. Applause for you.