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  1. Watched it yesterday. Amazing. One of the best Godzilla movies yet. Hoping for sequels.
  2. 1- Lord Mountain by Lord Mountain 2- Queen of Electricity and her Upcoming Kingdom by Electric Lady 3- The Hazytones by The Hazytones 4- Hardwire...To Self-Destruct by Metallica 5- Keef Mountain by Keef Mountain 6- Victorious by Wolfmother 7- Higher Time by Electric Citizen 8- Neverending Cycle by Stone House On Fire 9- The Getaway by The Red Hot Chili Peppers 10 - Smokestack by Muñoz
  3. I don't see how sales would influence the opinion of anyone who either liked or disliked it.
  4. Kudos to GNR. Everyone has the right to protest, especially against the people who run their country. If it was Hillary, Obama, Bernie or any fucking one, I'd support them too. But even more in this case, actually. And no, the "you need to respect my opinion" or "you need to respect our president" speech doesn't apply when your opinion or your president's opinion is directly against other people's rights. In a nutshell, you end up saying "you gotta respect my rights to be against your own". Fuck that.
  5. Totally. They released all they had because of the huge gap between albums but I think it was a huge mistake. If they'd made it an 8-track, it'd be their best since Justice.
  6. Definitely. It's already the fan favorite of the album. I'm hoping these four are staples: Atlas,Rise!, Moth Into Flames, Halo On Fire and Spit Out The Bone.
  7. First rule is: don't be in a downward spiral of depression, anxiety and selfdestruction before you engage in any kind of impulsional habit. How about that? There's a huge difference between taking drugs for recreational purposes and taking drugs so you don't slit your wrists or hang yourself In a hotel room. Ask any seventies band!
  8. They sure as hell would be writing better songs. And that goes for all of them (I mean.. the ones who write songs).
  9. They had a couple of good songs since then. No great album, though.
  10. If this was an honest 6-8 album, it would be a lot better than DM. The production and mixing here is top notch, the best songs are better than the standouts in DM, imo. I'd have it released like this: 1- Hardwired 2- Atlas, Rise! 3- Now That We're Dead 4- Moth Into Flame 5- ManUnkind 6- Halo On Fire 7- Here Comes Revenge 8- Spit Out The Bone There... Release the rest like Beyond Magnetic. If Lars wants cash, charge 5 bucks for it, make it a bundle with live tracks, I dunno. We're in 2016, ain't nobody got time for a double album with each track having an average of 6min. EDIT: Or they could have made version exclusives with bonus songs. That would have been a great marketing move. iTunes exclusive, Spotify exclusive, CD exclusive, pre-order exclusive, Vinyl exclusive.
  11. After a couple of listens, some songs kinda grew on me, I must admit. But some are just trash. This should have been a 6-8 track solid/ok album. It would have still been a long as hell album, I don't get it. Best-to-Worst so far: 01- Spit Out The Bone 02- Atlas, Rise! 03- Moth Into Flame 04- Halo On Fire 05- ManUnkind 06- Now That We're Dead 07- Here Comes Revenge 08- Hardwired 09- Confusion 10 - Am I Savage? 11- Murder One 12- Dream No More
  12. The album leaked.. Just finished a first listen and here's my first impression:
  13. Atlas, Rise! Is surprisingly good. I'd go as far as saying it's superior to anything on DM already.
  14. I make these my words and strongly stand by them.
  15. By far. Lars is a subpar drummer. Kirk sounds like he hit his head at some point in the nineties and forgot how to solo. Leaves us Robert and James. James all the way.