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  1. So guys, a few years ago I posted my band's first EP here and now we're releasing our second effort, with a new lineup and, well, a major style change. Since I've been an active member here for more than half a decade, I'd like to share it with you guys. I'm vocals, my brother's lead guitar and there's Danilo on Bass, Rafael on Rhythm Guitar and Arthur on Drums. Bandcamp Download/Stream Spotify/Soundcloud Stream Gods & Punks Facebook Page
  2. I'm up for a "unreleased stuff that trumps over anything that prince has ever released" topic
  3. My all-time favorite band. All of their albums are great. Their latest is their weakest, but still has some great tunes. Wish Wolfmother would open for Guns N' Roses for the whole tour. I've never been to one of their concerts...
  4. Have you listened to Lulu?

    It's one of the worst things I have ever listened to. Ever.
  5. I'm not saying their entire work is based on plagiarism, I'm just saying they should be open to the concept of creative commons and influences in general since they pushed it to the limit. They certainly can't point any fingers.
  6. Lol if Zep sues anyone for plagiarism, it'd be the most ironic thing in the world. Led Zep I is ripoff frankenstein. Don't get me wrong. I love Led Zeppelin.
  7. The birth of stoner rock began way before the 90's. That's simply when bands began to get labeled as stoner rock. And still, you had huge bands likeMonster Magnet and Sleep at the time. I'd say Kyuss are the fathers of Desert rock, while Monster Magnet, Space Rock and Sleep, Stoner Doom.
  8. This is like... Impossible. My favorite band ja opening for my once-favorite band. It's like the event of a lifetime.
  9. WOLFMOTHER is opening for reunited GNR. THE DREAM IS REAL. Too bad I live 1000000 miles away from this D:
  10. New Metallica album to be released this fall

    They have absolutely no sense of ridiculous anymore
  11. New Toho Godzilla in 2016

    I'm so hyped about this. Fuck... I love Godzilla.
  12. Independence Day: Resurgence

    Thought it was pretty awesome. Hate destruction movies but this one kept me entertained. I have this special love for ID's alien designs.
  13. I wouldn't want an AC/DC song permanently on the set but if any... Touch Too Much
  14. I hope they're current looking Slash and Axl and not classic Slash and Axl