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  1. Rank: Top 5 GNR Songs?

    WTTJ SCOM PC TWAT Estranged
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1I2TePOaZgQ For those that were sad the most promising song title was left out of the official tracklist It's actually very cool track
  3. He apologized but the shit has hit the fan already. Here in Brazil we have a saying for that: "The shit that has been shat can never return to the asshole." - author unknown.
  4. Yeah but there's a limit, right? Nazi racist cunts are kinda too much
  5. Ridiculous, horrible move by a dumb stupid redneck. Really... How the fuck didn't he see this coming? "Let me do a Nazi salute in front of all these people with cellphones! Oh it's an inside joke!". C'mon...
  6. Wolfmother

    Thought I'd seen it on Spotify. You can download it from Youtube or Bandcamp. You don't wanna pay for mp3s but you don't wanna torrent it... It's an independent release. And you can buy the CD and Vinyl at Discogs.
  7. Wolfmother

    New Crown is available on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Vinyl, CD, and Bandcamp.... And here's the new Victorious video:
  8. Wolfmother

    Nothing matches up to New Crown so far but it's WM, so it's awesome. Best one is Gypsy Caravan. Then Victorious. City Lights is kinda meh.
  9. Black Sabbath THE END Tour 2016

    13 was Sabbath trying too hard to be early Sabbath. Didn't sound right to me. It's like they tried to create a 21st century version of specific songs like Black Sabbath, Planet Caravan, NIB, etc... It wasn't natural to me. Then you get Ozzy's talking voice and that production, it didn't really get to me. The bonus tracks were pretty bad so... I expected this to be shit. It's actually better than I expected. But still, this is worse than the worst of Ozzy era-BS's originals.
  10. Pretty cool album. Best one in a while.
  11. What will the band look like at the reunion

    What makes people think Axl is gonna look like the "old days" just 'cause he's reuniting with Slash? Dude's gonna be the same damn 53 year-old Axl, but now it seems like no mustache. But still: - Titty shirts - Leopard fedoras - Pointy shoes - Ripped jeans - Stuff hanging from his belts - 10000 millions bucks worth of jewelry - A considerable gut - Sunglasses indoors - Bandana under the hat
  12. But that energy was used for negative shit: - Hulk hogan - Side duck walk - Blowing kisses - Playingthe snare drum in Madagascar - Angel/birdy/butterfly hands - Ridiculous halloween and new year's attire - All-around cliché posing - 10000 custom guitars that looked like shit - Monster and Jagermeister advertisement onstage